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  1. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    The anticipation is a good feeling to help recover from the weekend. The fact it's two years since I've been looking to see the poster makes it better still. Too much to expect The War On Drugs I suppose given their new single is out at the end of next month...
  2. Headliners 2016

    Thank fuck Brandon Flowers said that. They are appalling
  3. Worthy View Review

    I think it's silly to group together everyone who stays in WV as thinking they are better than those who stay inside the fence. That simply isn't true. There are many valid reasons to stay there, but that's not to say the place doesn't have some folk who DO think they are better than those inside the fence. You are, unsurprisingly, likely to find them in the glamping areas and you're also likely to find they don't arrive until the Friday, at least that's what the WV volunteers told me.
  4. Headliners 2016

    Not unless he has another album. Which hopefully never happens
  5. Headliners 2016

    Ah man stop bursting bubbles!
  6. Worthy View Review

    Ah I see. I've never camped in Pennards and didn't know about them As you were!
  7. Worthy View Review

    While very few of us want the festival sanitised in any way, if fewer people left their shit behind the shift towards pre-erected camping areas probably wouldn't be so serious.
  8. Worthy View Review

    Think it's worth pointing out that the vast majority of WV is basic scout tents. The glamping options are up there as well, way further back, but the majority of people stay in basic tents. I'm not a fan of glamping either. Outrageously expensive and geared specifically towards people who are considerably better off
  9. Headliners 2016

    Could well be more amenable to the idea when the money spinning world tour is done.
  10. Headliners 2016

    They probably would. Maybe a bit too geared towards an out and out rock festival but it would be a good show. I have probably missed them being ruled out for some reason but according to a lot of media coverage this week, this is AC/DC's last tour and if so, they would surely be near the top of any list of possibilities. The fact Lars Ulrich mentioned them suggests to me he may have at least thrown their name into casual conversation with Michael Eavis. The world tour will be done and dusted by next June, there should be no scheduling conflicts and they could probably set the stage up as they wished. On the face of it, there appears to be little in the way of it happening. I'd love to see it
  11. Headliners 2016

    That's just evil. But it's better I will admit
  12. Headliners 2016

  13. Hot Chip warm up gig Birmingham 20th Feb

    They'll be playing high up the bill on the main stage at Electric Picnic, possibly even headlining the Friday or Saturday night, and if it's anything like Glasto it will be immense. That set on the Friday night is just about as euproric as I've ever been at Glasto. Brilliant party atmosphere. They really know how to play to a crowd
  14. Electronica/Dance

    Anyone who hasn't yet, I recommend listening to Lockah's album 'It Gets More Cloudy'. It's a humdinger. Real mish-mash of genres
  15. Worthy View Review

    I have one of these boyos, now that you mention it. Got it for Electric Picnic last year and it worked a treat. That's that sorted then... all we need now is a ticket!