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  1. On site observations

    Cloud9 have put a post up this morning. They do indeed have a stage in saxon market. No info on lineup but its only open between 00:00-3:00am.
  2. Pre festival Nerves

    I've been close to shitting myself a few times this week due to excitement/anxiety. On the plus side, i've lost a few pounds.
  3. Electronica/Dance

    They could have balanced it with any number of high profile artists already on the bill for Sunday or even bumped MAW to Genosys to give people a chance of actually seeing them. Its virtually an impossible task now unless you get there stupid early.
  4. Electronica/Dance

    They've saved a few pennies there. Bit shit!
  5. Electronica/Dance

    thats shit. Also, looks like the Essential Mix is coming live from the BBC Introducing Stage according to Richy Ahmed. I guess they haven't advertised it to try and keep numbers down.
  6. Electronica/Dance

    Has anyone figured out where the Essential Mix is coming from Friday night? Jackmaster posted on instagram last night saying he was doing one Live from the site 2-3am but I can't see where.
  7. London Grammar

    New album released today. I'm gong to be an emotional wreck after watching these on the Sunday.
  8. New security measures in place

    Got searched last year on the way in. 2 lovely scousers one male, one female had a little rummage through my backpack and through my wash bag. Also said to me they weren't even interested in finding anything but had to make it look like they were. Had a little chat with them about my horrendous journey and they sent me on my way. Also got searched every time we went in and out of the camper van fields in 2015. Had a Lethermans confiscated and never returned which was very annoying but again a very half arsed attempts and seemed to be searching for things which could potentially cause harm over narcotics.
  9. Car Parks & Routes 2017

    PG B or C for Big Ground. Last year PG B was an absolute bog. So we ended up going through PG C which isn't ideal as you have to go down death hill and up Muddy Lane. At the time it was the better option though.
  10. Boy Better Know Other Headliner

    Skepta, JME, Frisco, Jammer and probably more. Some of it is good but Jammer in particular is awful.
  11. New area in Saxon markets

    Last year and 2015 were Live I think.
  12. New area in Saxon markets

    Yeh that crossed my mind as well. They might have just just switched up the stalls the Glade side of the other stage as a result of Love Bullets moving down there. That confused me as well. Last year was from the WOW stage I think so likely to be in there again.
  13. New area in Saxon markets

    Strange one this. Surprised nothing has been leaked yet and as such its looking like this could be "the big secret". if it isn't Liam Gallagher of course
  14. Electronica/Dance

    Nice spot. Bushwacka in there Thursday night. His Plank and Oblong labels from back int eh day were brilliant. Is Funkingham palace new. Any more info on it anywhere?
  15. Electronica/Dance

    Reckon thats what you'll get. He's no Jeff Mills though.

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