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  1. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    That's presumably a good example of what Emily is referring to when she says that it's a big task. Because of the convenience / flexibility, having a few cases of bottled water to hand can negate the need to have the plumbed water system in a lot of places. Removing that means that a lot more taps will need to be installed especially on the far reaches of the site where the water network doesn't currently go.
  2. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I was specifically thinking of the London Arena in Docklands, and Earls Court. But you're right, ExCel can and has been used as well.
  3. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    The Market Study document on that page is hilariously selective.. For example it tries to make the case that NYC has 7 comparable venues against a population of 8.5 million - but 5 of them are either outside New York City or are open air amphitheatres, or both. If you're comparing like for like in terms of type of venue and population centres, the comparison would either be 2 per 8.5 million or 4 per 20 million. Lets face it, it's unlikely to ever happen - London had a 3rd (and 4th if you fudge the timescales slightly) arena in recent memory, and they both ended up demolished for a reason.
  4. 2019 Headliners

    Was it Emily?
  5. Shambala 2016

    Just in case you're not on their mailing list, they sent out a ticket warning E-Mail earlier saying that they've had record sales so far with 75% of tickets sold - so the previous years times of selling out in "early summer" is probably going to be way off this time around.
  6. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Any number of reasons that may not be visible to us. Could just be as simple as Bestival getting a discount in return for announcing later (or Kendal paying more to get theirs out earlier).
  7. arctic monkey shows

    I think most clubs will have learnt not to schedule concerts too close to matches.
  8. Glastonbury evolves

    Unless you do a proper check, then that's wide open to abuse - just fill the tent bag full of dirty clothes. And if you do a proper check, you'll inevitably create massive queues at the gates (both on the way in and the way out) which will quickly erode any support the public had, and the extra staff needed (at minimum, you'd need to cover the 6 main public gates running 24/7) would end up costing far more to implement than you're likely to save in cleanup costs. And either way you'll have loads of complaints from people who fall through the cracks - for example someone stays on site for a couple of days to do litterpicking, or cadges a lift home with a crew worker and so leaves through a vehicle gate which isn't covered.
  9. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    It's kind of difficult to say because I don't know how the Glastonbury fallow year or the potential rise of Boomtown will change demand - and the list of festivals and the number of places available at each can change year to year - but generally speaking Glastonbury has been the only one that fills up shortly (within minutes) after public applications open. I think Boomtown places were available until about a month or so before the festival last year though I'd guess they'll go much sooner than that this time around.
  10. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    No, Oxfam don't (or at least, didn't in 2017) do bars at any Festivals anymore. I believe at Boomtown there's 2 main roles that are covered - Campsites and Venues. To simplify it a lot, Campsites is walking round, checking everything is OK. Venues is checking crowd levels and looking out for people doing something stupid. And in both cases it's also being a visible presence for people to go to if there's any issue. I'm currently intending on working Boomtown (and a couple others) with Oxfam - apparently the places are likely to open to people with priority status at the end of February, and to the general public mid-March. As I understand it, both the Oxfam and Boomtown crews perform basically the same roles with broadly the same terms and conditions - Oxfam covering part of the site, Boomtowns crew covering another. But yes volunteering direct with Boomtown won't get you any closer to a Glastonbury place - remember though that with Oxfam, 2 festivals the previous year is the priority criteria. Doing 1 doesn't give you any more of an "in" than doing 0. It looks like the bars at Boomtown are run by Peppermint Bars, so may be worth registering with them if that's your preference. Although as I don't think they have any presence at Glastonbury you probably wouldn't be able to use it as a connection there unless something changes.
  11. Latitude 2018

    If whatever comes out of the ashes of V Festival is still going to happen, that hasn't announced yet either. Not sure which of these you'd consider major, but Festival No 6, Wilderness, Nozstock, WOMAD, Beautiful Days and Shambala haven't announced anything (WOMAD and BDs won't be announcing until early March, and Shambala probably later than that). And while they're outside of the UK, Electric Picnic and All Together Now haven't dropped any names yet.
  12. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    I'm biased, but would argue that working for Oxfam this year would be a better safety net, given that you can also get priority status with 2 festivals worked and get better terms and conditions (and for my taste, a better choice of festivals). They take about 2,500 to Glastonbury whereas Festaff is somewhere in the low hundreds so the numbers game works better as well.
  13. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    They're not.
  14. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I think that's far too vague to have any real meaning. Reading & Leeds have had years where they've not sold out of day tickets. Download last year hadn't sold out of Sunday tickets when I looked at it a couple weeks beforehand. Presumably none of us know what percentage of tickets are allocated as day or weekend, and as far as I can tell none of us know how close either type are to selling out. With most festivals to a degree, but especially in the case of IOW - "selling out" isn't necessarily the measure of success - they'll have set the budget based on attracting a particular number and that number could be well below sold out - At IOW the nominal (licenced) capacity is far higher than they've ever attracted in the past - I think something like 85,000 and they can scale the site up and down as suits based on ticket sales. So the measure of success is how far past (or short of) break even they end up being. If for example they budgeted for 40,000 tickets sold and end up at 60,000 then the organisers will be doing cartwheels, even though they've got more than a third of tickets unsold.
  15. Shambala 2016

    Yeah the on-site alcohol selection is decent enough - I can't actually remember any specifics, but it was mostly independent brands and the prices were acceptable - above pub prices for me, but lower than central london or a typical festival. In terms of genres, I think you've probably got it or at least what I can remember.