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  1. Electronica/Dance

    Good line up Make sure to see Prins Thomas
  2. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    I can assure you it isn't Florence, but I'm sure you'll appreciate I can say specifically how I know
  3. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    It isn't
  4. Electronica/Dance

    Very much so, but I don't know of that just a Barrowlands thing, because it didn't seem that way at Old Granada Studios Was just Four Tet, in the centre of the room with 2 lamps on his equipment, no other lights. I thoroughly enjoyed it though, good mix of old and new and played out for 2 hours on Friday
  5. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Make that 50k people parading the streets of Glasgow singing about killing roman catholics Fuck yourself
  6. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    You're going to continue to struggle
  7. Electronica/Dance

    Shall report back after this evening
  8. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    A kiss with a fist is better than none......
  9. West Holts 2019

    Jorja Smith 2019
  10. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    You are
  11. Electronica/Dance

    Don't get caught with drugs under any circumstances, the fines are eye watering
  12. Electronica/Dance

    Scratching my head a touch at who the main stage closers will be
  13. Field Day 2018

    Erykah Badu and Jeff Mills are headlining
  14. Electronica/Dance

    Yep il be there Will, haven't been out much though. Plannings and bookings for Barcelona and Dekmantel have consumed most of my cash. Four Tet and Nils Frahm coming up though which is much to look forward to. Glad to see Jennifer Cardini playing subclub in a couple of weeks, should be my first outing of the year there
  15. Electronica/Dance

    Houghtons 24 hour licence is very tempted

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