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  1. Headliners 2016

    Ed Sheeran can fill Wembley for the same reason people watch the X Factor, a huge amount of the population like middle of the road rubbish and Ed Sheeran is the embodiment of middle of the road, bland, vanilla, inoffensive, join the dots music. He'd probably be the perfect headliner for the festival as he'd probably pull the biggest ever arm chair audience on the BBC and make a people want to get tickets the next year.
  2. Worthy View Review

    I know you are playing devils advocate but no, not if its your own campervan. My parents and my sister both have campervans, as soon as a I have enough disposable income I will get one too. My a sister takes hers to France in the summer, my parents take theirs down to the coast every other weekend or so. If you have your own campervan it's not like you just use it for Glastonbury and the rest of the time it sits on the drive, you have one because you enjoy using it, if you're then lucky enough to get a Glastonbury ticket it'd be pretty daft not to then use it.
  3. Worthy View Review

    I think there is a minority on here that feel they deserve to go to the festival more because they have been going for years and at the same time seem to feel that you will not enjoy yourself unless you do things their way. There is also a feeling amongst this minority that change is bad and they would rather options other than camping were not available and the festival remained in some sort of time warp in the good old days. the reality is in any walk of life if you try and stay still you end up withering and dying, the festival has to grow change and innovate every year to survive. The organisers are not daft, they have created a product that is heavily oversubscribed - not easy and largely unique to any festival. The Festival needs to be open to as many people as possible, this includes people that would rather camp at WV or in a motorhome. Doing things like putting Lionel up against nobody are deliberate, look at the publicity and how good it looks on TV, the news reports about 100k people being there it keeps awareness up and makes people want to go, this is what they want they don't want a situation were tickets are not selling out straight away again.
  4. Worthy View Review

    I think this person was just trying to be helpful by posting a review of WV, not start a class war. Why make an issue out of something that isn't there?
  5. Change Name

    Can I have my name changed to Stephen Hawkings Football Boots please? With _ added as necessary etc
  6. Glastocam!

    They could be, or could be antlers, there is a snap on the official site and it looks like a giant antler on the ground
  7. Glastocam!

    Immediately below the tor
  8. Glastocam!

    Flags just appeared on top of the JPT
  9. Glastocam!

    Loads happening today!
  10. Headliners 2016

    If Queen + Adam Lambert are in with a shout maybe we'll get Fleetwood Bac, generally considered as the best Fleetwood Mac tribute band? As an aside I saw FM at the O2 on Thursday and they would have made brilliant headliners IMO, they are made for the pyramid, obviously very unlikely to ever happen now though. I think next year, without a doubt we will get a female headliner out of Rhianna/Taylor Swift/Kylie/Maddona. After all of Emily Eavis's comments about female headliners, and everybody else suggesting it should have been Flo instead of the Who surely next year will be the year for the big female headliner?
  11. Glastocam!

    It's about time really I guess, the majority of acts on the other would be be high up the bill of any Festival so is only right it gets a more iconic stage, I can't wait to see what it looks like, I'm sure Emily Eavis said it would be unique/groundbreaking?
  12. Topic Chemical Brothers

    I like it and sometimes i feel so deserted, I think with the visuals it will look/sound amazing at glastonbury. i have just been watching youtube vids of 2011 and I absolutely cannot wait
  13. So are Fleetwood Mac lying about Glasto?

    I think it would be short sighted for any band to just look at the fee alone when it comes to Glastonbury, and I would assume Fleetwood Mac's management wouldn't be that short sighted. Yes purely looking at the cash side of it, the fee Glastonbury would pay vs the cash they would get from their own Tour would be miniscule in comparison, but however big you are as a band everybody knows that Headlining Glastonbury elevates you to a new level in terms of awareness. The amount of younger people that would see them at the Festival or on the BBC for the first time, the amount of people that would have forgotten about them and have a new found love for them, the amount of free publicity they would get from the newspapers around the build up and during the festival would all lead to huge indirect benefit to their pockets from headlining it.
  14. FLEETWOOD MAC not doing Glastonbury 2015.

    I'm more and more convinced they are going to do Glastonbury now. the fact that they ruled Glastonbury out led me to buy tickets for the O2, if they hadn't ruled Glastonbury out I would have assumed they were definitely doing it and wouldn't have bought tour tickets. So Mick denying it so decisively the other day has directly led to me spending £180 on tickets, multiply this by however many other people there are like me and him denying it so vehemently makes perfect sense financially but also means the denial could well be absolute rubbish for that reason. Couple that with a Glastonbury shaped hole on the tour dates and I smell a massive rat....
  15. FLEETWOOD MAC not doing Glastonbury 2015.

    I got two £89 seats in block B1 at the 02 which look to be half decent seats going by the map, I clicked on the get me in link afterwards and the same seats are up for sale at £280 and the very front row as much as £800!