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  1. Secret resales

    Same here!
  2. Secret resales

    I've been here since the start and I'm not even going to the festival this year, it's just a nice bunch of folks you know. I now get to see wonderful pictures of wild animals on my Facebook thanks to this thread. It's all fun!
  3. Secret resales

    there you go!
  4. Secret resales

    Ahh well at least you can actually get them on the day if you absolutely have to.
  5. Secret resales

    Haha, but I do know you can get regular tickets on the day for parking so it wouldn't be a problem.
  6. Secret resales

    I've turned up in the past and just bought a ticket there, I batted my eyelashes nicely and managed to park in hospitality.
  7. Secret resales

    This was the best I remember I had the radio on my phone on whilst walking the dog along the north downs, I remember crying when I heard her win haha! Radio 1, 2 and 6 do competitions in the weeks running up to the festival so keep your ears peeled!
  8. Secret resales

    @mgjackson2003 won! any of you guys?
  9. Secret resales

    I'm excited!
  10. Secret resales

    How lovely.
  11. Secret resales

    You have absolutely every right to complain if you feel they haven't followed their terms and conditions and standard social media competition terms. I messaged them but doubtful they will reply it seems they are responding to people but not to those who have questioned the winner.
  12. Secret resales

    I can't see that she re-tweeted it?
  13. Secret resales

    was it a re-tweet competition?
  14. Secret resales

    did for me! I'm on google chrome.
  15. Secret resales

    they are different websites and I managed to enter fine.

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