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  1. PSB vs PSB

    Would love a Park Headline set. For some reason I think their live performances come across better in the dark !!
  2. Charles Bradley RIP

    Dont rub it in that I went to Mumfords ha ha
  3. Charles Bradley RIP

    2013 Pussy Parlour about 1am on the Sunday and West Holts 2014. The man just oozed soul and love. A sad loss I had to blog about. http://pzmxh-1jc
  4. KLF in Liverpool

    Day three review https://faymondo.wordpress.com/2017/08/28/klfjams-day-3-the-last-rites-of-mu/ I think Northern Soul nails it above.
  5. KLF in Liverpool

    My review of the first two days. It doesn't really do the madness justice. The KLF return to Liverpool" #welcometothedarkages #BadgerKull https://faymondo.wordpress.com/2017/08/25/the-klf-return-to-liverpool-days-1-2-welcome-to-the-dark-ages-badgerkull/
  6. KLF in Liverpool

    Anybody end up going to this ? I got a ticket today.
  7. Boomtown?

    43 Ahh well. Didn't feel like an old duffer in Amnesia in Ibiza at 8am last saturday/sunday but hey ho. I did feel 43 on the Monday though !!
  8. Boomtown?

    How old is and Old Duffer ?
  9. PSB vs PSB

    PSB and miners
  10. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Read the topic title. Havent read anything else on the thread. Despite joining the Labour Party to get Corbyn in as leader everybody is welcome at Glastonbury, even Tories. But if you start giving Thatcher the big up in my presecence I will just walk away.
  11. Blog review, Glastonbury 2017

    Heres my blogging from site (next morning) and then a review of the whole festival once home. Weds review http://pzmxh-1g3 Thurs review http://pzmxh-1g4 Fri review http://pzmxh-1g5 Sat review http://pzmxh-1g6 Sun review http://pzmxh-1fJ Overall review http://pzmxh-1g8
  12. Download full sets from iplayer

    Before I try and get the videos I want is there a way to just rip audio ?
  13. Jain!!!

    On my to do list but was done in after the Gibb/Chic double and had to go back the tent to get ready for one last push for Metronomy. Gutted I didnt catch her.
  14. Places you never made it to

    Strummerville and Acoustic. Pretty much nailed everything else you could walk by and pop in.
  15. Glastonbury flu

    Yes after the bottom dropped out of my arse late Tuesday this was followed up by Glastonbury flu. Didn't go back into work as planned Weds so D-Day is now Monday ughhhhh.

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