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  1. Glad to hear it, seeing them in Brighton on sunday.
  2. new Thurston Moore is good.
  3. no chance of being on the Pyramid. I personally think they might end up on John Peel, but they wouldn't headline it. Late afternoon on Other is another possibility but they played there in 2015.
  4. Kamasi Washington is playing in Liverpool on June 30th. Would love for him to come back although I know its unlikely after playing last year.
  5. he's actually a really nice guy
  6. new Carrie & Lowell Live album on spotify etc, sounds really beautiful. Taking me right back to his show at Brighton Dome. edit: available for purchase here http://music.sufjan.com/album/carrie-lowell-live
  7. ShangrilaArt facebook page just posted this link with the caption '' We couldn't tell you what Radiohead are planning for their Glasto performance... but we can tell you that a limited number of awesome prints from Stanley Donwood are coming very soon... Sign up here – www.shangrilart.com'' http://www.nme.com/news/music/radiohead-ok-computer-anniversary-posters-2059004
  8. I don't understand the appeal of Haim at all.
  9. Myxamatosis has gotta be in the set, amazing track and might be needed (along with 2+2=5 etc) to provide the lively atmosphere the headline sets need. I wouldn't be too upset if they didn't play Bloom but it is really good live in my experience.
  10. Florence tripped over my mates leg whilst we were under the influence and taking a much needed rest during the day at the Stone Circle in 2015. Also met Idris Elba, Beans on Toast and Young Fathers the same year. Saw Alexa Chung and Cara Delavigne fall in the mud in 2016 which gave me much amusement.
  11. I've never actually seen them at one of their own shows. I saw them support Flying Lotus in London in 2015, DOOM was supposed to be there too but of course he cancelled.
  12. yeh they've got a couple great albums under their belts already, great live too!
  13. May also seems to find a way to mention the ''coalition of chaos'' in every answer too...
  14. new Shabazz Palaces track is great.