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  1. How early are people thinking of rocking up to get a good spot? I'm tempted by Future Islands on JP and the potential of Arcade Fire on the park but don't want either of those sets to prevent me from getting a good spot for Radiohead!
  2. Flamingods - Sunday: 11pm - 11.40pm
  3. Flamingods: Friday: 12am - 1am @ HMS Sweet Charity Sunday: 11pm - 11.40pm @ The Crows Nest
  4. will probably be arriving at about 3/4pm on the coach so will be great to get an update on the queue/searching. Hoping it wont be quite as hot as 30degrees and that the coach has air con.
  5. I second this. Don't tend to take many clothes but lots of pairs of socks are essential, always feels great to change them and freshen your feet up a bit.
  6. How long was Arcade Fire's secret set at Primavera? Wasn't it an hour? Arcade Fire on the Park and then a quick hop over to the Pyramid woukd be incredible. Will alreasy be at The Park before the TBA for Angel Olsen which is perfect.
  7. That sums up twitter. I don't mind paying £4 for the bags. They're good quality and I get a lot of use out of them. I'd understand complaints if it were considerably more but £4 is nothing really.
  8. Yeah I'm not fussed about the xx personally but am worried that by the time I get to the pyramid after future islands it'll be hard to get a good spot. Will probably only be there 30-45 mins before given walking time and a quick toilet stop.
  9. The Park !
  10. yeah went there last year for the first time and it was quite weird tbh. Nothing was going on, everyone was just sat around drinking. It was really quiet too.
  11. how easy do we think it will be to see the whole of Future Islands (JP 19:30-20:30) and then get a good spot for the start of Radiohead at 21:30? Only ever seen one pyramid headliner so I'm not too sure if this will be possible. Want to make sure I'm nice and close for Radiohead.
  12. A few hours ago we were discussing how it was gonna be hot and sunny. It's still too early! Keep the faith.
  13. ''the naughtiest thing I've ever done is run naked backwards through a field of dicks!''
  14. yeah this is rubbish. Silver Hayes is easily the worst area of the festival.
  15. Will be there for the John Peel set and possibly Crow's Nest. Seen them twice in the past month and 6 times over the last 2/3 years so not too fussed if I only make it to the JP set.