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  1. all this chicken hanging talk is bringing back memories of the delirium of last year. I remember on multiple occasions lots of the threads just started to fall apart and become a breeding ground for Simpsons quotes, the Headliner thread was especially mad for a couple weeks. Then we realized the Radiohead dream was dead and we were stuck with Muse, Adele and Coldplay and seem everyone's mood dropped
  2. really enjoying the new Quelle Chris album, incredibly unlikely to turn up on the farm but thought I'd share nonetheless.
  3. there will be tonnes of smaller acts announced, but most of the big name have already been announced. It tends to be that the first poster they release has all the bigger name acts that are playing and then with each District announcement they add more smaller name acts. Sector 6 being announced tomorrow.
  4. Andy Shauf is a nice addition
  5. went on my own in 2015 and had a ball. Its only one day, as Listening Wind points out, so not a big problem going solo. More additions to the line up tomorrow at 11am!
  6. Omni would be nice. A close friend of mine knows one of the members of Blaenavon as we were in the same year at college, will have to ask him if he has heard anything.
  7. Saw her at Concorde 2 in Brighton in October. Was a really great gig, good mix of the heavier stuff aswell as the softer songs on My Woman and Burn Your Fire For No Witness. She has a really amazing voice (especially live) and her band was real good too. Definitely agree that stuff like Windows and Woman could get drowned out a little though, depending on what the crowd is like.
  8. thanks mate!
  9. Would that mean Ty and FJM would clash? Haven't been before so not sure how the set times work, that would be an awful clash for me
  10. will most likely go to Primavera again and try spent a significant amount of time abroad.
  11. Thursday morning for the announcement! Yeah Fleet Foxes are sadly a Latitude exclusive
  12. seen Laura Marling a couple times. First time was back in 2011 in Winchester Cathedral and I was blown away. Won tickets for her at the Silver Bullet in London where she debuted Short Movie to 200 people, was once again amazing. Saw her at Latitude though in 2015 and I didnt think it was great. She was on the main stage late afternoon and her sound just got a bit lost on that huge stage. Hoping she will be a Park headliner like some have said, would be a shame if she was just chucked on Other in the late afternoon
  13. Russy's Magnificent Prong headlining the Park on Friday! Don't think that was on anyone's predictions.
  14. another new Father John Misty track for those who havent heard the album leak and yes, the first lyric is "Bedding Taylor Swift every night in the Oculus rift"
  15. I agree, it instantly reminded me of the cover for Trans by Neil Young.