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  1. 2019 Headliners

    Kendrick Arctic Monkeys Fleetwood Mac
  2. Parquet Courts

    yeh this is very odd. Got high hopes for the album though, consistently excellent band.
  3. Primavera 2018

    I have no idea if he's free but Beck seems an obvious one, maybe Phoenix too.
  4. Primavera 2018

    cool thanks man, I'll be sure to download the app. We're expecting set-times in the next week or two yeah? I seem to remember Pitchfork tend to announce who's playing their stage first
  5. Primavera 2018

    okay thanks. How were they announced, social media?
  6. Primavera 2018

    how did the Unexpected thing work last year then? How man acts/what times? I went in 2016 but missed last year so am very intrigued.
  7. 2018 New Music

    FJM just changed his facebook picture to this
  8. 2018 New Music

    oops, havent listened to Content Nausea much tbh
  9. 2018 New Music

    new Parquet Courts tracks by way of their KEXP session. Got a feeling the new record could be my AOTY
  10. 2018 New Music

    10 tracks, 38mins long. Good news for those who thought Pure Comedy was too long. Album artwork, track titles etc here: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/gods-favorite-customer/1364116200
  11. The Vinyl Thread

    always thought that Comes A Time is underrated. Nice pic, I've got it myself
  12. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    hookworms and ought is the stuff of dreams
  13. Predictions for 2018

    it's far too early for that
  14. Boomtown 2018

    It's a good indication of what the festival is like haha! You often see the term ''organised chaos'' used to describe Boomtown. Although I've got to say during my three visits (2013, '14, '16) the place definitely seems to be more aligned with chaos than organisation (in the best way possible) If you're expecting a festival that runs totally cohesively and linearly then you're in for a shock
  15. Which artists on which stages?

    John Cale headlining the Garden Stage would be glorious

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