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  1. No suprise for most but I've been informed by a reliable source that Rhythm of the 90's (Popular local act) have a slot on the main stage this year. Not sure what day though.
  2. Less than 24 hours later Happy Monday's announce a Portsmouth pyramids gig for May. Think that's likely a write-off the ha!
  3. Noticed Gary Numan's making the odd appearence here and there including Standon Calling in a lower slot than I expected... Potential to sub the Sunday?
  4. Sunday looks rather weak still, surely more to be added there. One or two more if we're fortunate on the Saturday 'name-wise' and it could be a really solid day that. Can't really fault the line-up. As a family it's ticking boxes for all of us. Would love Palma Violets as someone else suggested.
  5. With all due respect to Rob and his team, for the £20 or so extra, Victorious doesn't have a near complete line-up and it's already way better than this, seems a complete clusterfuck of genres.
  6. Agree with the comments generally, for me the line-ups better, but for it's audience I'm not convinced. Whoever made the point about it being like a knock-off, cheaper Reading is spot on.
  7. I'd hazard a guess Friday. They have had a trend of either Monday or Friday for previous announcements. But then I could be completely wrong.
  8. Reckon this get's confirmed tomorrow then?
  9. Yep - Stereophonics a year after IOW. Elbow playing Bournemouth in March. Which I still consider relatively local for a 'bigger' act.
  10. Ahh - Yeah I'd presume the main announcement will be Monday morning (Likely on the cover of The News down here like last year to?) as the next ticket tier goes up on Sunday. Still not convinced Elbow sell it well. I'm a fan but I don't know just how many others are. Reckon the undercard will need to be solid for it to sell well on day tickets.
  11. Is that Elbow subbing Stereophonics? Or both headlining a night individually? Not entirely sure of Elbow's value to be quite honest.
  12. Don't need to say it again, but I will - Kasabian almost 0% chance this year. I'm also not convinced they'll stick ROT90's on Friday - Business wise it'd be wise to throw them Sat or Sun in slim hope people may have more of an exscuse to purchase the double weekend ticket. Madness at £20 a ticket should sell in itself fairly well tbh. For a couple of other suggestions, what's Morrissey upto next year? He's probably in with a shout if he's touring at the time. Kaiser Cheifs subbing Lib's would also be a lovely end to the weekend, think you could see them show up either way tbh. For whatever reason I just can't picture Elbow shifting enough tickets at Victorious. I can't put my finger on why I even feel this way!
  13. I was surprised to, we all had it down as Rhythm of the 90's etc but I guess charging not far off the price of a day ticket anyway it had to be someone relatively known to fit in line. Libertines would be another step-up so to speak, at least in my eyes. Would make sense if what people are saying about them taking similar slots to Noel last year as being true. Catfish may be a shout although good chance they'll be at Reading and it'd be a headline slot on the Castle stage if anything I think if they did play Victorious. Hoping they go for Jamie T but also expect him to be at R&L over the weekend.
  14. Where you heard that Matt? And is it likely there's anything to it? Surely they're to big for it.
  15. First wave of tickets on sale ends Sunday night. For last years festival they announced the first wave of acts on the Monday following the end of the sales. Might be the same again.