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  1. I'd echo these sentiments, or recommend upgrading to the summer garden thing. No idea how much it costs. But probably well worth it to guarantee being down the front. Green Day where great. Seen a lot of it before but still real fun. Hives where best out of the rest.
  2. Anyone at Phill Collins clarify the golden circle situation thing?
  3. Gonna be a lot of fun this.
  4. Few things; Green Day poster now listed as last tickets remaining, so imagine that'll sell out - No cheap tickets. Green Day listed as starting at 7:45PM on the app - What time does BST usually finish at? Around 11? Could be a mammoth set if that's the case.
  5. Quick look at news last year from efests on Victorious 2016 suggests nothing on Common/Castle this late on. However they did add over 100 smaller acts in July last year. With that in-mind they've had a trend this year to add a 'name' act as such with every announcement. So I'd guess it's still quite likely we may end up with one or two more. Especially as a lot of the main festivals have wrapped up or are done in the next few weeks.
  6. Yeah, Matt hasn't added anything to it for a little while, I added the Butserfest stuff. I haven't the patience to sit through and add everything unfortunately ha!
  7. Not sure about the "most influential bands of this generation" but yeah, I agree with your other sentiments, I'm not really a fan of them, however the Parklife gig was excellent. Would more than happily watch them again.
  8. https:///s/vic2017/?user=0aqt7t.pd Should work although I've put that in on my phone.
  9. Updated the clashfinder with guesstimates. It's fucking killer right now on who I'm going to see. Far and away this year peaks my interest from early on though this time round. Last few years it's not had much on for me personally till about 3/4pm. That's interesting, I wonder if they keep the name/stage but scrap the under 18's drinking malarkey, reckon it'll be a nice fit which will be fairly busy anyway. So unless something goes really wrong can't see it being scrapped.
  10. Added Butserfest guestimate times to the Clashfinder. Reckon they'll have it finish up around 9:00/9:30ish? Before the headliners. Avoid crossover of main stages? Here's hoping so.
  11. Hahah, best of luck with that. None the less, cracking stuff. Really looking forward to that. Just hope we don't have a fuck ton of clashes.
  12. Is Butserfest cancelled then? Like are they just moving it to Victorious?
  13. Love that addition.
  14. So Frank turned up and played tonight. All be it he turned up 30+ minutes late, fucked up the intro to the first song about 5 times, was clearly off his face and had serious technical issues all night. So disappointed.
  15. Matt from 1975 interestingly said 'hopefully Frank Ocean is here tomorrow' to the audience, reiterating the 'hopefully' don't bode well tbh.