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  1. Elton John

    I'd be all over that.
  2. Elton John

    Anyone offering odds for 2019 or 2020 headliners yet?
  3. Most 'overbooked' headliner

    Lol....have an upvote
  4. Elton John

    Could mean a complete redesign for the 'thingy'....
  5. Elton John

    ....maybe, but the Sunday night gig makes a legend slot somewhat unlikely....and I just don't see him fitting a Friday headliner.
  6. Elton John

    3 year tour so June 2020 is in the frame....does that mean we may have our first 50th anniversary headliner?
  7. Foo Fighters

  8. One month on...

    Exactly.....5 days inside the fence is a respite from the realities of life outside.
  9. Pilton party

    Quite....but the notion of 6 people buying the absolute maximum they could to 'sell on' suggests a degree of profiteering in mind. Unless that is they have 54 'mates' lined up that they know all want to schlep down from the Midlands for one evening.
  10. Pilton party

    I think it's the the suggestion of buying the maximum they could to sell on to their mates - assumedly for a profit.....
  11. One month on...

    Pretty sure it wouldn't be allowed. I'd be well up for a day meet though....dogs and kids....nice walk, few photos around the site...a beer in the pub down the road....that sort of thing.
  12. One month on...

    I miss it like heck. Can't remember a year it's taken so long to get over it. Tearing up just scribbling this.....wtf?
  13. Pilton party

    What kind of 'friend' sells you a gig ticket at a markup to face value? I'm assuming that's the case here else why bother to get so many? Utter knobheads. Hopefully they went home empty handed - except that leaves their 'friends' ignorant of what dicks they are.
  14. One month on...

    Generally yes....the railway track is usually walkable all the way but you may find some exits off to stone circle, avalon or block 9 fenced off if there are sheep/cows grazing....pot luck on the day really.
  15. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    quite right....'complimentary' doesn't necessarily mean direct from GFL.