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  1. UKIP did do that: remeber nigel farage saying how worried he was that people would see that dead child photo and become too tolerant of refugees?
  2. I think they are more upbeat live myself. same songs though, so if you dont like them on record...
  3. is it a lie that racial attacks have increased post referendum? Or that ministers have refused to confirm that eu nationals living in the UK have a right to stay (Describing them as 'bargaining chips')? Or that newpaper print racist headlines to ramp up hatred of the darkies to sell more copies? Sounds like facts to me. Again, they were cheering king racist donald trump. Its fairly obvious what sort of crowd that was. anyhow, good response from Corbyn
  4. so, By the papers describing refugees in terms normally used for animals or diseases, a level of previously unthinkable racist discourse becomes the norm, but thats fine and acceptable i guess. I linked to evidence earlier of the Sun lying about refugees as well, but i guess since hartlepool and sunderland voted LEAVE, we should just accept that we have to all accept anti refugee headlines. The fact that the crowd booed a polish woman describing her fears and cheered a mention of donald trump tells you what their opinion is of refugees. And its a valid opion to say that the LEAVE campaign was one of a racist bent, and it succeeded. You can argue that it was despite of UKIP's lies, but i doubt it
  5. Lexit is a very small percentage, and frankly considering how rightwards the country has turned, i think they were fucking idiots. a lot of minorities feel that way about the eu vote. But i guess they are wrong to, Because there was absolutely no racist pandering at all by the LEAVE campaign and no post vote increase in racist attacks. Silly polish women, expressing how she feels. Im sure she has learnt her lesson now. That a very charitable view of a QT crowd who cheered the mention of racist sex assaulter Donald Trump
  6. He didnt repeat bad info: he retweeted one thing with a question mark asking if it is true. And someone expeessing a view of compassion shouldnt be treated like that. I think this clip for QT at 48 mins in says it all. A polish women being booed by the hartlepool crowd for talking about the prejudice she has experienced. and you wonder why i equate voting LEAVE to bigotry.
  7. maybe on a Fri, but not sat or sun. other stage headliner?
  9. actually he didnt have a 'Pop' at them. He said we should have more compassion with how we deal and report on refugees. Which is a fair comment given the way the issue is dealt with by the Sun You mean one out the 14 refugees we eventually let in after months of vetting may have turned out to have been a few years older??? I may have to pay an extra 5 p a week in tax now.That's the real tragedy of the Syrian refugee situation.
  10. so you defend the way the press are reporting on it, and see no issue on it, and the way they are attacking lily allen and lineker? also, its fair to compare jewish refugees from ww2 to syrian refugees running away from ISIS.
  11. Youre right, when i think about kindness towards refugees, i think about the Sun. So, when the refugees on kindertransport lied about their age to escape nazi germany, we shouldve printed pictures of them, calling them liars and asking to check their teeth? But anyway, Im the problem, in the same way its the democrats fault for Trump. If you dont allow a little race baiting, youll end up with proper racism. Gotcha!
  12. What we're witnessing in coverage of Lily Allen and Gary Lineker by the Sun is an attempt to make compassion towards refugees socially unacceptable. Which is absolutely disgusting.
  13. wow. Kings of leon and ed then?
  14. I reckon it will be a radiohead request for second from top, so possibly sigur ros, flaming lips or mogwai (at a push).
  15. wages and living standards will fall soon, as well as higher unemployment Still, as LEAVE voters say, it's a price worth paying to keep the darkies out