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  1. Football 2015/16

    easysh run by utd could see them pip city to 4th
  2. Football 2015/16

    potch signed a 2 year extension at spurs. excellent news for them i think sturridge will move this summer. him and klopp dont seem to be eye to eye
  3. EU Referendum ha great. african anti europe group stops existing over the half kenyan remark nice one boris!
  4. EU Referendum

    they cant win the economic argument because all the world leaders and economic institutions are against them. i see boris just called obama 'deeply weird' today. he should stop digging, the words 'pot,kettle and black' come instantly to mind
  5. EU Referendum

    if obama is cool towards the UK (which ive seen no evidence for) a more logical reason may be that we voted not to join the USin bombing libya around 3 years ago thanks to ed milliband. not the official LEAVE position of him being half kenyan. and boris isnt just some idiot in the pub. hes an idiot who is the mayor of london. who has to have a vestige of diplomacy.foreign press are saying 'major of london is a racist', which as a londoner is embarassing. well, what salmond said was better than boris by a large margin
  6. EU Referendum

    maybe, but imo, a person should argue points like that on the basis of what is said, not what boris thinks their 'ancestral' motive might or might not be. look at how alex salmond responded to obama at the indy referendum. he thanked obama for his viewpoint, said he thought he was wrong, and said that 'if scotland becomes indepenednt, the usa will have two allies, not one'. much better than LEAVES whinge
  7. EU Referendum

    his grandfather was kenyan but he barely knew him. anyway, obama is 100% american and to say he biased against the uk because of his ancestry is stupid beyond belief the whole 'half kenyan' thing is an echo of that racist birth certificate argument in the usa a few years ago, where people wanted to see all of obama's birth certificates, to a larger degree than any other president. purely because of skin colour. in the same way, farage more openly than boris admittidley, leavers are dog whistling on obamas race. if he was white, it would never have been said!
  8. EU Referendum

    dont forget boris and farage racially abusing the president of the country they want a trade deal with, by sayiing he hates the UK because of his halfkenyan background. because of course thats the only reason why he would want us to REMAIN
  9. General News Discussion

    aside from the ridiculous 'extreme wealth is as bad as extreme poverty' bit in the beginning, a good look at why zac goldsmith is running an islamophobic campaign
  10. Football 2015/16

    dunno about that. utd and west ham have both won as well i think winning the europa is their best bet for champs league, and getting the team ready for a run next year
  11. EU Referendum

    oh and its a bit fucking rich for leave to moan about project fear, when their whole campaign is based on fear of immigration.
  12. EU Referendum

    a message of hope and change the leavers want to convey arent helped by farage and galloway being involved
  13. not-Glastonbury 2018

    hopefully somewhere closer to london
  14. ATP

    atp stewart lee happened. that manchester one next weekend isnt. drive like jethru are not happy...
  15. Football 2015/16

    did they have enough points to guarantee top 4 at the time? i think they were third but 2 points from 5th or something. if he went for it with the 1st team and lost anyway, then slipped down the table, thatd be worse. they are still in the title race, so the right choice i reckon, even now!