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  1. Saying banning all muslims for the actions/intentions of a few is disproportionate, ineffective and racist isnt 'putting my head in the sand'.
  2. I think given his previous links to Russia, and the lies and cover up of what Trump knew, i doubt it was a cock up As for the new guy, he definitely seems competent, but i dont know enough about his worldview to comment if its a good hire or not. He could be all for banning muslims or breaking up NATO
  3. Remind me again what happened to his first choice for the position? Lets see what happens. He is a serving general, so not sure he has an option as to whether to quit...
  4. Pixies will be announced wont they? seems weird for them to put that glasto video up otherwise
  5. Margo Price and Lanegan would fit in there The XX much too big..
  6. green day headlining second stage same day as Sheernan surely? If justice are other stage headliner, would be Fri i reckon, as Radiohead would prob be the the smallest main stage headliner?
  7. maybe justice will co-headline with someone like catfish or something?
  8. leftfield are back on tour. Playing brixton 12 may
  9. I thought wikileaks were their own entity though and a completely reliable source for information?
  10. Wikileaks go after Sweden for embarassing Trump
  11. This isnt going to end well
  12. The REAL victim of Hillsbrough
  13. UKIP running scared