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  1. coach from london. prob in by 1.30sh
  2. interestingly, 90% of the labour membership are pro eu and 65% want another referendum. owen smith is running on a pro eu basis so may be able to win against corbyn based on that
  3. maybe but trying to preserve the good friday agreement and the NI border issues will take years alone. In pragmatic terms, we cant trigger article 50 anytime soon!
  4. no scorn from me: the longer the delay the better!
  5. not a veto. keeping the union together though is apparently a binding constraint on negotiations. Just another excuse for delay and working out how not to trigger it.
  6. interesting. So scotland and northern ireland presumably have to agree before Art 50 invoked?
  7. trump leading polls in swing states in america
  8. they are mainly just normal people who want a left wing leader, not unreasonable automatons. give them someone with beliefs like corbyn and they will vote for them. 146 labour mps voted against iraq for example or against welfare cuts. the plp cant find one of them to run???
  9. sometimes the public are wrong: a referendum is just an overhyped opinion poll, with the legal force of such if an opinion poll had the uk supporting the death penalty, should we do that? no. its the same as leaving the EU. some things are too important for the uninformed to decide
  10. studies have shown that areas with the least immigration are the most virulently anti immigration. high immigration areas are more tolerant. scotlands lack of immigration would not be a factor!
  11. sturgeon is bravely and openly pro immigration. for that reason, i have a lot more respect for her than for any of the self serving, pandering politicians from othet parties.
  12. so if they miss that trigger, they may have to wait a year for a next one. then the eu agrees to negotiate informally, so they wait for that to finish. then its 2020 and its put to the people at the general election that the tory party stand by the new agreement, labour and lib dems by the current deal with us staying in the eu with no article 50 trigger. if the tories dont get a majority, the british people have spoken to not trigger article 50 (all speculation and wishful thinking i know!)
  13. its all talk. eu wont change freedom of movement for us in a million years. we will def cave in on that, and theyll make some form of statement implying we have
  14. interesting point on art 50. first, it would be invoked stright after leave vote. then, straight after new leader in sep. now may is saying 'not before the end ot the year'. its already being delayed. who wants to bet its delayed more to 'sort out our position?'
  15. labour should also take hints from the tories on how to stop a leadership candidate they dont like. they screwed boris over in 24 hours before he even stood!