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  1. anyone ever have problems with these? i may get them for the first time this year, no issues with getting them mid journey?
  2. well done celtic. and the massive 'refugees welcome' sign is brilliant when there is so much bigotry elsewhere in the world on the issue.
  3. 7 of the polls post the debate had clinton winning massively, by around 30%+ on average it was the highest watched tv debate in US history, around 84 million people new NBC/Survey Monkey poll: 27% of Rs, 72% of independents, 96% of Ds say Trump lacks personality/temperament to serve as president 2 polls after the debate had clinton with a 4% swing in her favour more polls are needed, but it is looking like the first debate is not good for trump
  4. could be they are trying to get DP, and if they fail, gaga will be bumped to headline?
  5. wenger is in the frame apparently
  6. reports say that allardyce has offered resignation and will be gone by tonight
  7. the third party vote is traditionally soft, especially after the debates when it becomes a 2 candidate thing. Bit different to the uk, where the other parties get equal say on tv (and they are ignored virtually in the UK) the polls do have it very close at the moment, which should make third party voters who do hate trump jump back to clinton.
  8. not exactly the same electorate by the way. white non college degree was 62% of the electorate when bush beat gore, and reduced 4 years ago to 45%. trump is only doing better with that smaller part of the electorate. clinton is polling betternthan him with african americans, hispanics, women and college educated whites. he can still win but he did need to try and get some of the latter groups of people onside. he failed last night imo
  9. its not that big a gap of 50%! its around 10% more on average for trust, with clinton having a 9% more favourable rating overall on the polls. significant, but a lot more people think trump is not fit to be on charge of nuclear weopens (51-35) or hasnt the tempermant( 52-31). trust and honesty is an issue for clinton, but no way did last night help trump with his issues. the post cnn poll had clinton winning by 61-27. whether that translates as votes or poll uptick is another thing! its still too close to call at the moment, but i think clinton will come across better after last night, esp with the undecided and third party voters.
  10. Someone on twitter has pointed out that he should be sacked by the FA for demonstrating his failure to understand knockout football if nothing else : “We'd drawn with Russia, we should have won. We beat Wales, and that was our worst performance. We drew with Slovakia, and we only had to draw with Iceland to get through ..."
  11. clinton 100% won the first debate. she came across much better than trump and all the press is calling it for her two more to go!
  12. i think she should just say 'another lie from donald' and then move onto to her point. make the case for her. definitely bring up bitherism and his misogyny, and his commercial links with russia if she can.
  13. clinton is smart and ruthless, i have some faith in her to have a good game plan. i think people underestimate the dangers of brexit or corbyn, with some (though not all) knowing but not caring about them. for example, a large percentage of voters dont think that BREXIT will have a massively negative economic effect. in comparision, a large percentage of voters in the USA (65-69% according to polls) are concerned about what trump says about immigrants, use of nukes, and temperment. there isnt the same level of delusion around trump imo compared to brexit and corbyn. the main reason why he might win is hillary's own issues. his own share of the vote has a high floor but low ceiling. in poll averages he has never led clinton.
  14. polls from 4 years ago had obama and romney very close as well.
  15. maybe but stein has been losing support and traditionally third party supporters come back to the main parties after debates. also in the last 8 elections, the person with the highest expectations gap won the popular vote, with only one not winning the election (al gore). clinton has the highest expectation to win this time around we will see how the debates go, but trump needs to look presidential and not fly off on one. He also has done worse on debates with just 2 people, as he has a lot of time to answer questions, and he doesnt have answers. im hoping the network live fact check him as well