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  1. General News Discussion

    But why not agree to a binding referendum then to put the issue at rest? Storming the ministries of the devolved local government over a non-binding referendum seems overkill. Acting this way doesnt help put the seperatism genie in the bottle! Im not a fan of nationalism and independence. I agree the Catalonian seperatist movement is trying to get a response, but the spanish govt have decided to give them one!
  2. General News Discussion

    Ill try to read that article, though seems to be behind a paywall! My point more is that the Spanish govt is very much playing into the narrative of the seperatists, when they do have other options.
  3. General News Discussion

    Primavera has spoken out
  4. General News Discussion

    This is what ive seen on it on a politics forum about it. 'Most Catalans want what the Basques have home rule and the right to collect all taxes, sending some of them to Madrid to pay for a limited number of agreed functions. This was basically what they were given by the previous socialist government in Madrid, but the PP objected, challenged it in court and plenty of the law got struck down. That was a gift to the Catalan separatists, who had never been in power in Barcelona before that. Over the last few years, with them in control in Barcelona and the PP in power in Madrid, things have just escalated' I guess in UK terms this would be if a Tory Govt took away some of Scotlands or the Welsh devolved powers and then refused to give them an Indie referendum, using the police to enforce it.
  5. General News Discussion

    Maybe, but the last vote was similar in that they disagreed over its binding nature. Its very long standing as well. And that region was massively fucked over by Franco as well, so there are historical reasons for Indie as well
  6. General News Discussion

    if it is greivance mining, then the spanish central govt has played into their hands IMO. If they werent going to get a big turnout or win anyway... If the yorkshire county council did something similar? Id hope we wouldnt be stupid enough to send police in to aggravate things!
  7. General News Discussion

  8. General News Discussion

    sooo if the scottish or welsh parliament voted for a non-binding, illegal referendum on indie, you think the correct uk response would be to send the police in and arrest the SNP??? The Catalan govt has run and won referemdum like this before. Im neutral on the side of indpendence but there is a case for catalan indie. Its the spanish govt escalating things
  9. General News Discussion

  10. General News Discussion

    done it
  11. General News Discussion

    for all parties except the lib dems!
  12. General News Discussion

    hey Brexit is a Tory obsession. Let them get the blame ( or (ha ha ha) credit) for it!
  13. General News Discussion

    what i heard was Kim (and Iran) wanted nukes so they wouldnt go the same way as Iraq/Gadaffi. US policy does effect it in that regard
  14. General News Discussion

    yeah most likely IMO. If May ignores his article in her speech, ball is in boris's court