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  1. Hmmm... Thats ignoring the hacking which was going against the democrats at the time. (Which imo and of most ibtelligence services is 85% likely to be a russian operation) So Trump aides are trying to have secret channels with Russia for world peace, rather than corrupt reasons? Is that REALLY your impression of Trump and his minions?
  2. Like a second email server?
  3. Oh turns out Corbyn may be in tune with public opinion on foreign policy...
  4. ha ha ha ha
  5. as much as i doubt his competency, i will say that corbyn has had a much better campaign than May so far. I doubt it will lead to a win or for people to forget his baggage, but is worth noting. Makes me think May will be useless for brexit negotiations as well
  6. Bye Bye Hopkins
  7. Anything 2 weeks before the election is political unfortunately. If we cant discuss stuff like this 2 weeks before an electio when we have to chose btween two different approaches, when can we?
  8. oof
  9. And 9/11 had nothing to do western foreign interventions? Terrorsists will always have reasons to attack. They find it easier to recruit if the west does stuff like afghanistan, Iraq etc Anyway, thats not the sole focus of Corbyns speech. He will also bring up the police cuts making it harder for police
  10. I dont have an insight into that particular guy. A lot of propaganda references UK foreign intervention Loads of people have stupid opinions from polls. 56% of people want a return of the death penalty for suicide bombers.
  11. Surely Corbyn is talking about radicalisation of homegrown youth though. Which is influenced by more recent foreign interventions. Not the ONLY reason of course, but it is a recruiting factor, which should be discussed
  12. Ha! I would prefer Corbyn to May, but im not getting my hope up after 2015