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  1. The Scotland Yard investigation into the Grenfell Tower disaster has said there are “reasonable grounds” to suspect the council and the organisation that managed the flats of corporate manslaughter.
  2. Fun article
  3. Truly inspiring that a president who dodged military service wants to share that gift with trans people.
  5. Ha true, but city fans less arrogant than Utd ones, sorry☺
  6. Yeah, but he was given a team with an aging backline which needed replacing.
  7. Good article about racism in football reporting
  8. Do we agree that Donald?
  9. Swansea said no to 40 million for gyl and spurs said no to 50 million for dier. Clubs just say no more!
  10. Maybe, but i suspect most republicans will be happy to get rid of Trump. I think Trumps attempt to cover it up will be his undoing if it comes down to it, and the fact he revels publically in trying to do so. Its interesting that he seem VERY worried about his finances beong investigated by Muller as well...
  11. Oh i agree its unlikely he will be taken down unfortunately, just because the GOP dont have the morals or backbone to do so. If they lose the house or senate next year, the democrats may be able to do something
  12. Russia gets quite a lot if sanctions are lifted and NATO is undermined/sidelined. Do you acknowledge that he is trying to cover up/impede the investigation at least?
  13. Well it has been suggested he isnt in bed with the Russians and that his actions now arent to cover it up...
  15. Horrible news. Suicide apparently