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  1. General News Discussion

    But its not a fear based on the facts of what is happening. Ireland has had the law without issue. London has had no gender toilets, again with no issues. If you are uncomfortable around trans women, thats your problem, not hers. No has called you a TERF on here. TERFS like germaine greer should know better though.
  2. Brexit Schmexit

    Davis is an idiot or a liar
  3. General News Discussion

    codswallop. Has there been an increase of sex crimes in toilets since gender free toilets were introduced? Have there been any reported sex crimes from people pretending to be women? No. A lot of places in London have gender free toilets now. Guess what, its working fine This may surprise you but rapists who are lurking in toilets arent put off by it being a womens only toilet FFS Trans women are women, so should be in the safe spaces as well. I appreciate stuff like shelters and sports will need some transition(pardon the pun) and creative thinking, but its more a problem to be solved. The solution isnt and shouldnt be to deny trans people their rights. Part of the problem are people who see trans women as being men, not women. Youve done that a few times on the thread. why is that?
  4. General News Discussion

    So, people protesting trans rights get MORE abuse and death threats than trans people and those wanting trans right? Thats isnt at all true. And as i posted above, today is supposed to be a day to highlight murdered trans people, so thats unforunate timing to say stuff like that. I appreciate its not a black and white issue, but ireland have managed it fine so far. And the language used to deny trans rights is the same languge used to deny gay, women and minority rights over the years. As if any trans lobby is more powerful than the Sun and Daily Mail FFS.
  5. General News Discussion

    Was Madigan elected to her post? If she was, then your beef is with the voters no? So, she didnt steal the other persons job then like people are saying
  6. General News Discussion

  7. General News Discussion

    and she is a woman I cant read the full times story. Was she elected? And someone on twitter says she was elected in Kent, and other woman was a different constituency.
  8. General News Discussion

    I dont know of that particular case, but she was elected into the post. So really, whats the issue if its a fair election?
  9. General News Discussion

    As above, ireland managed it fine Its not your experience or feelings in question. Saying most people 'grow out' of gender dysphyoria is utter rubbish. Same stuff people said/say about gay people.
  10. General News Discussion

    Id have thought the gay community is more sympthetic towards the plight of fellow travellers
  11. General News Discussion

    'Elected' not selected. Big difference.
  12. General News Discussion

    Ireland managed it perfectly fine
  13. Football 17/18

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/nov/20/west-brom-sack-tony-pulis-manager not the most inspiring choices for WBA
  14. Brexit Schmexit

    Prison hopefully. A second referendum needs political will. And that will need some pain so the electorate can see what LEAVE really means