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  1. Um, those are his exact words when he proposed the Muslim ban. im substituting muslim with trader. Im not talking the financial issues. More his terrorist bombing attempt! Its a violent crime, not just a financial one. The victims are the people he didnt care about killing.
  2. You dont get the Trump reference? We dont know who the moderate traders are and who the extreme ones are. I have yet to hear from the moderate financial traders condemning these actions, so their ideology must applaud it.
  3. We should ban all financial traders from the country until we know whats going on
  4. What a surprise. Trump is a fan of Facist Le Pen in France
  5. No Farage running this time Hopefully he wont be on TV at all now Also 'admits' is an odd choice of word
  6. i was being sarcastic Thats the tories idea btw for PFI and letting hedge funds lend money to the NHS. All politicians are just looking at debt in the short term
  8. Carswell wont stand
  9. I feel Corbyn should defect to the Greens. It would suit everyone. Green would get an extra MP and new members. Corbyn wont have to worry about trying to be PM.And the Labour party can rebuild. Win win win.
  10. On the issue of election pacts
  11. George osborne has resigned as an MP. 6 jobs were too much for him!
  12. Labour shoukd refuse to vote to bypass the Fixed terms election act until after the CPS fraud probe results are in. Make May call for a vote of no confidence.
  13. Last time we had a vote, there was actually a labour mp murdered
  14. bloody hell
  15. Now the timing makes sense...