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  1. M25 - junction 4 and 5 avoid

    Find other routes guys luckily our driver turned off just in time, delays of up to 3 hours allegedly. Happy glasto:)
  2. New security measures in place

    Fantastic sir, take a bow.
  3. How many times have you been to Glastonbury now?

    This will be my 4th! Every year since 2014, love the place. So excited.
  4. The big hello :) (and your fave veggie food!)

    A second for happy maki sushi rolls, mahoosive (little bit costly) but worth it, mock chicken and mock duck options. We went back a few times!
  5. This time next week I will be...

    Drunk and giddy.
  6. Glastocam!

    Unsuprusinlgy it was England that ruined your euro bbq!
  7. Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    Got the dispatch email yaaay
  8. No screens for the Euros

    I'm not overly bothered, more of a west ham fan than an England fan though no doubt if we reached the semis Id jump on the bandwagon! Not desperate to see it at glasto, and if it was that important I'd stream it on phone or something
  9. Next Announcement thread

    Matt corby has just self confirmed for Sunday.
  10. Festival toilets

    I tried hovering once, and after 2 minutes of burning in my thighs all I produced was a nugget my nieces rabbit wouldn't have been proud of. Wiping and sitting is the way forward.
  11. Adele sub headliner?

    If it was Kendrick that would be one of my must see sets along with kano and skepta, though any of the bands rumoured would put on a decent show
  12. Grime/Hip Hop

    Just won 4 tickets to see kano on Friday!! Hoping he's at Glastonbury though aswell.
  13. Secret resales

    There must have been loads of tickets, may be harder next year as the secret resale is now the final resale
  14. Secret resales

    i thought id check at 3 pm and it was down, thought that was strange...
  15. Secret resales

    thought i caught it, good luck everyone!!