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  1. WWE

    As he gets to say that he's 'Very European' while doing said uppercut, I could see that working.
  2. WWE

    Is it just me, or have they gotten the build for Brock vs Taker all backwards? So far, Taker has pretty much got the better of Brock in every single encounter... stabbing him with the contract pen, chockslamming Heyman, scaring Brock with his spookyness (making him scream like a little girl). Does anyone actually believe Brock stands a chance a breaking the streak? They should have bit the bullet, and gotten Brock over like a real monster, have him outsmart/get the better of Taker in the lead up, and then just have Taker overwin at Mania. Perhaps they're just writing it off this year (as it's not the main event), and will do something like that next year (with Bryan?!) Oh, and as mentioned previously... if anyone thinks that Mania is ending any other way than a 5 min long shot of the entire stadium on their feet chanting YES~!, with Bryan on the turnbuckle holding the titles... then you're out of your god dam mind :-) Not even WWE are stupid enough not to have that happen. Surely? (Prediction: the Bryan vs HHH will be a near 5* match, while the triple threat being a solid 3 with the atmosphere taking it to a 4 star)
  3. WWE

    For sting to be beaten at Wrestlemania after a 3 month build? No way thats ever going to happen.
  4. Too good not to share:
  5. Also went to see Looper last night Wasn't as blown away by it as I hoped I was going to be. Sure, it was a decent film, but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. It seemed extremely slow in the second act... pretty much as soon as he got to the farm the pace of the film slowed significantly. The acting was pretty great (certainly from JGL and Blunt, Willis not so much), but it's almost as if the director had two films ideas, couldn't decide which to make, so tried to do both at once. And, for me at least, failed to excel at either. The first was a hard sci-fi about time travel and the inherrent possibilty of time paradoxes, the second is a thriller about a guy wanting to protect his family from people that want to hurt them. All the TK stuff was completely unnecessary imo... I'd actually forgotten about it when we first see the kid about to explode, so had to ask my mate what the f was going on. That kid seemed insanely smart, and would have had a solid motive for disposing of the Loopers, so I don't see the need for the TK nonsense. All comparisons to 12 Monkeys, Source Code, Terminator or Moon are overblown imo... it's not in the same league as those films.
  6. Nothing wrong with a Who episode taking a breath or two and slowing the pace down. In fact, I think the modern episodes always try and cram too much into the amount of time they have... so for an episode to slow down and take it's time a bit was a welcome chance of pace. On the whole... I thought it was an excellent episode. Jenna Louise Coleman (who has the unfortunate accronim of JLC) will make a cracking assistant... finally we're going to get someone who might possibly be the doctors equal. No more of this " the assistant is the view" nonsense... finally a companion relationship where they can converse as equals. At least... that's where I'd like it to go... still time for some sort of stupid memory wipe type thing to dumb her down. eh? Pretty much all of the Daleks at the parliament were the 'old' styled Daleks... with just a few of the 'new/fat' Darleks hanging about at the back.
  7. Initial episode titles for this forthcoming set of Whoness: My money is on eps 6 and 7 being the christmas day/new years day episodes. And non spoilery (but I'll hide them just in case) synopsi of the first 3:
  8. Wow. oh, and "Hello to David Morrissey"
  9. Thought it was pretty average... dare I say poor. 53minutes of guff, followed by a 3mimutes epilogue that almost made it worth watching. Not sure what it is, but I just havn't enjoyed any off Moff's xmas specials. Perhaps it's because he tries too hard to adapt existing stories, or then fills them with over sentimental pap. Either way, none have them have worked as well as even the weakest episode of this most recent series - this years effort being the worst. On the plus side... we got two trailers for Sherlock, which I hold out far more hope for.
  10. The Weaping Angels in Minecraft!
  11. Ufc

    A great man ~! I watched it this morning after the grand prix, and my god was it great.... the walk to the ring, the reaction, the fight, the finish, the face turn, the post match interview, the interview with ariel, the muscle flex and the "put them in a ball, turn them side ways and stick them up his [candy] ass". Tremendous stuff.
  12. The way I saw it was that the fixed point in time is the fact that the universe* thinks the Doctor is dead. Not that the Doctor dies, or that River shoots the Doctor, or that River shoots a tesselector, or that Amy sees the doctor dies etc... but that the universe thinks the doctor dies. Therefore, it was always a tesselector doctor that got shot - that's what we saw at the beginning of the series, and at the end of the series. When River chose not to shoot, time collapsed because the fixed point changed - ie the universe saw that the doctor didn't actually die. Once River knew she wouldn't be killing the real doctor, she could shoot and would be fooling the universe into thinking the real doctor had died. This would leave the path clear for the Doctor to 'disappear into the shadows after becoming too loud' (sic) Of course, this requires that news of the 'doctors death' spreads throughout the universe... but with a bit of timey wimey plot hole plastering I'm sure that could be explained. Afterall, only about a handful of people know he didn't die (Amy, River, Rory, the blue head in the box, the doctor, and the time police guys). * when I say the universe, I mean to the people in it.
  13. ^ after seeing the trailer for the new Jonny English, I no longer have respect for or care about anything Atkinson does.
  14. ah... the rumour is that the eye patch is a tool to enable you to remember The Silence. Apparently there is a 'prequel' video out there that shows the Silence being held captive in Area 52 and the guards have the eye patch as well. Which is a pretty good idea imo. Fuckup averted.
  15. I can't imagine it did, or that Moff would be so insane as to allow it to happen, but did the trailer give away a potential massive plot spoiler?