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  1. Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    Read her book earlier this year was a really great read, she is definitely one of the most underrated social commentators of our time! Going to go home and listen to Let Them Eat Chaos turned up to 11 this evening!!!
  2. Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    Was a really special performance, I think I spent the majority of the set mouth open wondering how does she remember all the words and when does she take a breath. Felt like she hardly paused for a moment during the hour.
  3. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Anyone one got through gate C, were there zig zags after the road at the bottom of the hill?
  4. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Moving much faster now
  5. Gate C Status thread 2017

    Yeah there is movement took about 50mins to go from E16 to E19
  6. Gate C Status thread 2017

    In the queue just next to east 16 camper van field. only had a little bit of movement so far
  7. Gate D Status thread 2017

    Just setting off from Home heading for D gate. Hope to get there in two and a half hours all being good on the roads!! looking forward to a long morning of shuffling forward with a heavy rucksack.
  8. So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    Hoping to be done by 4......half past at the latest!!! Not going to be able to sleep tonight
  9. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    No I get what you mean totally. It was just the comment about avoiding politics all weekend, when the band in themselves are heavily political was a little contradictory.
  10. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    Bit of a contradiction?!
  11. Corbin Really !!

    You don't have to watch him
  12. Wednesday/Thursday Recommendations

    Napalm Death Thursday night
  13. Who is everyone definitely not seeing

  14. Top 3 Must Sees

    Radiohead Run The Jewels Kate Tempest

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