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  1. Feedback on 2017 - good, bad, shite weather !

    They need to put tracks down all over when the weather is like that! Especially all the way from family camping to the arena and to the exit. When we were on tracks with our cycle trailer it was fine. As soon as we hit mud it was like a challenge on an endurance gameshow.
  2. 2017 Any help or advice needed ?

    Thanks for the replies. One more Q. When we arrive when do you queue to get wrist bands? On entry to campsites from the car parks or not until you go into the actual arena?
  3. 2017 Any help or advice needed ?

    Thanks for letting me know - it's been updated since I last checked.
  4. 2017 Any help or advice needed ?

    Can I please ask if we are likely to get day splits for the comedians? Also, when will films be announced? I am coming with two young kids so a chilled hour or two with a Disney film is wise... The website is very confusing when it comes to the cinema.
  5. Weather 2017

    Sounds good... Which cinema it that? Pilton Palais or the new car one?
  6. Missing Glastonbury institutions?

    That's great - thanks!
  7. Missing Glastonbury institutions?

    This list is making me sad now! It's the acts missing from Wednesday/Thursday that I'll miss the most. Vodka Jellies is a great shout - always a good singalong and Mr Eavis always turned up. Looks like a year of new discoveries.
  8. Missing Glastonbury institutions?

    Morning all, I have got in the habit of seeing a few Glastonbury institutions over the years but many are missing from the line up. Biggles Wartime Band are the obvious one. I know Jolly Jock sadly passed away, but are they not active as a band anymore? Also, Marcus Brigstocke is usually all over the Cabaret Tent but I can't see him. What are your must sees who are there every year? Are any missing? Cheers!
  9. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Do Acoustic and West Holts not do separate announcements? Big stages if not...
  10. Secret Glasto text alerts

    Sorry for the belated response. If you use the clashfinder you need to ensure you add the Cabaret stage as it isn't on the default settings. That has all the acts on to (but can be hard to read due to the sheer number of acts)
  11. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    Is it acceptable to attend if you just lurk obsessively on these forums but hardly ever post?! If so, I may well try and make this...
  12. The state of the ground.

    2016 was way worse than 2011. The annoying thing about last year was the weather was actually OK while the fest was on. But it had been so bad before it couldn't cope and the site was horrific from start to finish.
  13. Campervan arrival

    There is a private carpark within walking distance of the West campervan fields. I stayed there a few years ago when my brother had a caravan. He was able to drive out, collect me and our stuff, then drive back in. Can't remember the name of the site but google should help.
  14. Secret Glasto text alerts

    The Cabaret tent line up a direct times are announced before the festival along with all other stages.
  15. Comedy/Cabaret

    There's usually no queue at all unless it's a particularly big act (i.e. Josh Widdicombe). I liked him the first time I saw him there but he seems to do the same act every year about camping: "The one room I don't want from home is the porch." If he is back I hope for a change in material. Love the Cabaret tent though - my go to place at Glasto.