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    Seems annoying as some are absolutely full of them. Maybe some people cant hold it so pee in a cup/can/bottle then queue up to chuck it in the urinal. Better than pissing on the land still i suppose, but not the best solution.
  2. Rate The Performances You Saw Out of 10

    Royal Blood - 7.5/10 Future Island - 7/10 Anderson Paak - 8/10 (only saw half, heard the rest was also amazing from friends) Radiohead - 8/10 Craig David - 6.5/10 Run the Jewels - 8.5/10 Foo Fighters - 9.5/10 All We Are - 6/10 Barry Gibb - 7.5/10 Chic - 10/10 Moderat - 7/10 Justice - 9/10 The crowds near me at these gigs seemed well up for the party this year. Made the festival so much better to see everyone dancing!
  3. Secret resales

    Hey guys, sorry i didnt make it to any of the meets. o2 was utter shite this year and notifications came through or got sent hours later. Gave up on whats app in the end! Hope you all had a blast and i hope those who missed out are now glad its all over and looking forward to 2019. I was very, very lucky to be on the farm this year but i highly doubt i'd go through all of the weeks of resale build up then stress of using a locals ticket transfer again. Luckily this was personally one of my best Glastonburys in years so the pay off seemed worth it, really lucked out in every way possible. I doubt i would have felt the same last year though as it was hard work in 2016, lots of problems and struggles all weekend. I'll never forget walking through the gate this year, the fear, panic when questioned, then utter joy once the wrist band was on. Such an intense start to the weekend. Definitely taking a different more organised approach to ticket day in the future and will make back up plans well in advance based on line up at different festivals. Hopefully the Variety Bazar will turn out to be a perfect alternative. Now back to the mountain or work thats built up over the past two months...
  4. Secret resales

    Can't believe some of you are still finding tickets. Amazing. Ive been avoiding the forum due to all the stress that hit over tickets. I will dm you @Ted Dansons Wig as I'd love to join the meet up Thursday providing I'm not in the medical tent with heat stroke / passed out with an empty box of wine for a pillow / outside the fence crying. This has got to be the most legendary resale thread ever.
  5. Secret resales

    I've become slightly delirious. I'm sure you understand though. Thanks again for all the love and sarcastic comments gang. Theyve made me smile
  6. Secret resales

    I Love going to the pyramid stage as it looks like the top of a giant upvote, the other half buried. I just zone out of the music and stare at it in amazement. Dribbling and wide eyed.
  7. Secret resales

    Thanks for all the congrats messages. Happy to share details of my ticket but not til after the fest, don't want to jinx it. Logo Is a fine name. I'll take it. Definitely went straight to the weather thread after being warned not to!
  8. Secret resales

    I love Glastonbury. But also love upvotes...
  9. Secret resales

    The ticket has helped subdue my upvote addiction....for now.
  10. Secret resales

    Well, it all looked terrible yesterday. Woke up this morning to a text saying the ticket is at my friends house waiting for me. I can't actually believe it. 4 days before the festival gates open. Its been so much stress but now it all seems totally worth it and I can't begin to explain how happy i am. Thanks so much for all of the help, especially to the cucumber who immediately offered advice and help to a newbie/lurker on the forum looking for resale tickets. You are all hilarious, incredibly kind and weird in your own ways and i couldnt have got through the past couple of months waiting this out without hanging out with you guys, this thread definitely has the Glastonbury spirit. Good luck to those still looking. Now wheres my upvotes?
  11. Secret resales

    I'm a fellow Bristolian in search of a way in Good luck!
  12. Secret resales

    Right im off for the weekend. I should hear something from my contacts over the next 24hours. I'll pop back and let you guys know. Have a great Friday, and good luck in the continued hunt!
  13. Secret resales

    Absolutely, but I think its just frustrating to hear that a ticket wasnt enjoyed to its fullest when so many people would have made the most of every single minute they were on site. If it was easy to get tickets i wouldnt care how people choose to spend there time at the festival, its just that its a nightmare to even get in. I hate the idea of even missing the first day!
  14. Secret resales

  15. Secret resales

    I see what you did there

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