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  1. What's everyone think then?

    With the relatively late announcement, I'm wondering if they thought they had someone big nailed on but who ultimately baled out? I've never had to book a big act myself, but I suppose it must happen quite a lot.
  2. What's everyone think then?

    Everyone knows one Run DMC song. Many fewer know two though!
  3. What's everyone think then?

    Underwhelming - with the increase in capacity I had hopes for a little more. Might spend more time away from the main stage than usual, trawling small stages and/or getting slaughtered and collapsing in some muddy puddle.
  4. Radio X

    Meh. Oh well already paid and booked the time off work.
  5. Line up prediction game 2018

    Are they the four headliners? Surely not.
  6. Announcement Monday!!!

  7. Line up prediction game 2018

    Anyone got any inside info on when the first announcement will be? Just checked back and last year it was the 26th, which was a Thursday. So maybe tomorrow or Friday?
  8. Tim Peaks secret gig

    I'd rather see Frank Butcher than Frank Turner.
  9. Tim Peaks secret gig

  10. Line up prediction game 2018

    Just seen them once, about 4 or 5 years ago and thought they absolutely immense. The thing is, I think they're a perfect festival band - big block chords, several catchy and well known songs and thus good jumpining up and down music. 2nd to top on Thursday, with Black Grape headlining and I'd have a blinding weekend no matter what.
  11. Line up prediction game 2018

    Year in year out, when KC send out their feedback form and ask who you'd like to see, I say the Cult. One of these days, one of these days. They would be truly stonking.
  12. Standout act of the festival

    Slaves Happy Mondays Denise Johnson Manic Street Preachers Electric Pyramid Seasick Steve Salford Jets
  13. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    Did my usual the Cult & Spear of Destiny, plus the Killers and the Human League this time.
  14. Half way to selling out already

    Yeah why not? Done my bit anyway. Edit to say: a couple of high profile cancellations this year could well increase the traffic flow towards KC which must now be seen as a rock-solid, reliable event. I mean what's ever got stopped by rain in Cumbria?