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  1. Just as long as it's not like Eden fest... The mud was actually flowing!
  2. Its forecast on saturday
  3. Nothing stopping you turning up with a small motorhome van and whacking a massive tent of the side of it?
  4. Maybe it's one of those things as an insider surprise!
  5. Got ours! Get first dibs on Emperor's tickets too!
  6. Just hope its going to be like it was today!
  7. Cue 1000 people dressed as the poop emoji!
  8. Set of at 8:50, get there for 9:00
  9. They stopped that in emperor's last year. Much better system of park up and then get bands at an exchange.
  10. We've similar, it all folds down to just about flat (can pack around the wheels)
  11. Simple supply and demand at that point (as crap as it is)
  12. Looking at the bigger picture, a sit down meal in the warmth would have been nice!
  13. And the chances of a queue in standard camping is low!
  14. Children, buggy = stash
  15. Looks asterisk'd to me!