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  1. Anyone think they will drop cheap tickets this year?
  2. On the tickets it states this ticket includes a programme
  3. I think the set list will heavily depend on what collaborators are at the festival
  4. I ordered mine from see tickets on Saturday, hopefully it arrives on time
  5. Maggie Rogers 12 JPT Saturday
  6. Thats Everything Everything and Circa Waves
  7. Surely that is Liam Gallagher?
  8. Got London tickets, cannot F**king wait
  9. JUSTICE!! That is my Sunday night sorted
  10. I don't think the Beat Hotel opens on the Wednesday.
  11. Not saying that these deserve 'Big Secret' status but Paramore are free on the Friday after finishing their uk tour. Big as in headlined Reading and Leeds not too long ago
  12. I was at that gig as well, it was brilliant and I hated when they played in 2010. The new album has a lot more energy, which was lacking in 2010
  13. Seen the Wheel of Four Tunes have announced they are playing the Sensation Seekers stage, so surely a T&C announcement today
  14. This will be my 9th in a row, never forget the stress of the first ticket day and then it ended up not selling out at all!!
  15. @eFestivals can you message me, have a bit of info