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  1. Ban Grime at Glastonbury

  2. What made you smile ?

    Massively! Great set though. Beans on toast always gets the crowd going.
  3. Dick move of your festival......

    The complete and utter tw*t who stole my mrs' fitbit from out of the tent whilst she was at the showers- makes it slightly worse that this was in the crew area too. Other than that the line of b*stards i seen p*ssing up against the urinal dividers during Foo Fighters, they were literally 5 yards away from the actual urinal. I think they should be automatically thrown out of site if you are caught doing this, such disrespect.
  4. Top 5 Acts

    1-The Killers 2-Foo Fighters 3-Radiohead 4-Royal Blood (future headliners IMO) 5-First Aid Kit Honourable mentions for Biffy, The XX and a new band on BBC introducing called Wild Front who sounded really good.
  5. F*cked people 2017

    Friday morning on the railway line a bloke walking home from the naughty corner with no shoes on dressed as a dinosaur telling us all that he is sure another dinosaur stole his shoes but it's all ok as dinosaurs don't wear shoes....he was totally fucked.
  6. What made you smile ?

    During the Beans on Toast set in left field on Saturday night he told the story of writing a song about two people who had gotten in touch with him to dedicate songs to each other at a gig in Brighton last year and to his surprise they were there! So he got them up on stage and let them dance whilst he played their song and it was incredibly touching. Beans was a good lad anyway but shows how much he cares with things like this.
  7. Litter - so much better

    No mud certainly helped this year. We were able to pick litter a lot easier on the dry mornings. Saturday morning when it was raining slightly wasn't enjoyable so a few off my team mentioned that last year when things were stuck in mud and they had no idea what they were stepping in that morale was certainly very low however its Glastonbury and they all still came back and signed up again. For myself joining in and working on the pyramid field I've seen some sights down the front of the barrier but it was very rewarding to be giving something back and getting to know the fantastic crew I worked with was worth it alone, the fact I got to enjoy Glastonbury and meet the Eavis' was a massive bonus. Im sure i seen Guy's flag every morning with the "old sons" on too! what a week, what a place. I'm still travelling back to Newcastle 7 hours after shift but it's all made the experience. Roll on 2019.
  8. Overheard funnies

    Heard some Welsh lads sat by me yesterday- one of them asked the other if he had read his text he had sent him, the others response: "yes you c*nt it took me fucking ages to read it and I got lost in the middle of shangri la talking to a fucking pirate for ten minutes....what did your text want anyway"! "nothing just wanted to piss you off"
  9. Litter - so much better

    Currently working on pyramid field and it's apparently not been as bad this year and we have a bigger crew clearing things up. Usually get the field cleared by 9-10am each day and then move elsewhere but there are a lot more crews working which is nice to see.
  10. 2017 - How was it for you?

    Second visit after the mud bath of 2016 and this was much better even though I had a blast last year. Generally the mood was much better and even with the huge crowds/bottlenecks the large majority just got on with it. I had to sacrifice a lot of later nights this year as had to be up for a 6am litter picking shift each morning but it's shown me an amazing side to this amazing place. Soaked it all in since last Monday and I'm now physically wrecked and in need of a lot of sleep but this year was very very good indeed. Some very hot temperatures at the start of the week and ending yesterday in the sun at The Killers and then Biffy was lovely. Also got my chance to meet Michael and Emily at separate points and thank them both for all they do. Both very friendly and Michael has time for everyone. Can't wait to come back. Thanks Glasto 2017 you have been a pleasure.
  11. Dave Grohl & Famous People

    Tell him that Ricky is a c*nt
  12. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Probably because they are not here to see Frank Carter
  13. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    JP field getting full now. Still over an hour until the big reveal too