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  1. Football 17/18

    Thats the difference between the 2. KDB has bossed games. Time and again he he has been the man who has stood up in big games and pulled off match winning performances. Salah has not done that. It is alright scoring 4 against Watford but Salah did not stand up at Old Trafford or the Etihad. People are raving about Salahs 4 v Watford. Just a reminer that Aguero was on for 4 aginst them when he was taken off. He also did it away, scored a similar goal and did it when Watford were riding high.
  2. Football 17/18

    The player of the year is a difficult one this season. Have the votes not already been taken though for the pfa award? For the record I think David Silva has been the best player in the league this year. He has not lost a single match and been the key man. He has somehow managed to maintain his level of performance in spite of extremely difficult off field circumstances. As for KDB and Salah, both have been out standing. It could come down to a shootout between the 2 during the cl semi finals. Which ever player steps up and provides a match winning performance in the biggest of games, would Imo deserve the accolade. Salah's figures and performances have been fantastic. Yet KDB has gone to Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and the Emirates, while turning in MOTM and winning performances. Am yet to see that with Salah. If Salah pulls off match winning performances in the up coming matches, then there could not really be any argument against him getting the award. At present though, I think KDB is edging it because of the gravitas of his performances.
  3. Football 17/18

    City have everyone fit now. I keep hearing about Citys record at Anfield. Yes it is abysmal but I would take 4-3 now (even though I expect to win there. There are 21 points between us for a reason). Keep seeing the 4-3 mentioned on tv as some kind of pointer as to why the Scousers will win. I look at the 2 previous times City have been competing for honours against the scousers. The scousers bottled it twice while City took home the silverware.
  4. Football 17/18

    David Silva and Kompany back will see City spank Liverpool over 2 legs. Poeple keep harping back to Mane sending off. Just to remind you that City were already winning by that point. As for the Anfield game. City will not have a 10 minute spell like that where they shot themselves in the foot. Best draw possible for City. Liverpool are the 3rd worse team left and no travelling. No weeks rest for the Scousers before this game.
  5. Football 17/18

    I hope not. Need Liverpool to drop a point before the derby so that we can win the league when we spank United.
  6. Going to the toilet during lessons.

    Do you have any idea what IBD is? Put it this was when I am flaring I am lucky if I even make it to the toilet. It took a long long time for me to be diagnosed and I am currently looking at having my bowel removed. Use your head. If someone is constantly asking to go to the loo then there may be issues. Just think about what you are actually doing. You are stopping children going to the loo.
  7. Football 17/18

    I don't see them looking at players from Huddersfield though. Sancho is a top class prospect. City wanted to keep him and Arsenal wanted him. The kid wanted to play football. There are bargains to be had in England.
  8. Going to the toilet during lessons.

    What if one of them had undiagnosed Chrohns or Colitis? Not unheard of for kids to develop it at that age. You don't know the childrens medical situation. To be honest I don't understand how you have any right in restricting a child going to the loo. I would tell my child to pay absolutely no attention to you if they needed the loo and you culd take the issue up with me.
  9. Football 17/18

    Sancho is hardly scraps. There is a reason the German clubs are trying to get the young English talent and that is because they are the best in the world at their ages. There are bargains to be had in England.
  10. Football 17/18

    No matter how poor or good Liverpool are, they always beat us at Anfield. They are co inconsistent yet on their day, they are capable of getting a result against us. That forward 3 is frightening. United are very poor. They can't even manage a shot against a decent team nevermind a goal. City would beat United quite easily over 2 legs. I think Liverpool will finish bove united this seson.
  11. Football 17/18

    I want United in the next round. Don't want Liverpool unless it is in the final and at neutral ground.
  12. Strange how they have not been announced for anything considering they had a great new album out late last year. They did an American tour, small tour of Oz and New Zealand, then back to America. Keep seeing the 2 Bears appearing on a few line ups. Presume they are dj sets. Would love to see them live though.
  13. Cut Copy Little Boots
  14. Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    I like Run DMC but was a little shocked they were headlining. I reckon they were headline or nothing. No matter how bad they are, I will comfort myself to the fact that they will never be as bad as Wiley was at Glasto last year.
  15. Where do you buy your vinyl?

    Also you need to remember, only hipsters buy vinyl (so I was recently informed).

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