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  1. Nick Cave

    Could/Would he play primavera ?
  2. Kendrick Lamar

    Tickets look like they could be on the steep side! Hardly unsurprising but they are saying up to 107 pre fees for Glasgow
  3. LCD Soundsystem....

    Parklife as well, especially with the opening of WHP this year. Would be very surprised to not see them at least a couple.
  4. LCD Soundsystem....

    What festivals have they got a look in for? I hadn't thought of bluedot. Latitude and Bestival must also have a shout?
  5. LCD Soundsystem....

    Where has it been said they wont play how do u sleep?
  6. LCD Soundsystem....

    Where did you see this?
  7. LCD Soundsystem....

    Anyword on the supports for this yet? London particularly
  8. Arcade Fire

    Those last 2 tracks are beautiful. The middle of the album is the dead
  9. Arcade Fire

  10. On site observations

    A friend has been at Oxfam since Saturday. First thing she sent us was "bring insect repellent, we are being eaten alive"
  11. How much liquid are you taking?

    I have normally just gone with lager and or cider. Thinking of some gin this year where is the best place on site to buy tonic?
  12. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    If anyone is selling tickets for thursday I would be very interested for a standing please
  13. Arcade Fire

    Any word on prices?
  14. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    3 Sets wasn't it? will they be a special guest in shangri la?
  15. field day 2017

    How far in advance do they announce official running orders ? I am interested in a ticket but imagine it will be quite a top heavy lineup and if all the people I want to see clash it may not be worth my money.