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  1. Mad Cool 2018

    Looking at last years timetable and the fact that the other days have two co-headliners each, its safe to say PJ will play at least 2.5 hours.
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    My top-2 are pretty easy, its that other 3 that are hard to pick as there were many excellent shows in the 4 edition Ive been. In another day you'll ask me, I may pick Nick Cave, DCFC or Glen Hansard for numbers 3-5. Best: 1. Pearl Jam (2014) 2. Damien Rice (2015) 3. Elbow (2015) 4. Editors (2013) 5. Ryan Adams (2015) I cant really pick the worst 5 because I usually go away if Im not having fun and if I go away in the middle of the concert I feel I cant really judge it because maybe it got better afterwards. With that said, I did stay for the whole Pharrell concert which was the worst Ive seen for sure. KoL in 2013 was the most disappointing.
  3. Mad Cool 2018

    Thanx! I bought tickets about half an hour after I posted my worries.. Probably I will go to PJ in Barcelona too.
  4. Rock Werchter 2018

    They already ruled out because of Les Ardentes
  5. Mad Cool 2018

    http://www.foroazkenarock.com/t58236p75-mad-cool-festival-2018-entradas-aleatorias-a-160-165-o-175 Bar Tool is the Mad Cool CM. Google Translate ofc By the way, I wouldn't discard Arctic Monkeys. I don't know the size and appeal of them in Spain and we can see that Mad Cool is aiming high. I would discard heavy guns like U2, Coldplay etc.
  6. Mad Cool 2018

    According to Mad Cool CM we are.
  7. Mad Cool 2018

    There should be announcements before price is up at January. Two co-headliners are still missing from the Friday though I dont know if both will be announce by then.
  8. Mad Cool 2018

    I saw somewhere they were talking about 60000. It might be 60000 combi tickets / non-vip tickets and 15000 are already gone... Also, for me its not about Mad Cool, its about other festival who didn't announce much until now, like RW.
  9. Mad Cool 2018

    Should I be worry? There's no chance this is selling out before an announcement about Friday headliners right?
  10. Rock Werchter 2018

    I hope that Portugal The Man and Wolf Alice will get a 1-hour set in the Barn/KluB C.
  11. Mad Cool 2018

    Maybe someone thought you're trolling because it was discussed earlier. Ignore it!
  12. Mad Cool 2018

    They just commented on Facebook that those 3 wont overlap and get to do a long concert (at least that's what Google Translate say )
  13. Mad Cool 2018

    and Depeche Mode too. The festival change site so thing will be different and its hard to predict how everything will play out but the biggest two stages dont clash.
  14. Mad Cool 2018

    Thanks a lot for the long and detailed response! A great city like Madrid deserve a great festival and I do hope it will be profitable for them to keep trying hard.