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  1. Mad Cool 2018

    Na man it was Foos, Green Day and KoL last year!
  2. Mad Cool 2018

    The Prodigy? Tour Dates: 4th - 6th July: Rock For People, Czech Republic 6th - 8th July: We Are Electric, Netherlands 9th July: Les Déferlantes, France
  3. Lineup 2018

    It was - the rumour were that two of the headliners were Twenty One Pilots and The Chainsmokers. They're on a complete social media hiatus, so I think they'll be revealing a new album / single / comeback before they're announced for any fests. Looking at the acts announced I think The Chainsmokers and Twenty One Pilots would be suitable headliners.
  4. Mad Cool 2018

    I think days will start earlier, and they'll be less time between each band. Last year on the Thursday there were three acts on the Main stage from 19:00 till 04:35. That's surely going to change.
  5. Mad Cool 2018

    Yeah I think it was either BC are from the FB page, but those three aren't clashing for sure. I just checked last year's clashfinder - no acts on the second stage played directly opposite a headliner (although an act would start as soon as the headliner ended).
  6. Mad Cool 2018

    Possibly. If they did headline the second stage it would be some task to not get them clashing with PJ, who are surely looking at a two and a half hour set? . Although I don't think BC's confirmed any stages for any an yet, except Queens, Depeche Mode and NIN? And it's clear the first two wouldn't clash, and NIN seem the obvious choice for the late night act. Clutching at straws here tho.
  7. Mad Cool 2018

    Some tidbits from Bar Cool: Unclear if Pearl Jam and Tame Impala will clash Alice in Chains, Tame Impala and Glass Animals exclusive to Mad Cool (in Spain, presumably?) Several 'second line' bands still to be announced
  8. Mad Cool 2018

    Cheers mate - I'm absolutely fine with half the stage being VIP only, but all of it? No thank you .
  9. Mad Cool 2018

    Ooo yeah of course I assumed he meant Friday!
  10. Mad Cool 2018

    Two co-headliners.
  11. Mad Cool 2018

    I think Tame Impala will be before Pearl Jam, Justice after. Kasabian and Fleet Foxes opposite Pearl Jam. Maybe worth asking the guy ITK on the Spanish forum tho.
  12. Mad Cool 2018

    Lemme know if you find anything out - I had a look when I bought my tickets but couldn't see anything about it. Hopefully it won't be too restricting!
  13. Lineup 2018

    Tame Impala at Mad Cool Pixies into Tame Impala into Kendrick Lamar is happening lads
  14. Mad Cool 2018

    I cannot wait for this
  15. Mad Cool 2018

  16. Mad Cool 2018

    This is too good ...
  17. Mad Cool 2018

  18. Queens of the Stone Age

    I know that they're not playing this year, but I know these guys get a lot of love from loads on here. (apologies if the band already have a dedicated thread, I had a quick search but couldn't find one). An album teaser has just been released. The album is called "Villains" and there's a short snippet of a new song called "Feet Don't Fail Me". I hope to see these guys back on the farm in 2019.
  19. Queens of the Stone Age

    There's a 'Feet Don't Fail Me' pun in here somewhere.
  20. Lineup 2018

    oh my god my eyes are burning
  21. 2018 New Music

    Marmozets' new album has got me excited.
  22. 2018 New Music

    I see they're in the studio with Rich Costey again, producer of Absolution and Black Holes, which peaks my interest a little. Mind you Dig Down was probably least favourite single of 2017.
  23. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Sure Radiohead at Glastonbury was good but have you seen this video?