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  1. St Vincent Tour

    Thoughts on last night: It just didn't really feel like a St. Vincent gig - lack of crowd interaction, no band and all a bit too flat. The chronological setlist didn't help the atmosphere and the fact that some of the old songs had been reworked and were unrecognisable didn't either. Actor, Birth In Reverse and Cheerleader were huge though. New songs all sounded great and didn't seem to suffer from not having a live band as much (I had nothing to compare against, I guess). Enjoyable enough overall - just nowhere near the heights of her previous gigs.
  2. Bon Iver 2017

    Still not received anything... will give customer service a call. Good news . These tickets are flying out the door!
  3. Kendrick Lamar

    2 for London secured £20 fees
  4. Kendrick Lamar

    Brutal. Only got offered tickets right at the back after trying for 30 mins. Decided against paying so much for those - will try again tomorrow!
  5. Kendrick Lamar

    Amsterdam or a 'cheap' seat at the o2 it is then. Will be a dog fight getting tickets though so I'm not holding out too much hope. My initial excitement at James Blake supporting has been dampened by the valid points made above
  6. The National

    I had a ball on Tuesday night but would've taken last night's setlist in a heartbeat. That run of Hard to Find, All The Wine and Slow Show I would've been a blubbering mess mind you.
  7. Bon Iver 2017

    Aye it's scandalous - I've spent £30 on fees alone?!
  8. Bon Iver 2017

    Got 4 for the Sunday . Very expensive but it'll be worth it.
  9. Bon Iver 2017

    False alarm - I purchased my tickets at work and the email went to there!
  10. Bon Iver 2017

    Anyone not had their email come through yet? :/
  11. LCD Soundsystem....

    OVERZEALOUS BUT NOT PREMATURE REVIEW INCOMING: So I've listened to the album in full at least 10 times now and it's a wall-to-wall fucking masterpiece. The first 3 songs in particular represent the best start to an album I've heard in years. 'Oh Baby' is so so beautiful, 'Other Voices' is classic LCD and 'I Used To' is just brilliant. 'Change Yr Mind' took a while to click but overall there's not one song that I don't enjoy hearing everytime I listen to the album. Some may say it's a bit too moody but I don't agree. We've seen some good comebacks recently (see: Slowdive, Blur etc) but this tops the lots. Please stay in our hearts for years to come x PS: message me if you feel like adopting a lonely e-fester into your group on Sunday night in Manchester PPS: I'm very happy for Sucker to remain as a set opener.
  12. Arcade Fire

    Given it 6 or 7 spins now and I still think it's a disappointment overall. Yes there are songs I can't get out of my head and find myself humming all the time (e.g. the title track, PYMOM, Electric Blue) but there are also so many that I can't even listen to all the way through now (Chemistry, Signs of Life, Infinite Content...). I'll give it more time but can't see myself appreciating it much more than I currently do. Anyways... got tickets for Wembley and fortunately the album hasn't dampened my excitement in any way
  13. Citadel 2017

    ICYMI - details of enhanced security measures were posted on the website
  14. Citadel 2017

    Are the official stage times out yet? Current clashfinder suggests a Sylvan Esso/Bonobo clash... hope not!
  15. Open'er festival 2017

    Aye, another great year at Open'er for me My only complaint was that The xx and Lorde should've got longer sets - both smashed it though!