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  1. What food hits the spot at a festival?

    Stone Baked Pizza at Williams Green. £8.50 for a whole pizza. Yummy !!
  2. Who's not going next year?

    My usual party might not be going as their folks have moved to Spain and they want to visait them as much as possible but I plan to go even if it is alone
  3. Your minor Glastonbury successes

    Found a nice hair brush on the ground after I had forgotten to take one with me. It's the little things :-)
  4. Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    We got near to the front for RTJ. Was one of the few acts we all wanted to see over the weekend. Well worth it. Caught the end of Gaslamp Killer and wish we had caught the full set as he is a real showman
  5. Great things you saw this year (excluding music)

    The Flying Mexicans up the Stone Circle on Wednesday and Dr John Cooper Clarke in the Cabaret tent. Both brilliant in totaly different ways
  6. Had campervan east ticket but got put in west

    Didn't happento us but we was there 2pm on Tuesday. Arriving two days after the fields open is certainly going to give you less options. Also the space between campervans did seem to vary quite a lot. So it is possible they filled East quicker than they planned
  7. Patti Smith

    The only set I saw on the Pyramid stage and well worth it
  8. Should the permit be increased to allow more people?

    It's also a no from me. I appreciate a lot of people don't get tickets but I believe that increasing numbers will only make it less enjoyable for all who do attend
  9. Happy with where you camped?

    Have been in Dairy Feild and near John Peel stage before which were great but decided to glam it up with a Campervan this year and was in East 18. Our neighbours were very Frindly and we all helped each other out. Great spirit to have
  10. Glastonbury 2015 in three words

    Not just bands
  11. EE Mobile signal, anyone else with problems?

    Also no signal in Campervan East. Rest of site did not seem much better to be honest
  12. Too excited to sleeep!

    I got less than two hours last night. Hopefully out for the count tonight then !!!
  13. Worthy FM

    Also getting no joy on PC or phone but both are going through an American server here at work
  14. out of office

    You lucky people. I am still working on Monday but no doubt there will be those workinglater into the week than me :-)
  15. Pass out

    I also lost my pass out in 2013. Worse thing was this was on the Wednesday when going to the car to do a second trip with camping gear. The que and process was long and took over an hour. There were people there for all sorts of reasons. Lost tickets, brought tickets from mates and refused entry and lost pass outs. Guaranteed I will never loose another pass out ticket, especialy as we are campervaning it this year and need a pass everytime we go to the campervan