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  1. Stone Baked Pizza at Williams Green. £8.50 for a whole pizza. Yummy !!
  2. My usual party might not be going as their folks have moved to Spain and they want to visait them as much as possible but I plan to go even if it is alone
  3. Found a nice hair brush on the ground after I had forgotten to take one with me. It's the little things :-)
  4. We got near to the front for RTJ. Was one of the few acts we all wanted to see over the weekend. Well worth it. Caught the end of Gaslamp Killer and wish we had caught the full set as he is a real showman
  5. The Flying Mexicans up the Stone Circle on Wednesday and Dr John Cooper Clarke in the Cabaret tent. Both brilliant in totaly different ways
  6. Didn't happento us but we was there 2pm on Tuesday. Arriving two days after the fields open is certainly going to give you less options. Also the space between campervans did seem to vary quite a lot. So it is possible they filled East quicker than they planned
  7. The only set I saw on the Pyramid stage and well worth it
  8. It's also a no from me. I appreciate a lot of people don't get tickets but I believe that increasing numbers will only make it less enjoyable for all who do attend
  9. Also getting no joy on PC or phone but both are going through an American server here at work
  10. I wouldn't worry, it is only the one leg that will be bionic. He will only be able to run around in a bleeding circle ;-)
  11. Phew, at last my tickets are on the way. Will be even happier when they are in my mitts
  12. Thanks for that. We have ordered the same. So ordering campervan tickets does not put you last on the list for shipping tickets then
  13. Anyone got tickets who have ordered campervan tickets ?
  14. This waiting is getting stressfull and will only get worse as time goes by without my bleeding tickets
  15. Sleater Kinney are excellent. Saw them at the Roundhouse earlier in the year and they are even better live in person