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  1. My usual party might not be going as their folks have moved to Spain and they want to visait them as much as possible but I plan to go even if it is alone
  2. We got near to the front for RTJ. Was one of the few acts we all wanted to see over the weekend. Well worth it. Caught the end of Gaslamp Killer and wish we had caught the full set as he is a real showman
  3. The only set I saw on the Pyramid stage and well worth it
  4. Also getting no joy on PC or phone but both are going through an American server here at work
  5. Phew, at last my tickets are on the way. Will be even happier when they are in my mitts
  6. Thanks for that. We have ordered the same. So ordering campervan tickets does not put you last on the list for shipping tickets then
  7. Anyone got tickets who have ordered campervan tickets ?
  8. This waiting is getting stressfull and will only get worse as time goes by without my bleeding tickets
  9. Sleater Kinney are excellent. Saw them at the Roundhouse earlier in the year and they are even better live in person
  10. Yep, Ezra Furman was the winner there
  11. Yeaaahhhhhh !!!! :thumbsu:
  12. Let's hope for a positive update soon. This is the only band all of our small group are intrested in seeing
  13. 6 Music news just had me going when they said, 'and finaly, David Bowie has anounced......(YES YES YES please say Glastonbury)....that he is doing a new musical...! DOH!
  14. Well I like it. Have it playing on loop in the car and look forward to seeing them in London
  15. Not botherd either was as there will be loads more on. Can't judge Glastonbury by just the Pyramid headliners that is for sure