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  1. Open'er festival 2017

    It's hard to tell how long it takes to get there because it depends on the size of the crowd going your direction it's a big festilval there will be more than 100 thousand people for Radiohead so it will take some time to get off site. Firstly you will have to wait until you get on the bus from site to Gdynia and then you can go by SKM or find taxi to Sopot. I think there is Uber available but just few cars it's a small city.
  2. Pohoda festival 2017

    First set times for 2017 here https:///s/pohoda2007/
  3. Demon Dayz Festival

    I´ve got email from Golde voice yesterday with the exact same times so it´s legit.
  4. Demon Dayz Festival

    No I just approximated the finish times I tried to give them 1h sets.
  5. Demon Dayz Festival

    I created Clashfinder https:///s/demondayz2017/
  6. Open'er festival 2017

    Thank you!
  7. Open'er festival 2017

    No cash on site. You can obtain and charge the wristband with zloty in campsite or in the main area but last time there were huge lines so I advise against it. I had my card from Slovakia (past 3 years) and I payed with it everywhere. No lines. I don't have any conversion fee on my card, just the exchange rate is a little bit worse than the rate i Would get if I changed my money beforehand but nothing worth mentioning. Depends on your card.
  8. Open'er festival 2017

    MasterCard credit/debit card with contactless payments activated is the best way.
  9. Open'er festival 2017

    SKM ticket is the best option for you. It´s valid for trains only but they run often. There are free buses runing between the festival and main station (20-30min). They are very crowded in the night so you have to wait for them and it takes a lot of walking 1 - 1,5 km from the stage area to the bus stop (depends if you are in the tent or the main stage). It´s pointless to check the precise times of departure because when you get to the station depends on the amount of people going your direction. Bus station and train station are next to each other. I don´t think there are more trains during the festival there is enough place for everyone. I´ve never used the buses so I can´t help you with them. If you have mastercard credit/debit card you can use it for paying everywhere at the festival it doesn´t have to be polish. Bands you can purchase at the festival or tent area where you can charge them with cash. I don´t think you can obtain or charge them in Gdynia. I would advice you to stay in the tent area or Gdynia not the Sopot area because it will take a lot of traveling to get back and forth.
  10. Pohoda festival 2017

    Poster is here
  11. Pohoda festival 2017

    + Slowdive, White Wine, Blow Trio, La Mambanegra, Gallowstreet, Les Amazones d’Afrique
  12. Demon Dayz Festival

    Thank you for the tip @aidenlangan95, @gregory I bought the coach.
  13. Demon Dayz Festival

    Hey guys, I bought a ticket for this and I´m traveling there alone from Slovakia. I wasn't able to buy coach ticket so now I have to figure out a way how to get there from London. Do you please have any advice what is the cheapest way to get to Margate? Trains seems expensive, is there Megabus or some ride share like Blablacar available? I´m also warmuping before Opene´er ;-) @gregory
  14. Pohoda festival 2017

    + Austra, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mykki Blanco, Alice Phoebe Lou I´m very excited after last addition.
  15. Pohoda festival 2017

    + Solange, The Thurston Moore Group, IDLES, TaxiWars, Acid Arab, Pixvae, FlexFab, Baloji,