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  1. Open'er 2018

    Yeah gotta be next week... surely... Who's everyone hoping for? arctic monkeys, jack white (almost impossible though sadly), franz ferdinand, tame impala, NIN, paramore, everything everything, sampha, st vincent, wolf alice, thundercat would make me happy
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    + Snow Patrol, Eels, Fleet Foxes, Khalid, Marshmello "It's time to start a nice tradition: the weekend with a dose of fresh Rock Werchter news."
  3. Mad Cool 2018

    That's the fun of it
  4. Sziget Festival 2018

    Think I read in MusicWeek he's planning to do festivals Summer 2019 (I read this last summer - everything he does is very calculated). Anyway, y'all better be ready for that...
  5. Mad Cool 2018

    3 minutes to go..? Hoping it causes some other Euro fest announcements too
  6. Mad Cool 2018

    Think you're dreaming a bit there, though you may be right. I doubt he asked to be paired with PJ, it's just ended up that way
  7. NOS Alive 2018

    Dang, crazy lineup, very strong. Interesting to see JW is willing to sub this time around. Make's me mildly hopeful he might play at Open'er
  8. Mad Cool 2018

    44 (give or take) per day (4+4+6+7+7+8+8)
  9. NOS Alive 2018

    + Eels July 13, 2018 Lisbon, Portugal NOS Alive Festival
  10. Rock Werchter 2018

    + Eels July 8, 2018 Werchter, Belgium Rock Werchter
  11. Gröna Lund Concerts

    Some good stuff this year so far,
  12. Down The Rabbit Hole 2018

    St Vincent in second group on the portrait poster