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  1. Silver Hayes Lineup

    No Underworld? John Peel?
  2. M83

    Could easily headline JP. - Sorry repeated Manchester and Glasgow info above!
  3. James?

    They played it twice at the Scala earlier this year. Tim said it was the best song they'd done for ages.
  4. M83

    M83 re run of Coachella on Youtube right now. It's really great. Heavy on the Hurry Up album.
  5. The Avalanches

    Flight 22 is off to Honalulu!! This would be fantastic. Looks like an impulse Field Day buy on the cards.
  6. 2016 Get Fit Thread

    Started with the Couch to 5k in the New Year. Now doing 2 or 3 runs a week.No major weight loss ambitions but just want to be fit for the festival. Back and lower legs normally knackered by the Saturday in recent years.
  7. Adele sub headliner?

    5 nights on the spin at Brixton. No doubt arenas announced come the autumn. Top of the album charts in UK and US. There's only one way they're going. Decent fit.
  8. Adele sub headliner?

    1975 look the best fit to me.
  9. Sigur Ros

    Hope so. James Blake a likely one.
  10. LCD Soundsystem....

    Really enjoyed their 2011(?) set on the Other. Balmy evening. In two minds about catching them again, mainly because Underworld or M83 may be headlining elsewhere and they'll play new material.
  11. The Missing Acts?

    Ah. That's a shame. Superb on The Park a couple of years' back. Will have to try and see him elsewhere this year.
  12. The Missing Acts?

    Steve Mason. Still expect him there.
  13. The Unmissables

    Yep. A Pyramid spot would be great for him. His band can handle it.
  14. Underworld

    This. This will be the highlight.
  15. 2016 Line Up Poster

    Kept true to the female fronted acts promise. Around 25 on there. Happy with Underworld, M83 and LCD, but bet the three clash. Ha.