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  1. 6 for me. Nearly 12. Group scattered across the country got 22 from 30.
  2. Ed Sheeran and Foals. Maybe Biffy. 1975 could but next album would have to be huge. Same with Royal Blood. Catfish strike me as another Pigeon Detectives. Disclosure and Chvches may get pyramid sub. Jamie T peaked years ago.
  3. Tough. 1 Rolling Stones - 2013 - PY 2 Arcade Fire - 2007 - OS 3 The National - 2008 - JP 4 SFA - 99 - OS 5 Chic - 13 - WH Mentions to Underworld, Doves, Bowie, Moby, LCD, M83, Coldplay and then loads more.
  4. They are from my neck of the woods. Missed their set but they still DJ occasionally round here.
  5. M83

    Reckon it'll be one of my favourite ever Glastonbury sets. The last 30 minutes was euphoric. Worked so well in the tent with the lights.
  6. No leg or back pain. This is a first. Must be stronger legs from taking up running. Put on a couple of pounds and that'll be the cider.
  7. About 50 miles too. Not as much as last year - too much effort to chase stages.
  8. M83 a clear winner for me. Such a great last 30 mins. Shout outs for Underworld, Coldplay, ELO and Ezra Furman too.
  9. W57 exit good at 9.30am. Also fine arriving on Weds. A303 at Glastonbury 8.30am. Car park by 10.15am and tents up by midday. All pretty good but friends had problems - particulary on buses. Only a couple of spells of heavy rain, mainly drizzle and the mud was an annoyance, particularly when trying to get about at night - but not as bad as '07 or '11.
  10. Brian O Driscoll and Jarvis Cocker up at The Park.
  11. Did my first park run yesterday after starting running in the new year. 27 min 30. Enjoyed it. Don't think i've prepared better for a glastonbury
  12. Wellies and flip flops. No inbetween.
  13. No Underworld? John Peel?
  14. M83

    Could easily headline JP. - Sorry repeated Manchester and Glasgow info above!
  15. They played it twice at the Scala earlier this year. Tim said it was the best song they'd done for ages.