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  1. Future Islands now playing Nottingham Rock City on Thursday June 22. Moved from April. Still hope for Friday!
  2. Someone shouted 'Are you playing Glastonbury this year' loudly at the Doncaster gig. Guy was in a talkative mood, would have heard it, but carried on without acknowledging. What this means, no idea, but he didn't deny it!
  3. I got an eye infection in 2010 from a dry contact lens, dust didn't help - spent the Thursday and Friday only really able to open one eye, which pained with the blinding sun. The heat itself didn't bother me too much, as you knew the night was going to be superb. 1999 didn't seem a scorcher, except waiting in the long car park queues to get out on the Monday. A few rain showers around too, notably during Travis's set. 2000 and 2002 seemed fairly similar.
  4. That prediction looks great! Would take half of that. No Future Islands? Playing Hurricane in Germany that weekend, and a Cologne show on 27th, so hopefully a Friday or Saturday appearance.
  5. I like Flaming Lips. But Wayne Coyne can't half talk some shite too.
  6. Phoenix, under blue skies
  7. You can relax. Community is Catfish’s only festival appearance in mainland England this year.
  8. Enjoyed the 2010 set, remember that they were stand ins for U2 so prep time wasn't great. Topped off a perfect sunny Friday. Probably helped I was familiar with the Plastic Beach album though, which the set mainly was. They won't be there this year but it would be great to hear this again. Such a tune.
  9. Shame. Used to go every year and it was fantastic. So much attention to detail, accessible, fun and a great lake location. Can't comment on last few years, but the line up did seem to struggle with top names. Maybe i'll consider this one last time...
  10. Got a notification from Songkick - worth getting the app if you don't. Not sure of other dates.
  11. First UK date on sale Ally Pally - September 30 - They play in Spain on June 29, so hoping they crop up this year - sunset slot on Other hopefully.
  12. Depeche Mode on the poster
  13. Fair play, I was just looking at 2015's line up to compare - - seems a lot stronger top billing.
  14. Some nice acts, but a bit lacking on big draws overall? No The XX, Elbow, RTJ, Mogwai, Franz... so far anyway.
  15. This would be great! Hope so. D.A.N.C.E. We Are Your Friends, Genesis, Stress... some quality dance tunes there.