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  1. West Holts 2016 - would love to see list

    Lemon Jelly to reform and play.   Else Wild Nothing, Roots Manuva or Beirut would do
  2. On a different note...Euro Football at G16!

    Catching some of the World Cup on the screen at the William's Green bar was great fun in 2014.   Can't recall the exact games, but the Dutch were out in force for one.
  3. Poll: Were you successful in the sale?

    Went to my work to use the computer as usual. Got through on both Chrome and Firefox on desktop.   Nothing on my my tethered 4G ipad.
  4. Anybody got them yet?!

    Yeah. Our group had more success than last year. About 20 of 30 in. First lot at 9.08 last at 9:30. Nice.
  5. Why so many Scousers?

    Met loads, did notice the accent more than recent years. Two lads camped near us were hilarious and we shared a few drinks with them. Also saw a group of 7, 6 without festival wristbands, at the Other on Saturday night, not sure how they got in.
  6. The Wrong Stage

    But an open air stage would result in what happened to Fatboy Slim. No-one can hear as sound level limited after dark / doesn't travel
  7. The Wrong Stage

    Nah, heavy rain during Vaccines - that's why. People sheltering/getting changed. Jamie T had the Sunday evening sun on his side.
  8. Confirmed Secret Sets 2015 (read first page)

      Yeah, it was fantastic. Stonebridge about 2/3 full.
  9. Distance covered

    Wed - 8.01 miles Thur - 15.53 miles Fri - 9.09 miles Sat - 10.74 miles Sun - 11.02 miles Mon - 2.4 miles   About 57 miles
  10. Weather thread 2015

    Whoops, wrong thread. Anyhow packing tomorrow... So still waiting for Countryfile...
  11. So who is going to replace Foo Fighters?

      One month before
  12. Super Furry Animals!

    A favourite band, will never forget the '99 set with the van driving through the crowd. Annoyingly missed the '03 year. Park headliner sounds about right. No chance of Other headliner. Third top Other maybe.
  13. 5 acts who have never appeared at Glastonbury but really should

    The Strokes always spring to mind
  14. Hidden Glastonbury

    I found the (Water) Stone Dragon for the first time this year. Made my festival discovering it. Went back a couple of times to show friends,
  15. Kanye West

    Saturday? June 21 – Park & Suites Arena – Montpellier, France 23 – Festhalle – Frankfurt, Germany 24 – Lanxess Arena – Cologne, Germany 25 – Palace 12 – Brussels, Belgium 27 – Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 29 – Oslo Spektrum – Oslo, Norway July 1 – O2 World – Berlin, Germany 2 – Ziggo Dome – Amsterdam, Netherlands 4 – Wireless Festival, London 6 – Wireless Festival, Birmingham