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  1. And the crowd says JE.REM.Y.... JE.REM.Y...
  2. Sc**thorpe was unreal. Was the other side to Win etc, but didn't bother me - lots more space this side + Sarah Neufeld. Can't think of a better gig experience I've been to. Was surreal walking around the quiet, pretty lifeless, town before the show thinking the best live band in the world were going to play in the local theatre. Luckily got a York Hall ticket too. Counting down the days!
  3. New stage set up looks quality. Imagine the late night tent setting was a preferred choice over, say, daylight Other.
  4. Nothing wrong with saying must sees. Shame you couldn't get a ticket. Friday - Hacienda Classical, Ride, Future Islands, Lorde, The Flaming Lips Saturday - BSP, RTJ, The Avalanches, The National, Phoenix Sunday - King Gizzard, Barry Gibb, Chic, Moderat, Justice
  5. FRIDAY: Flaming Lips SATURDAY: Phoenix SUNDAY: Justice 3 different stages. May catch first 30 mins of Radiohead. Not much on Other this year: Lorde, Glass Animals, BSP most likely.
  6. Fatboy is normally in the Rabbit Hole late on
  7. Manics anywhere?
  8. Happy Future Islands not up there. Got to be Flaming Lips on The Park.
  9. I asked them after their London gig the other week. Just this DJ set (so far) - they are mates with Jagz who remixed a recent single.
  10. Damn. Thought this was about a Leftism show.
  11. This will be 15. Missed 2003 as away travelling. First was sixth form. We bought tickets on my mum's credit card on the Tuesday before. Headed down to collect it from Castle Cary train station on the Friday morning. Remember arriving as Bjorn Again could be heard on the Pyramid. Best 2010 or 2013. Worst (well, least enjoyable) 2005 due to Friday tent flooding and having no wellies (lesson learned!) for the Friday.
  12. Never done it. Don't see the point. Arrive on site around 9am/10am Weds - then normally get through and set up in a good camp position by 2pm.
  13. GlastoFest now has 666K Twitter followers, perfect timing to announce Napalm Death.
  14. The National headlining JP in 2008 was one of my favourite ever Glastonbury sets. My first time seeing them. 2008 wasn't a great year for music, looking back at the line up, must have spent a lot of time at The Park and Other Friday and Saturday, and not much stands out (remember enjoying Dizzee, Hot Chip, CSS). So to have The National ending on a set of Alligator and Boxer was very welcome and the perfect way to end. Fake Empire into Mr November to end the set. Saw them at the Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall (around the General Election time) before the Other Stage set, in the Friday heat, that year. Watched this set further back. 2017 on Pyramid? Shame it's not Sunday Other headline, but it'll be great i reckon. A lot of anticipation for them to play Glastonbury again. Just get towards the front few thousand people. We'll all know every word.
  15. 1999 - Super Furry Animals ( fave band at my first festival ) 2000 - Moby ( on top of his game ) 2002 - Elbow ( Grace Under Pressure! ) 2004 - Hope of the States ( such a great band ) - McCartney was great too 2005 - Brian Wilson ( sun finally came out! ) 2007 - Arcade Fire ( owned the Other Stage ) 2008 - The National ( ended in style on John Peel ) 2009 - Blur ( clearly ) - Springsteen joining Gaslight too 2010 - Pet Shop Boys - LCD ( both so much fun ) 2011 - Chemical Brothers ( had to include them once ) 2013 - Rolling Stones ( clearly ) - Chic too 2014 - Arcade Fire ( see above for Pyramid ) 2015 - Jon Hopkins ( perfect Park headliner ) 2016 - M83 ( great in new John Peel ) Loads more close behind! Rarely see a bad one through choice, though Rodriquez on The Park wasn't great.