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  1. Depeche Mode on the poster
  2. Fair play, I was just looking at 2015's line up to compare - - seems a lot stronger top billing.
  3. Some nice acts, but a bit lacking on big draws overall? No The XX, Elbow, RTJ, Mogwai, Franz... so far anyway.
  4. This would be great! Hope so. D.A.N.C.E. We Are Your Friends, Genesis, Stress... some quality dance tunes there.
  5. Indeed. Sunday night. Tent wasn't full. It was a cracking set. Half and half split of Boxer and Alligator. Spiritualised on before them too.
  6. Dice is fine. Used it loads. Sometimes they have to send you paper tickets, but normally you just turn up with your phone with the ticket on on the night.
  7. Fantastic video! Congrats
  8. Surely everyone left Kanye after 30 minutes. Suede and G Clinton don't have huge headliner followings...nor does John Hopkins... who I was on my way to see when passing through Other after a bit of Kanye. Does tend to be a dance headline on Other. Justice would seem most likely currently.
  9. You didn't the size of Deadmau5's crowd in 2015 then...
  10. Not beyond the realms. Deadmau5 did in 2015. Not too dissimilar.
  11. I'd be surprised if Wiley has done a 60 minute set in his life, let alone 90 minutes. No chance. Can't see Green Day doing it either. Too big. Justice could headline though.
  12. Underworld - ... Barbara Hammock - Everything and Nothing 1975 - ... i like it when Teenage Fanclub - Here Nick Cave - Skeleton Tree Avalanches - Wildflower Mystery Jets - Curve of the Earth M83 - Junk
  13. Enjoyed the latest 1975 album. Check out the title track, number 12. Excellent. Anyhow, don't think they'll be at Glastonbury next year. My likely want for Other headliner would be Justice. Not fussed in Bon Iver but he and The XX will play somewhere. Phoenix as a sub.
  14. 6 for me. Nearly 12. Group scattered across the country got 22 from 30.
  15. Ed Sheeran and Foals. Maybe Biffy. 1975 could but next album would have to be huge. Same with Royal Blood. Catfish strike me as another Pigeon Detectives. Disclosure and Chvches may get pyramid sub. Jamie T peaked years ago.