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  1. The National headlining JP in 2008 was one of my favourite ever Glastonbury sets. My first time seeing them. 2008 wasn't a great year for music, looking back at the line up, must have spent a lot of time at The Park and Other Friday and Saturday, and not much stands out (remember enjoying Dizzee, Hot Chip, CSS). So to have The National ending on a set of Alligator and Boxer was very welcome and the perfect way to end. Fake Empire into Mr November to end the set. Saw them at the Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall (around the General Election time) before the Other Stage set, in the Friday heat, that year. Watched this set further back. 2017 on Pyramid? Shame it's not Sunday Other headline, but it'll be great i reckon. A lot of anticipation for them to play Glastonbury again. Just get towards the front few thousand people. We'll all know every word.
  2. 1999 - Super Furry Animals ( fave band at my first festival ) 2000 - Moby ( on top of his game ) 2002 - Elbow ( Grace Under Pressure! ) 2004 - Hope of the States ( such a great band ) - McCartney was great too 2005 - Brian Wilson ( sun finally came out! ) 2007 - Arcade Fire ( owned the Other Stage ) 2008 - The National ( ended in style on John Peel ) 2009 - Blur ( clearly ) - Springsteen joining Gaslight too 2010 - Pet Shop Boys - LCD ( both so much fun ) 2011 - Chemical Brothers ( had to include them once ) 2013 - Rolling Stones ( clearly ) - Chic too 2014 - Arcade Fire ( see above for Pyramid ) 2015 - Jon Hopkins ( perfect Park headliner ) 2016 - M83 ( great in new John Peel ) Loads more close behind! Rarely see a bad one through choice, though Rodriquez on The Park wasn't great.
  3. Ezra Furman just on now live. Excellent
  4. Dakota is a tune. Would see that played live again.
  5. Declan McKenna. Have vaguely heard of him, but just caught his song 'Kids Don't Wanna' on the Spotify playlist. Reminds me a little of Sleepy Jackson - Lovers. Would like to catch him. Can't wait for Moderat btw, so good at Brixton last year.
  6. Must see - The National, Stormzy, RTJ, Phoenix, Toots, Avalanches, FLips, Moderat, Shaggy (if on Pyramid), Future Islands Like to see - Radiohead, Katy Perry, Barry Gibb, Chic, Lorde, Jacksons, Justice, Sleaford Mods, Little Dragon, BSP
  7. Announced for Bristol Sounds on Wed 21 June earlier this week. Could be on hold to sell a few tickets for that first.
  8. A Phoenix sunset slot. The dream is alive. Phoenix are playing Ally Pally in September. Justice 2 x Brixton Academy. Phoenix can sub other.
  9. This Grandaddy on the sunset slot on The Park will happen, right?
  10. Phoenix, Future Islands, Chic, Moderat, Shaggy, The National, Flaming Lips Looks a great year
  11. PJ headlined Field Day last year. Flaming Lips wouldn't fit that this year. 3rd down Other seems about right.
  12. Future Islands now playing Nottingham Rock City on Thursday June 22. Moved from April. Still hope for Friday!
  13. Someone shouted 'Are you playing Glastonbury this year' loudly at the Doncaster gig. Guy was in a talkative mood, would have heard it, but carried on without acknowledging. What this means, no idea, but he didn't deny it!
  14. I got an eye infection in 2010 from a dry contact lens, dust didn't help - spent the Thursday and Friday only really able to open one eye, which pained with the blinding sun. The heat itself didn't bother me too much, as you knew the night was going to be superb. 1999 didn't seem a scorcher, except waiting in the long car park queues to get out on the Monday. A few rain showers around too, notably during Travis's set. 2000 and 2002 seemed fairly similar.
  15. That prediction looks great! Would take half of that. No Future Islands? Playing Hurricane in Germany that weekend, and a Cologne show on 27th, so hopefully a Friday or Saturday appearance.