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  1. Kendrick Lamar

    It was pretty excellent last night. Couldn't have asked for a much better set list really. He was on superb form in my opinion. I'd agree that the sound was a bit poor, but it didn't take away too much from the energy in that place. Dear god I hate that golden circle shit that they have though. Must be horrible to perform to a wee bunch at the front.
  2. Electronica/Dance

    Got our tickets. Super keen for this one. There are so many insane line ups around Europe this year but I'm really looking forward to hiding away in a woods in Norfolk.
  3. Electronica/Dance

    I hope it's not going to be glastonbury level ticket buying on Friday... Do you know how many tickets you can buy at once?
  4. Electronica/Dance

    Well you've sold it to me. Already a big fan of several of those. going to be listening non stop to catch up.
  5. Electronica/Dance

    Pretty set on Houghton. Of the names I know on the line up I absolutely love it. Can someone give me an idea of what kind of vibe the line up gives them as a lot of the names are unfamiliar to me..? To me it all seems super interesting left field (not the stage or the band) kind of music and everything else under the sun? Could be wrong of course. I thought I knew my djs...
  6. Electronica/Dance

    Yeh I saw that. May venture down. Trying to take it easy as it's been a bit hefty for me since new year. Trying to up my djing game so late nights have been a wee bit too regular... Will also be at Nils, super keen for that.
  7. Electronica/Dance

    Mmhmmmmmmm. Hopefully they still have it this year. Been to many Glasgow nights recently Mez? Coming to Four Tet? What's the general opinion of Lost Village? Line up is bon nice but what about everything else?
  8. Electronica/Dance

    Yup looking like Lost Village or Houghton for us actually. Maybe Dimensions... Maybe Sonar... everything is looking incredible. Good timing for a fallow year.
  9. Electronica/Dance

    Think we've swayed to Dekmantel instead of Sonar this year. May do Houghton too. How long does Dekamntel usually take to sell out?

    I dunno I reckon my body needs a fallow year at the same rate. Think I've got a whole lot more done with my life in the past 4 months because I'm not obsessing over an incoming June. Justice were unbelievable. When I grow up I want to be that cool.
  11. Electronica/Dance

    Ooo don't do that to me! I was so close to going but decided to take it easy the rest of the weekend. Glad it was good though
  12. Electronica/Dance

    Up there as the best night out I've had on Friday. 4 hours of Talaboman in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery followed by a few hours of Tale of Us at subclub. Insane. Such a good atmosphere, everyone on top form. Closed the night listening to Sasha's Scene Delete on the sofa. Made up for a "nein" at Berghain on Sunday... Anyone here present?
  13. Electronica/Dance

    Hot damn new years day looks a dream. Unfortunately otherwise occupied.
  14. Kendrick Lamar

    Got two standing for Glasgow. Super easy. Felt a bit ill paying 80 for a ticket. I don't think I've ever paid that much for a single ticket. Better be a good show.
  15. LCD Soundsystem....

    TONITE TONITE TONITE. I think I'll probably cry. Also still on the lookout for that elusive Tuesday night ticket for a friend if anyone spots any...

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