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  1. Electronica/Dance

    Hot damn new years day looks a dream. Unfortunately otherwise occupied.
  2. Kendrick Lamar

    Got two standing for Glasgow. Super easy. Felt a bit ill paying 80 for a ticket. I don't think I've ever paid that much for a single ticket. Better be a good show.
  3. LCD Soundsystem....

    TONITE TONITE TONITE. I think I'll probably cry. Also still on the lookout for that elusive Tuesday night ticket for a friend if anyone spots any...
  4. LCD Soundsystem....

    I am super excited about next week. And Shit Robot and Joe Goddard. Heaven. Joe at Glastonbury was a highlight. If anyone knows of a single spare ticket going for the Tuesday night in Glasgow next week please let me know. My number wan musical adventure buddy hasn't got one and the person who got mine has no spare...
  5. LCD Soundsystem....

    Super happy about joe goddard supporting. Explains why his Skye date got cancelled...
  6. Electronica/Dance

    Young Marco is pretty great in my opinion. Thoroughly enjoyed him at the beat hotel this year.
  7. Electronica/Dance

    I'm pretty set on Dekmantel next year. We could group together. Pretty sad I'm not there this year.

    I don't understand the sound issues you all experienced, I was pretty much front centre and to me the sound was great. I'm usually one for being fussy with where I stand for sound as well... I either got really lucky or was enjoying it too much to notice. Also think the visual aspect was exceptional.
  9. LCD Soundsystem....

    If anyone has any spare for Glasgow please do let me know! Otherwise I might just dress up as a disco ball and hang there in anticipation for the week leading up to it.
  10. Electronica/Dance

    Stiffy met george at least twice. At the truth stage watching the new york brass band? Maybe?
  11. Electronica/Dance

    Probably! Stiffy was horsing around with all the no legged beasts. Stiffy went out of his way to get to any animal in the crowd.
  12. Electronica/Dance

    Did anyone here meet Stiffy? Stiffy made a lot of friends.
  13. Electronica/Dance

    I wasn't a huge fan of Moderat on record. But that's all changed now. Beautiful sounds.
  14. the bomb

    Also experienced no sound Thursday. Real shame as we sacrificed a few things to go and see that and then left almost immediately because of the lack of sound. It was weird because whoever was on just beforehand was loud.
  15. Clash Decisions

    For those with clash decisions to make, who did you decide on in the end? How was it? And for those who went the other way, please tell us how terrible the other act was! For me the main clashes were: Run the Jewels / Badbadnotgood. Went with the latter because I hadn't seen them before and have tickets for RTJ in November. They were super good so glad I did. Really good live performance. Was surprised there was no appearance from Samuel T. Herring for their song together, but hey ho. Avalanches / DJ Shadow. Went with Shadow. Don't think I've ever felt bass like that in my life. But all other sound was clear too so it was all good. The sound rearranged my brain I think. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Also had my fingers crossed for a RTJ appearance but it didn't happen. Was incredible anyway. I reckon if Toots had shown up I may have stuck around West Holts for Avalanches as DJ Shadow is playing here in October... Midland / Daniel Avery. Stuck with my original plan of Fort Romeau/Jennifer Cardini into Daniel Avery. I've seen Daniel Avery on several occasions before but my super-fan brothers have not. It was a hard one because I haven't made it to NYC Downlow before and love Midland but the brotherly love won that battle. I have no regrets at all really. I wish I could divide myself into 3 but I had a good time from start to finish as 1.