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  1. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    This is the first festival I've bought an early-bird without seeing the lineup. At least it wasn't a gamble on the scale of Bitcoin. First two headliners a bit underwhelming, but can see London Grammar supplying a similar atmosphere to the xx. Subheadliners really strong, saw Chaka Khan last year, she's still got it. Maybe a little less hip-hop and a little more reggae on the bill this year? My one big tip is to see Confidence Man on the big top, they'll get the tent grooving.
  2. Latitude 2018

    Christine and the Queens should be back with a new album this year. They should get a high billing if playing.
  3. Ticketline affiliate link

    I've bought my Bestival ticket through Ticketline. I notice that if I click the link on the festival page for Bestival http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/bestival/2018/ it has affiliate=efestivals at the end of the URL, but if I access Ticketline via the top menu > Shop > Tickets > Tickets from Ticketline it doesn't have the affiliate details at the end of the URL. I know next to nothing about this sort of thing but thought I'd mention it just in case. I used the link on the Bestival page just to make sure.
  4. Lunar Festival 2018

    I'm in, got a returning early bird for £95 which is not too shabby. The website's up and running, looks like they're going to the side-by-side stage layout like at the Moseley fests. Only a little bigger in size, mainly in the arena.
  5. Lunar Festival 2018

    On FB they say: "We are planning to shake things up a little with some bigger artists of different genres, awesome new venues, inspiring exhibitions, thoughtful installations, uplifting processions, plus much more whilst keeping true to the Lunar spirit of years gone by! " Looking to expand things by the sounds of it. For selfish reasons (birthday weekend) I'd have preferred the early June dates of the past but that time of year it gets absolutely freezing at night so swings and roundabouts.
  6. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Yeah there is a traffic plan in place, even then there's queues of cars coming into site. 30K's the limit. If they're touring next year, then N*E*R*D would be an ideal fit.
  7. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    This is an absolutely bonkers idea. It's two completely different festivals. I've had a look at Camp Bestival last year. Although some things have the same setup (main stages, Caravanserai, inflatable church), Camp B has a lot of childrens areas, and its premium camping area is used by Bestival for its full-on music stages. Plus the organisers love their sponsorship, but they're for different markets - Camp B has Waitrose and Volvo, Bestival has Sailor Jerrys and Desperados. Could they get these all switched round in 72 hours? Same with the theme, it would be difficult to change the decoration with litter pickers and build/break staff on site in a short timescale. It would have to be the same theme? The only way I reckon it would work would be to put some areas off-limits for one festival, and use them only exclusively for the other, e.g. around the castle for the kids, and north of the arena for the naughty stuff. I've got a sinking feeling it's going to be a half-baked compromise for both though.
  8. Latitude 2018

    It would go down like a lead balloon here, but Paloma Faith has announced an arena tour. She subbed in 2011 and is big enough to headline. If you liked Mumfords you'll love this...
  9. Bestival 2017

    There was an ad on the back of the programme, 6th - 9th September 2018.
  10. Beyond The Tracks

    I'm in. It's smaller than expected, it's the grass where the Corbyn rally was held - so about the same size as Moseley fests I reckon. Only a couple hundred here right now but that will change. On boots vs trainers, I'd say trainers would be just about doable.
  11. Bestival 2017

    Well, that was good. I've previously been on the IOW from 2012-14 but the last few years seemed to be on the wane. I was excited for all the headliners and Shadow, and exploring a new site. Travel was fine by coach, avoided any holdups. About 10 minutes to get wristband sorted and a walk past a sniffer dog. The site's compact, considering I had a 45 minute walk from crew camp to the Port on the IOW, camping was really close. Thursday was a good settling-in day, Jamie T was rammed but not uncomfortable. Arena checks were the usual bit of ingenuity required. Friday was a good chance to explore. I wonder how many people didn't see the Lawn all weekend? The Feast Collective was top-notch, the Indonesian beef curry hit the spot even for lunch. The xx have grown as a band, very confident. Spent time in my two favourite venues, Club Dada and Caravanserai. After that the mud started to hit the spirits and there was less wanderlust, but still got around. My highlights was seeing Tribe (obvs,) the ridiculous talent of Danny Brown and Charlotte Church's Pop Dungeon - I've not seen this in the past as I thought it was just a DJ set, silly me. PSB and Yoda helped to lift the spirits on Sunday. Overall I think it was a partial success, never saw any trouble, enough to do so that you can just about cover it all over a course of a weekend, and if you like a wide range of music styles you can have a bit of each. And lets not forget not all festivals have the late bands/ DJ curfews like Bestival. They've made a good start that can be built upon. The site needs a little rejig, the main drag with Kanye and the disco ball was well used but there was st‎ill grass by Desperados all weekend. There was a bit of soundclash between the stages, particularly Invaders of the Future, and Reggae Roots. A mobile mast for EE would be nice, yeah I know you can get away from technology at festivals but it would be handy. Another good lineup and I'll be back, I'd like to see some bigger names, that you can chill to in the early afternoons on the main stage to draw in people each day.
  12. Anyone going on their own?

    Sorry Asphyxia22, the mobile signal was poo all weekend so couldn't get in touch. But if you're going solo to others then we might be going too.... drop a msg if that's the case!
  13. 2017 first line-up poster

    Definitely not the same stage. The current one ooks a bit like the West Holts one to me.
  14. Beyond The Tracks

    Beer queues should be OK, the organisers have said they know OCS fans like to drink. Never had to wait more than a few minutes at Moseley Jazz or Lunar - Purity do the bars there.
  15. Anyone going on their own?

    There's a few who have got posh camping but are saying hello! PM'd a link.