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  1. You never know with Metallica. The way the press release read it wasn't a definite no but suggested Copenhagen was the only scheduled show so far. I know it's unlikely but I'll keep fingers crossed
  2. I'd have at least two or three of PJ, Radiohead, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Green Day as headliners. Other acts - Placebo, Frank Turner, Alter Bridge, Counting Crows, Black Stone Cherry, Frank Carter, Bjork, Faithless, Ash, Cage the Elephant, Biffy Clyro, Body Count and without a doubt The National. Maybe being greedy with all those ones but some would be nice.
  3. I hope that proves to be correct
  4. Ok thanks. PJ and Radiohead on same line up would certainly make RW a goer for me. Dross like KOL and Flo 15 and 16 and I'm elsewhere
  5. What was said in interview?
  6. Don't say that. RW needs Radiohead
  7. My mate went to see DP last year in Germany. Said they were absolutely awful and Gillan's voice was shot . Still hoping when we eventually get an announcement it's not aerosmith and A7.
  8. Certainly came across as that. Sometimes the hype and anticipation of comebacks don't match the actual event. People sometimes forget how bad a band were first time round .
  9. So to sum up .... siesta time
  10. I'm in the older crowd and there's absolutely no chance they'd be a big draw. They were horrific at Glastonbury this year. Move away from strathallen is probably best thing to get the crowds back. When you get a tad older the thought of staying in the T campsite is not appealing
  11. Saw the stones at Glastonbury few years back and they were great. Doubt I'd pay 200 to see them, but to get them at a festival is great.
  12. Had a look at open'er line up this year and a fair crossover with RW. 2 out of 4 headliners shared.
  13. Really hope RW announce them soon. That would be a great start
  14. Good post and I totally agree. There are bands out there to headline rather than take 2/3 of you headliners from 3 years ago. It's one of the worlds top rock metal festivals, if not the top and it shouldn't be a major hassle to get the best to play it. GnR should be top priority along with Metallica who should now be able to give a fresh set with new material. Get couple of the upcomers to co headline the Friday. A Biffy/ BMTH kinda thing
  15. Imho aerosmith would be a dire booking. They've been playing almost the same set for decades and it'll be almost identical to their 14 performance which I felt was pretty stale. 14 didn't seem to sell that well whereas this year was a lot busier. If you book big hitters you get the crowds. Time will tell who he books, but I'd be pretty disappointed with soad, a7 and aerosmith