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  1. Really sad. Chris Cornell had a wonderful voice. Sad loss
  2. Or in other words we'll be expecting you to pay a tenner for a programme and lanyard on the day
  3. Nice one. You'll have a ball
  4. Maybe someone more local can answer better but I don't think the shuttles run continiously through the night and I believe they stop when everyone has been upifted. I'd guess that would be around 3am. Again a guess, they'd start again after 6am. Suppose the option would be to get a late shuttle in after the festival ends and hang around in Leuven. No idea if there's 24hr cafes or whatever there but some of the locals who post here should be able to answer that. Shuttles are free
  5. They took off early bird prices and replaced them with early bird prices. They made a big thing of it but never actually increased the prices. I'm pretty sure Main Stage and that king tuts new band one is the lot.
  6. One very lucky person.
  7. Agreed. They would be ideal before radiohead
  8. Glastonbury line up isn't bad. The National playing. Such a pity they're not coming to RW week later.
  9. I don't think people give a damm about reps. It's the childishness of some on here that's spoiling it for others. Personal opinions posted on here are simply that. Better ignoring the posts uf people don't agree with them
  10. Quite right. Some people on here are so childish it's pathetic. Used to be such a great thread until some twats came on board
  11. Barn maybe around 10- 12,000 capacity. Great venue when it's full. Klub C is smaller, maybe 8-9,000. The stages are almost next to each other and it takes less than ten minutes (normally way less) to get from either to the main. It's a really easy place to get around. I'm not really a Klub C goer but you can normally get into the Barn even when it looks full.
  12. Never heard of that type of ticket and don't knwo who's selling them. The pit at the front has unrestricted access. Some oif the locals who post here might be able to provide more info
  13. Personally it's Soulwax for me
  14. Well there is that. Love Radiohead