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  1. I find it pretty interesting to see the spectrum of tastes
  2. Right here goes Must sees: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, Linkin Park, SOAD, Blink, Prophets of Rage, Frank Carter. Very interested: Mark Lanegan Band, the Kills, Royal Blood, Kaleo, Nathaniel Rateliff, Jimmy Eat World, Soulwax, White Lies Would watch: Benjamin Clementine, Dropkick Murphys, Kings of Leon (If absolutely nowt else on) Steer clear: The Chainsmokers.
  3. Oh yes. That would be awesome
  4. The joy of festivals. For my tastes RW is head snd shoulders above anything.
  5. Whoever keeps down voting normal posts for no reason. Sure they'll know themselves
  6. I saw JEW at T quite a few years back. They were excellent and always fancied seeing them again.
  7. That's the 2 that stood out for me as well
  8. I don't really bother about up votes or down votes but you'll know if it was you, then seriously you need to take a long look at yourself and stop being so childish. It's fairly obvious who's trolling. Please grow up
  9. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Xavier Rudd, Whitney, Jimmy Eat World, Machine Gun Kelly, G-Eazy, Tourist LeMC! #RW17
  10. Oh dear, that's rotten. IMO
  11. It's funny how line ups are so subjective. From the 2016 one above there's 8 acts I picked and to be honest there's a few of those 8 I wasn't that bothered about. So far this year there's 15 I really want to see. Suppose that's why I'm very happy with line up so far and think it's heading towards one of my favourites from over the years.
  12. @luckysalt you do post a lot of sense.
  13. Quite a few pople have mentioned that Leuven is very expensive for accommodation during the festival. Airbnb places I looked at were a fair bit out of Leuven and although you can get a bus back, I believe trying to find a taxi or other transport to where you're staying is almost impossible. Personally, I'd book the tent, which I assume is in the HIve Resort. 15 minute walk along a straight flat road and you're back to a really good place to stay.
  14. That's correct. I felt like I knew all about the festival before heading off the first time thanks to the people who use this forum. Really was a geat help and the forum kinda matched the type of people I met at the festival itself.
  15. . Christ I like Bjork as well. I need to get all narrow minded I think