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  1. Sziget Festival 2017

    Very strange statement on website. Appears both have decided not to play as opposed to any specific reason.
  2. Mad Cool 2017

    Great review
  3. Mad Cool 2017

    Hope you all enjoy. Can't believe forecast, was thinking Spain in middle of July would be baking hot. Won't take long to dry. Be good to get some reports on the festival in general as few of us thinking about trying it next year
  4. Rock Werchter 2017

    I love reading other peoples reviews. Shows how a massive variety of tastes can all enjoy a weekend watching different stuff. Im a massive Radiohead fan and totally loved them but can understand why others found it drab. Great weekend and a very good line up. The worst band for me was Linkin Park. I've seen them before and although not a massive fan couldn't believe how bad I thought they were. Conversely my mate thought they were great.
  5. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    They were shown as 2130 -0100 at Rock Werchter at the weekend. Came on 2125 and off at 0030. Assuming they come on at 925 on Saturday they'll be off by 2330(ish). They were superb at RW
  6. Rock Werchter 2017

    Fave headliners Radiohead and Foos, although SOAD are more headliner than LP. Royal Blood were brilliant and have grown so much in confidence on how to work a big stage. Cage the Elephant and Frank Carter brilliant starts to Sat and Sunday Prophets of Rage - Stunning Pretenders - I was surprised they still have it Overall a great weekend.
  7. Rock Werchter 2018

    So RW 18 week later next year ?
  8. Rock Werchter 2018

    Here at last day of RW 17 . Predictions for next year. Metallica Depeche Mode
  9. Rock Werchter 2017

    Frank Carter was insanely good. Even ended up in a circle despite being way too old for that kinda stuff. Loved it
  10. Rock Werchter 2017

    Totally loved Radiohead tonight
  11. Rock Werchter 2017

    POR were brilliant yeaterday
  12. Rock Werchter 2017

    Get it in either. At least that way you know you have before boarding shuttle bus to site
  13. Rock Werchter 2017

    I'm optimistic , just taking flip flops
  14. Rock Werchter 2017

    Watched the set last night and it was superb. Should be fun next Sunday night
  15. Rock Werchter 2017

    I stand corrected. We got wristbanded on the Wednesday last year and the fastlane queue was actually slower and longer than those going in normal gates