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  1. Download 2018

    French one just released names
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    There are places in North East Scotland where that wouldn't be considered unusual
  3. Rock Werchter 2018

    I think there's no doubt about that. Might describe ourselves as "Experienced" as opposed to old farts though
  4. Rock Werchter 2018

    My son went there and loved it. Last thing he would have wanted was to bump into his old man. I’ll maybe give it a bash
  5. Rock Werchter 2018

    I'm actually glad as well. Not overly keen on a few things announced by RW so far, although I know there's a lot more. I've been to last 3 RW's and fancy a change. Lisbon should be almost guaranteed warm weather. Never visited Lisbon before and timings mean I can probably combine festival and a good look round the city, and mostly because I was absolutely knackered come day 4 at RW. Loved my 3 visits to RW but need a change.
  6. NOS Alive 2018

    Put an alert on twickets and they email or text if a ticket gets put up for sale. Always face value or less and your money is protected if the ticket doesn’t materialise. Used them a few times and they’re spot on . Agree with you re touts. Pathetic people see gigs and festivals as a way of making a quick buck. Good luck with getting tickets
  7. NOS Alive 2018

    That’s cause they’re pearl jam
  8. NOS Alive 2018

    Been to RW last three years and fancied a change next year. This one looks so good and with the almost guaranteed sunshine, should be a brilliant few days
  9. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    These line ups are simply a recycling of T. I had hopes of a day where bands like Radiohead could be followed by the likes of the Cure, Depeche Mode etc, but it's like a tombola of acts that played T in last 20 years
  10. NOS Alive 2018

    There's still ones on that site
  11. NOS Alive 2018

    Good addition that. Quite like a bit of FF
  12. Rock Werchter 2018

    Thanks for saving me an ear bleeding
  13. Rock Werchter 2018

    To be honest I’ve never heard of Orelsan.
  14. Rock Werchter 2018

    I absolutely love Gojira
  15. NOS Alive 2018

    Totally with you there. Know they were a strong rumour but until it’s confirmed I didn’t want to get too excited. Now I am