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  1. I agree with those comments about day trippers and those who would rather stay in a hotel. Not very easy to do in current location
  2. The Sunday is gash, but the rest would be perfect. Think someone is putting on a fantasy line up tho.
  3. Don't think anyone is gleefully hoping it dies. It's a forum where people who over the years have had some fantastic times there are expressing their opinions and I hope DF realise their strategy isn't working. The festival needs a revamp and something done to attract more people back. Sadly it's now viewed as a weekend away for kids getting totally wasted
  4. Neil, I don't think anyone is taking any joy in the festival struggling. Along with others I've been a pretty regular attendee and had some fantastic weekends. Problem with T is Ellis doesn't listen and lived in a bubble that he could fill the line up with any shite and it would sell no matter what. Having Calvin every year is a total disgrace. T made some monumental errors with their bookings and regulars have drifted elsewhere. It's not as if there's not plenty other better value festivals dotted across Europe. T has allowed itself to gain the reputation as the place to go for 16/17 year olds. When the official twitter feed started speaking like a jakey, I thought then they'd lost the plot. I would love to see T getting back to selling out but they need to shake their current image. I also don't agree that without T a lot of bands wouldn't be seen in Scotland. Can't think of any bands over the years who have only ever played at T. Ones who went on to be big/massive, can always play arenas or stadiums.
  5. Could the improvements in traffic been partly down to a lot less folks attending ?. 30,000 is a really poor attendance, but probably predictable.
  6. Sakes. Never seem to see that at other festivals
  7. It's nae the best and considering Belgium has some fine beers, seems strange they have that pish as the main one
  8. Aye, I've taken a shine to the Belgians. Really nice people, as was all other nationalities there
  9. They were warned about how it was going but seem to have just accepted a bunch of pissed/drugged up teens was the target audience. Seems us folks who regularly went maybe were correct.
  10. You need to get a taste for jupilar then fella
  11. ^^^^^^^ pretty much bang on the money that post
  12. It's probably the best arranged festival you'll find. The organisers actually seem to care (with exception of weak line up this year :-) )
  13. They should always be discounted. Hopefully PJ is correct. I'd do Werchter next year on them alone (almost)
  14. Since my last T I've been to Werchter a couple of times. Probably the best run festival you'll come across. Line up wasn't amazing this year but got a decent cross section of stuff from New Order, PJ, BMTH, the Offspring, Paul McCartney, ATDI etc, along with the same kinda stuff at T. It cost about 225 euros for four full days. Free trains from anywhere in Belgium to Leuven and a constant flow of shuttle busses from there to the site and back. As for T, doubt I'd ever go back.