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  1. I stand corrected. We got wristbanded on the Wednesday last year and the fastlane queue was actually slower and longer than those going in normal gates
  2. Not sure if that's correct. You can certainly get your festival wristband in the hive resort on the wednesday night but don't think you can at hive camping
  3. Keep an eye on forecast day before you travel and pack accordingly. If it's decent dry weather trainers are fine . Was soaking last year and hiking boots were perfect but if I can get off with trainers only , that's all im packing
  4. Got mine last week and they're exactly same as your ones
  5. Up to you really. Plenty places in Leuven and one just opposite the bus pick up point.
  6. That Arcade Fire tune is really good. Really looking forward to RW this year
  7. Replaced by Slowdrive. Good work from RW
  8. I did notice they'd posted same response to you
  9. Be sure to post a review next week
  10. Unless we are the same person it was my tweet Maybe they replied to both with same answer, thinking we better put these jakeys out of their misery
  11. RW just replied to a tweet saying you can bring cans of beer into campsites. Panic over
  12. QOTSA, Metallica and GnR if rumours of a truly epic year are true
  13. You're not that difficult to miss !! The LaFontaines were superb. I wondered how well they'd go down and they fairly nailed it.
  14. They don't have enough bars in the campsites to keep everyone in beers. I honestly can't see there being a problem taking cans of beer into the campsites
  15. Where does it say you can't take cans into the camping sites ?. It's never been an issue before. As long as it's not glass bottles I can't see how they can stop it.