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  1. Elton John

    mixed in with the occasional Rush Limbaugh wedding gig...
  2. Talking Heads

    here are Chris Frantz and Richard Lloyd (Television) tonight in NYC, talking about Lloyd's new book. oh, and Chris has a book coming out himself as well very soon he said, so keep an eye out for that
  3. Talking Heads

    I'm catching the Newport Folk Festival this summer and if EFests did a 'rumours' list for that festival (the only US festival with the history or longevity similar to Glastonbury, albeit on a much smaller scale) David Byrne would be a 'SR' with another festival date on the Friday nearby and then up the US coast on the day after, so I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing him there. But, keeping the Heads theme strong this year, I just came back tonight from a book reading/discussion at a famed NY bookstore where drummer Chris Frantz was interviewing fellow CBGB veteran frontman Richard Lloyd of Television, reading questions from a sheet of paper he had. Tina Weymouth was in the front row asking a few questions of her own as well (Chris says to her "oh, you brought a list too?") - Intro lines by Chris "We used to do double bills together at CBGB's" and "By the way...neither of us are high at the moment!" - managed to get my Stop Making Sense autographed. He said his greatest post-Talking Heads accomplishment was he and Tina taking turns posting for years as Mike99 without the Neil ever knowing it was them.
  4. Blur 2009 - BBC2

    yep, Midnight Rambler was one of THE moments (of a few) of my greatest gig
  5. Oasis

    I was up for it as well, at the end of a 10-yr stint of really enjoying their stuff, the interviews, thinking they'd get better again. I thought the white coat was a bathrobe and wasn't a good omen as it looked like he was ready for bed, just mailing it in, which he did. started well for a few numbers, but the gaps were painful, no banter. I thought it picked up a bit for encore, but it took me a year or two to admit it was truly dreadful rather than just average. still have a worn out armpit stained blue Oasis Glastonbury 2004 t-shirt mind you... Per Russy's take on 95, I wasn't there but listened to it on headphones listening on radio and for years that was one of my fave recorded live gigs. Just seemed like it would have been great on the night. Walrus was incredible on that night, listen to the full thing and the jam at the end... yes, very much a why are we here thing....so lacking of energy and it was only their second gig of the year i think (?) a warmup a few days before and then this... Having said all this though, in terms of choices, I'd still go see them again reunited over the likes of Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Foo Fighters, Lionel Richie and 95% of the stuff that's on yesterday's Coachella lineup announcement.
  6. Album of the Year 2017

    don't think it's made anyone's lists but Fleet Foxes Crack-Up takes it for me this year. Marvelous stuff that seemed to go under-the-radar to most who lapped up their first two records or who have gone over to focusing more on Father John Misty's stuff now.
  7. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Did Fee and the lads do this one...
  8. Legends Slot

    wasn't quite sure where else to put this but.... an interesting article in NY Times this week on 2002 legend Isaac Hayes' backing band ... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/15/arts/music/isaac-hayes-band-bar-kays.html?_r=0
  9. Tom Petty

    coincidence...my memory is of this being played as i waited between The Specials and Neil Young
  10. Tom Petty

    such a shame. he was great. Damn The Torpedoes and Hard Promises were both absolute classics never saw him live, passed up opportunities to with other stuff going on, etc... need to stop doing that with these older artists
  11. Arcade Fire

    Everything now is, but every inch of road's got a sign (so i've been hearing) so he'll be fine...
  12. Arcade Fire

    I'd reckon they'd be pretty big there...especially with all the proud Quebecois right across the river from Ottawa... so you'd expect a big crowd but if there were tix available the week before that's a sign of some struggle
  13. Arcade Fire

    yep.... not selling much tix on the US tour...here was the Washington Post on their gig there where they had to block off the whole upper concourse because they couldn't fill up tix there......album is at 190-something now on Billboard charts and I think it might have dropped off a week...I'm struggling to get into it, that's for sure..I couldn't make MSG on the night, but there were tix going for less than $10 week of, tons of them, obviously touts over-estimating market, plus emails going out announcing special two-fer discounts.. I haven't seen an official box office result but someone told me 16,000 which given that the stage is in middle for this tour means there were at least 3000-4000 empties... For Suburbs they sold out 2 MSGs fairly easily Was this the right arena?Anyone who heard Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” when it was released in 2004 knew the band was destined for arena stardom — the chorus begs to be sung by thousands of voices in union. But what happens when the market doesn’t agree? Hours before the doors opened on Saturday, tickets were priced in the single digits on the secondary market. By show time, the upper concourse was blocked off. The floor was fairly packed and there were still plenty of fans in the other levels, but it was hard not to notice the empty seats. It didn’t seem to hurt the band’s performance but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Arcade Fire scale down to smaller venue next time around.
  14. Charles Bradley RIP

    A sad 12 months for the Dap-Kings family. For those interested in staying tuned into Dap-Kings lore, or just listening to some (late late night) soul/funk, this past summer Dap-King Binky Griptite started a radio show at NYC's finest radio station WFUV (still the one radio station that has some of the radio greats from US rock FM radio was in its heyday in the 1970's/80's) on Saturday nights 8-11pm (1am-4am UK time)...if you're getting back home after a late Sat night out and are looking for some tunes to take you into the early Sunday, keep it in mind for a listen. you can stream at their homepage www.wfuv.org and here's the info about Binky's show (i've been fortunate to meet him b4, great guy!). Obviously, he did a Charles Bradley-themed show last night which I missed unfortunately. http://www.wfuv.org/content/boogie-down
  15. Glastonbury A-Z acts seen

    Andrews, Ben (RIP) – Radiohead’s opening opening act Saturday 03 Bon Iver (09) Cope, Julian (03) Dandy Warhols (02) Elbow (04, 14) Flaming Lips (03) Gaslight Anthem (09) Hayes, Isaac (02) Interpol (03) Jagwar Ma (14) Kasabian (09, 14) Long Ryders (04) My Morning Jacket (04) National, The (10) Oasis (04) Portishead (13) Quo (09) REM (03) Snoop Dogg (10) Tinariwen (09) U2’s replacements, Gorillaz (10) Vile, Kurt & The Violators (16) formerly of The… …War on Drugs (14) (e)X-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings (13) Yes (03) ZZ Top (16)