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  1. Yep just secured mine for Manchester on Sat. Can't wait! Then Nick Cave two days later!
  2. Dunno if anyone's mentioned it but there's an O2 presale for all UK dates on Wednesday. Missed out on Manc this morning
  3. Wow. I don't think there'll be a full album play through, but Airbag into Paranoid Android opening is definitely on. Or maybe opening with Lucky like in 97
  4. I actually quite liked this on first listen yesterday. Ascension is massive, and I think We Got the Power is great. Jenny Beth's contribution in inspired imo. Obviously it's no Demon Days, but there are plenty of good tunes on there. Love the Grace Jones one too, and Saturn Barz or whatever it's called has grown on me.
  5. Caribou - Swim (Odessa - Sun - Kaili) John Grant - Queen of Denmark (TC & Honeybear - Marz - Where Dreams Go to Die) Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (Fun Powder Plot - Hooting & Howling - All the King's Men)
  6. A couple other people have said (Patti Smith, LCD), but also randomly stumbling upon Lekiddo in the Rabbit Hole playing To the Beach with everyone singing along and doing the actions (2015 I think). One of the most brilliantly bizarre things I've seen. And then last year Kamasi Washington ending on The Rhythm Changes. I'd just gone to see him out of curiosity, and was impressed, but that song hit me especially hard.
  7. Wow, aside from the Pablo Honey/TKOL thing I actually pretty much agree with that. Quite often disagree with Fantano too
  8. Yep last night was awesome. The new stuff really held it's own. By far the best gig I've seen them play.
  9. Yeah maybe it's the pacing. I'm usually loving it by the encore, it's just the main set has always dragged. Gonna give them another shot on Tuesday as I'm liking the new one.
  10. Ok I have a weird thing with BSP. I fucking love Decline and all of their other records have some really amazing tracks on (Zeus is probs one of my fav EPs by anyone), but they've underwhelmed me all three times I've seen them live, including a gig where they played Decline all the way through. It's always just seemed undercooked and a little shambolic. This seems to be the opposite experience to that of most people. Have I just been unlucky?
  11. I actually hope they don't try and do the Vanderlyle singalong thing if they're Pyramid subs. Could be Pirate Jet levels of embarrassing
  12. Hmm my mate was at the front for Tame Impala last year and reckoned it was dead. Also, on them playing the Cave slot, I reckon he gives less of a shit about where he plays than The National. Probably relishes the challenge of an uninterested crowd. Given that they've allegedly been fussy about where they play in the past, I can't see them subbing Ed. I'm going with subbing Foos. Not sure if they get any say, but Radiohead seem to go for dancier/electronic support acts these days, so The xx fit that bill far better.
  13. Jeez, I reckon we were spoilt last year. No Surprises, Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android, Lucky and Let Down in a set and it's not deemed a banger fest? Would have been unthinkable on Tkol tour
  14. This would do me... Burn the Witch My Iron Lung There There Ful Stop Daydreaming The Numbers No Surprises Identikit Myxomatosis Lotus Flower Bodysnatchers Nude Present Tense Reckoner Paranoid Android Karma Police How to Disappear Completely Pyramid Song Creep Everything in Its Right Place Idioteque Street Spirit
  15. love a good gig list LCD Soundsystem @ Glastonbury Floating Points live @ Glastonbury Kamasi Washington @ Astrakulturhaus, Berlin (Glastonbury set was great too) Julia Holter @ Manchester Cathedral Braids @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester (their Pussy Parlure Glastonbury set was also fantastic) John Grant @ Albert Hall, Manchester Anna Meredith @ Glastonbury The Crookes @ The Adelphi, Hull Future of the Left @ Sound Control, Manchester (great support from Post War Glamour Girls as well) Doomsquad @ The Adelphi, Hull also enjoyed shows by Nimmo, The Invisible, Runrig, New Order, PJ Harvey, and probably some more I've forgotten