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  1. So where is everyone coming from?

    Milton Keynes -suns out - not raining.
  2. Staying offsite. Frowned upon by KC?

    Got a pass out arranged for Saturday no problem, (picking up keys for a cottage for after the festival.) Sent the team a mail and they sorted it.
  3. Tickets just arrived ... but ...

    Got my tickets today, festival , camping and car park for 5 from Thursday all in the same envelope .. Lucky me.
  4. Isn't this Kendal Calling forum quiet?

    so I'm not the only one to notice this, been away from festivals for a few years , the questions I did have had already been answered. Are there any lock ups on site?
  5. first acts announced:

    Great line up so far, most of our group are happy bunnies. She who is loved is happy the Kaiser's are playing as she finally gets to see them after so many years. Well done