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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was supposed to be taking it easy this year, so far I have IOW festival, Glasto (hopefully), T & Bestival. Once the season starts you cant help yourself! All the best to you & your future Mrs on your big day! x

  2. After the blow up bed incident last year you have to ask!!!! lol

    Nah we weren,t going to go at all then Prodigy got announced so we said sod it lets go for a blow out on the sunday then Rage and Aphex were announced for the Saturday.

    Be rude not to go, also we get married two weeks today, have a honeymoon and i,ll be camping at 3 other fests in the summer, still may mak

  3. Hey GV, thats funny because i was just thinking i ain,t seen you post this year!!!!

    Won,t need a blow up bed at T cos were not camping, doing rockness and Bella as well this year!

    Hope this finds you well!

  4. Hey Big boy where you been hiding away, i,ve gone from no T to a weekend pass,lol.

  5. Hey good to met you too will surely bump into each other at some other random camp e fest!