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  1. Thom Yorke at Tricketts bat last night and John Robb (the Membranes/music journo) watching Warpaint. Both got a tickle with our sisters!
  2. Have fun in Amsterdam, its a fabulous city to escape to! I feel your pain having not been the last 2 years. But iy makes it all the more exciting to be back! X
  3. They are strict on photos. You might get lucky, you might not. Its not a risk I'd take personally but each to their own
  4. Leaving Barnsley @3am Wednesday, drive down the M1, M42, slight detour to collect a friend from Leamington Spa, back on the M42, then M5 to weston super mare where we are meeting more friends to convoy in, hopefully to arrive around 8am. Usually on site by 10am..
  5. We got too overloaded on the trolley in years gone by, so we're paring back and going for 2 trips... Might live to regret it...
  6. What a lovely thing to do x
  7. I fear it is only ever a dream...
  8. I know, it sort of feels wrong for Glastonbury
  9. Ta @MrZigster x
  10. Its looking like its going to be fabulous weather folks! I think the last one like this 2010, so many of you won't have experienced a scorcher so hopefully we oldies can share some advice. 1. It might seem obvious, but suncream is vital. You will be outside in the sun with little shade for 12 hours a day. Believe me when i say that carrying a rucksack with burnt shoulders is not fun. 2. Although it looks like there are loads of trees for shade, the reality is that most of them are behind fences, traders stands etc. It can feel very exposed in most parts and what shade you find is often very busy. Bring a wide brimmed hat, scarf or even an umbrella to have your own shade. Sunstroke is not fun either. 3. Drink lots of water. The tap water is perfectly safe to drink at Glastonbury, bottled water is expensive, bad for the environment and warm by sunday (the ice cream vans leave it outside all day). 4. Don't leave your friend crashed out in the sun to fry in his/her drunken stupor 5. Your tent will feel like the inside of a cast iron smelter at 8am... Try using foil blankets or at least don't overdress for bed unless you like waking up drenched 6. Watching the sunrise is amazing 7. Watching the sunset is amazing too 8. For those who will adopt flip flops etc remember it still gets wet around the taps and toilets. I'm not sure I'd want my bare feet in that toilet water Glastonbury in hot weather takes it to another level of magical, but it can be equally challenging so take care of yourselves and each other and have a great festival xxx
  11. I refuse to click on a Daily Heil link, what does the article say? Ta!
  12. Why do you need ID if you're well over 25?
  13. 6 music is my preference but sometimes hop to 4 on the way to work. We rarely watch tv in the evening, Marc Riley is my favourite 6 music presenter but also love Jarvis, nemone, mary ann hobbs, tom ravenscroft, iggy and craig charles.
  14. Gardening gloves?? Im intrigued...
  15. Yes we took 8 tents in for friends a couple of years ago. The queue was about 20 people!