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  1. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    Thanks for the insight @philipsteak, i think the stewards on the whole do a cracking job in all weathers. Its appreciated.
  2. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    I don't think its the people at gate D, how can it be? Sorry if its sense of humour failure on my part after a shit day at work but theres nothing to suggest a different demograogic at gate D. Surely! I only used gate A once before and got caught in a 6 hour queue there in the pissing rain. The thing i do notice about D is that they often change the layout of the queuing system. That suggests to me that they are never happy about how it works, but then ive little knowledge if the other gates are changed too. It always seems stuck out on a limb too, no roads or facilities nearby, does that have an impact on the number of stewards there? Are the stewards unable to get rest and food adequately? Does that affect the effectiveness of the gate? I dunno, im just a happy punter no expert on event management! I hear reports of fire engines spraying people with water.. Did that happen at D? Anyway whatever, I'll continue to use D, continue to be as prepared as possible for the weather and continue to help those around if I can.
  3. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    For me, the concerning issue at gate D this year was the lack of stewards. I was in the queue from 10am til 2pm and there was barely anyone there to watch out for people in real trouble. I spent nearly an hour with one girl who was collapsing, feeling sick and all her "friends" had left her. She was scared, lonely and unwell. I gave her my spare water, sheltered her with my brolly and basically made sure she was ok. Although she wasn't a medical emergency, she wasn't far off and there was just no one to ask for help whilst i was struggling with my own bags. Im glad security ended up just waving people through before something serious happened. I get the point about taking responsibility for yourself but the festival also should be making regular risk assessments. It was one of the worst entries to Glastonbury I've ever experienced. Ill be interested to see what the post festival official documents say.
  4. First festival advice, not Glastonbury

    Run out of up votes!
  5. Friends are off to a festival next weekend, aged mid 40s but first time festival goers. I,'m giving them some advice but with kind of 30 years of festivals under my belt im struggling not to go overkill on the detail! What advice did you get as a festival first timer that was brilliant? They arent into drugs or dressing up but are all experienced campers... Help!
  6. Liverpool Psych fest

    The website is pretty good for checking out bands. I recommend laetitia sadier, jane weaver and, from 1 track on spotify, Purple Hearts! Looming forward to it. Friends of mine went last year came back with a whole fist full of recommendations including the amazing Josefin Ohrn and Baba Naga!
  7. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    No, that was 1994. I have a programne from 94 onwards. I'm a bit busy for a few days but if you remind me next week I can scan some pages for you

    I have someone definitely interested can you let me have details tomorrow please? Thank you x
  9. Club class

    No showers in the shire so if you can't go a few days with wets wipes or strip wash in your tent them you'll need to pay. Toilets in the shire are near the entrance to the field and were compost loos last year which tend to be cleaner and less smelly than the turdis's. There were also a small block of turdis's half way up the field on the right.

    Looking for 2 x adult standard weekend tickets for a friend. No Thursday or emperor field required. Thx
  11. Anyone going? Anyone been before? Any recommendations from the line up?
  12. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I too don't get the comment about vile, aggressive etc attitudes, either I walked around with my ears shut or it wasn't there. There were 3 influences at play here this year. Firstly the Festival has always been left wing and the banners, signs and politics play a big part as ever. Im left wing but that doesnt mean i agree with all of it. Secondly, the youngsters have awakened to politics for the first time in 15 years. That's great to see no matter what political persuasion. I overheard more conversations about politics this year than for many many years which was so encouraging. Thirdly, artists playing may have been a little more vocal but that's because they see what's happening around them and are directly affected by the reductions in arts funding and the closure of small music venues. Who could blame them for having a little dig upfront of a captive audience. I sat and spoke at length 2 years ago with a right leaning young man, he was passionate about his cause and I can't judge him for that, even though I disagreed with what he said. Isn't that what the world is about and wouldn't it be boring if we all believed the same thing? Tories are welcome at Glastonbury, as are most human beings of whatever race, belief, outlook, etc . You can chose to ignore the banners, or chose to debate them with those around you. If you want to avoid politics altogether then maybe Glastonbury isn't the place for you.
  13. Blog review, Glastonbury 2017

    I've just read both blogs and liked them both. I haven't often read these types of things before so it was interesting to hear other peoples experience. For me though, both missed the crazy randomness of Glastonbury, the wierd and unusual, the random encounters with strangers that you can easily lose hours with. Maybe that stuff is impossible to describe, and credit to you for even writing this stuff cos I couldn't, but if I'd never been to Glastonbury before I would think it's all about the music. It's a minor criticism because I enjoyed what both of you wrote. Thanks for sharing x
  14. Overheard funnies

    Watching Bo Ningen with a friend. After about 20 mins he said "I'm off. They're all playing different tunes at once. They should have had a meeting to decide what they were going to play" No, he doesn't "get" psych!