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  1. Saying The Strokes managed would be a bit of a stretch. No idea how The Darkness did.
  2. Good to see that GC smashed it. Underrated live band for sure. No doubt Sum 41 tore it down after them.
  3. That definitely floats my boat!
  4. I take it none of the acts towards the top of the bill have tour posters kicking about?
  5. Order of headliners is... Friday: Mogwai Saturday: Bloc Party Sunday: The Flaming Lips
  6. Creeper tour confirmed.
  7. Be Charlotte clashing with Rag N Bone Man would be extremely nice.
  8. Nick Mulvey has been added to Stage No. 6 but day not confirmed. Another guy I don't really know so I'll be giving him a punt.
  9. Remember when Matt was mocking people for saying The National would sub and Katy Perry might play third down? F**king idiot.
  10. If Deftones and Nightwish can sub with one Wembley date, then yes, I'd say Manson as a sub is definitely possible.
  11. DAFUQ
  12. Couple of things to add. In an article on the site with the must see acts, they confirm The Flaming Lips as the Sunday headliners. And Rag n Bone Man will be main stage Sunday along with The Bootleg Beatles.
  13. Didn't really expect any different from them, did we?
  14. Thought the Slaves collaboration was incredible myself. One of my favourite songs of last year.
  15. It's been three years most times recently. But I'd imagine that if they have stuff and are ready to go, it wouldn't be a big shock to see more new stuff. Personally, I think it might be an EP to go along with the new US tour and UK shows, or maybe even just a new song, but there definitely seems to be something coming.