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  1. If Deftones and Nightwish can sub with one Wembley date, then yes, I'd say Manson as a sub is definitely possible.
  2. DAFUQ
  3. Couple of things to add. In an article on the site with the must see acts, they confirm The Flaming Lips as the Sunday headliners. And Rag n Bone Man will be main stage Sunday along with The Bootleg Beatles.
  4. Didn't really expect any different from them, did we?
  5. Thought the Slaves collaboration was incredible myself. One of my favourite songs of last year.
  6. It's been three years most times recently. But I'd imagine that if they have stuff and are ready to go, it wouldn't be a big shock to see more new stuff. Personally, I think it might be an EP to go along with the new US tour and UK shows, or maybe even just a new song, but there definitely seems to be something coming.
  7. 2 years isn't exactly an outlandish gap between albums.
  8. I'm hoping that the 4th headliner is a "thing" now.
  9. There's usually some single act announcement as well.
  10. I thought one of Vampire Weekend was doing his own shit just now?
  11. Nah. It'll be a one off just to go along with Reading and Leeds. They'll probably play a bigger tour in 2018.
  12. Oh, some stage stuff from the site. Cabbage - The Grand Pavilion on the Saturday Aine Cahil - The Grand Pavilion ( unknown day ) Island - The Grand Pavilion ( unknown day ) Jagwar MA - The Grand Pavilion ( unknown day ) James Vincent McMorrow - Stage No. 6 ( unknown day ) Joe Goddard - The Grand Pavilion ( unknown day ) Klangstof - The Grand Pavilion ( unknown day ) Laura Mvula - Stage No. 6 ( unknown day ) PINS - Stage No. 6 ( unknown day ) Rag N Bone Man - Stage No. 6 on the Sunday ( this I'm not sure on, but I'm SURE they released this info at some point ) Ten Tonnes - Stage No. 6 ( unknown day ) The Cribs - The Grand Pavilion ( unknown day )
  13. Ended up having to wait a bit to get this organised. Doing it in stages. Got my travel from Glasgow to Manchester. Getting the bus from Manchester to the site sorted next week and then the ticket the week after. Probably sort out a pre-pitched tent not long after.
  14. So that'll be the Muse euro exclusive gone too.
  15. Was it on this thread someone said to me blink had sold out the standing of the Hydro? Because I got a ticket for that on Friday morning. Standing. And still an utter shit ton of tickets left.