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  1. Nick Cave

    Haha it wouldn't surprise me!
  2. Nick Cave

    Haha he appears to of come round now! Think it might more have been the fuss I made about it!!! Ahhhh I'm so going to buy a Saturday ticket as soon as I next get paid! Looks like it's going to cost me over £100 but I rekon it'll definitely be worth it! Will your boyfriend accompany you to the gigs?
  3. Nick Cave

    Haha I'm just so glad my dad educated me in music properly! The glastonbury gig is still going round and round in my head I still can't stop thinking about it! Haha I know how that feels my bf isn't speaking to me at the moment cos of what happened at glasto! Pathetic!!! Which gig are you going to in October?
  4. Nick Cave

    The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same!
  5. Nick Cave

    HAHA I just couldn't believe what was happening to me, was never expecting that to happen in a milllion years! I can't stop reading all the reviews He climbs onto the barrier at the front and his well polished shoes somehow hook him onto the narrow fence top. He leans into the crowd like that classic Iggy shot from the Stooges days and then straddles a woman fan at the front with ‘Nick Cave’ felt tipped across her face. The audience is laughing as her face is caught in a part startled and part ecstatic moment as the Caveman shoves his groin at her head. It’s all very rock n roll and tongue in cheek dangerous but doesn’t detract from the hell blues of the song. - See more at: http://louderthanwar.com/nick-cave-and-the-bad-seeds-glastonbury-2013-live-review/#sthash.tZX4RUZD.dpuf and I love being called part of his tribe Cave does find one of his own tribe though – easily spotted as she‘s got his name scrawled on her cheeks – and he briefly balances on the security rail by clamping her head between his knees, to obvious delight and disbelief. Love that you can share my enthusiasm Rebecca as after the gig my friends kept telling me to shut up about it and got sick of me having sneaky looks at the set list!!!
  6. Nick Cave

    Ahhhh I really really want to go again now as well! My parents are going to the Sunday London gig, bless my mum's heart she offered me her ticket, but she's never seen him and I have now seen him twice so I can't be that mean and I'd rather go Saturday (work and all that)! I start a new job on monday and as soon as that pay cheque comes in in August I am buying one, unless I can convince the mother to give me an extortionate loan before hand!!!
  7. Nick Cave

    Thank you! the most awesome moment of my life! I showed one of my friends and she was like did I hear that right? did he yell suck my dick whilst it was in your face, I was like yes, yes he did!
  8. Nick Cave

    Sill question of course he does!!!!!
  9. Nick Cave

    I will try my hardest!
  10. Nick Cave

    Yes I can happily say that it was me! I still can't get over it! My parents are off to see him for their first Nick Cave gig on a Sunday in September and I'm so desperate to with them now, but it's all sold out! Ahhhhhh! Thanks guys all your comments are making it even better. Love you all
  11. Nick Cave

    Hahaha thank you! I can tell you that I did squeeze his bum, but unfortunately that is all. My dad watched the entire set over breakfast the next morning and might of spat his cornflakes out had I done anything else! Back to the gig itself, I have to take my hat off to the Mumford fans who surrounded me as they let me go right through to the front on the barrier, they then proceeded to shout cave girl at me and continually attempted to beckon Nick over to me, which was eventually successful! One other boy actually came over and put me on his shoulders which was a real treat! This was a far cry from when I was at the 2009 gig, the Blur fans around were so, so rude and one actually punched me in the head and no one would let me get closer and they all just laughed and sneered at me. The security guards were also wicked this year, after Nick had straddled me with one knee on each shoulder he rose up a bit higher and I was supporting his whole body weight and the security kept making sure I was ok! I was loving it, I would never ever of dropped him! During red right hand he actually sang at me off the stage which was almost just as epic! The mumford fans were all screaming he's singing at you! The security guard came over to me at the end of the set and gave me the set list, so I now have a permanent momento! Sorry for going on, I just wanted to share my amazing experience, something I will never ever forget. Nick Cave Forever!!!!

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