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  1. Victorious Festival 2018

    They're doing Europe the entire April next year so I doubt they will be back to do summer festivals again. But yeah they're far bigger than Noel anyway.
  2. British Summer Time 2018

    Hope you saw my edit, 100% doing the tour, not 100% doing BST.
  3. British Summer Time 2018

    Only just saw this post but yes they are indeed 100% doing this next year. EDIT when I say this, I mean the reunion tour, not 100% BST
  4. Victorious Festival 2018

    Are they! I hadn't seen that, thats very interesting, I guess they have a bigger act lined up then. Still half the site and less of a day. Regarding The Prodigy, I'd say theres as good a chance they could play, will all depend of if they got a better offer elsewhere tho, same with any act really. All about the money/exposure. I guess if Global offer Prodigy a package to do the bulk of their fests would be quite attractive money wise.
  5. Victorious Festival 2018

    It will probably be decided by whatever acts are playing tour dates. Last year Madness were announced straight after their UK tour had finished, which was 19th December, i'd imagine they would prefer to announce a little earlier than that with it being so close to Christmas, if possible. They ended the early bird prices a day before as well. Just looking at arena shows in Nov/Dec theres not too many that fit Victorious size of previous years or the same kind of act that might go over well. Blondie are playing in November who I think would fit in well, but perhaps not as a headline act for a festival trying to grow. Remember the Friday is the second stage mind. UB40 are also on tour. UB40 would probably pull in the same kinda crowd as Madness did this year I guess, but Madness play the festival circuit they still have that 'cool' factor about them whereas UB40 do not.
  6. Sad times

    The same Live Nation which has ran V for the past 3 years? Im not sure what your point is.
  7. Sad times

    The simple fact is V didn't know who it was targeting. When it started it was a Indie festival with under belly of dance, but that was because Indie was so popular in the charts. Then they added a smattering of pop and rock/alternative, moreso the latter. As the years went on, the indie scene in the UK died, and the majority of the charts became pop music, V tried to continue as the Chart Music festival, the problem is though, the charts is full of one album wonders even one song wonders and flash in the pans. They don't work and they don't draw the same kind of punters to festivals. Once they started going down the pop route, it went more and more down it and they alienated the original audience and struggled to pull in new customers. Im pretty sure returning sales the following year is something less than 20% anyway. The simple fact album sales are down and artists tour more to generate income so are more accessible doesn't help. Plus chances are if you miss an act at a certain festival you can probably catch them at another the following year makes the whole thing less 'MUST SEE' But V shot themselves in the foot with too much pop and new acts, the bill wasn't varied enough to bring in the crowds. Hell Download couldn't run 2 sites every year in the UK, there wasn't much chance V would be able to do it. It seems mad really that when I started going fests they didn't really sell out and they would be on sale all summer and then you had the BOOM where it was instant sell out for a few years then back to slow sales again, im sure those in the industry would love to put their finger on what made festivals so popular back then, maybe it was lack of choice with not so many midsize fests I dunno, but it sure is crazy to look back on those instant sell out years.
  8. WWE

    Heenan and Cornette two of the best managers of all time, no one else really comes close, but Heenan was THE best. I agree Pink, Heenan in WCW never really got to the level in WWE, Although when he first came in he was good, I really enjoyed WCW when they ran with Heenan, Tenay and Schiavone. I always HATED Zbyszko, he was a talentless dickhead always trying to get himself over. Heenan oozed personality and got talent over HUGE. You say his Rumble call Nal, but I think his Mania 8 was better with the Flair/Savage match. Gorilla winding him up so much, he got so upset he went backstage cut a promo with Flair and then came back! Mania 8 is up there as one of the best Mania's and its their commentary that made it. I always remember when I first started watching WWF in 1989 Prime Time with the two of them, it helped hook me in, it was so entertaining Funny enough I was reading the other week when they finally stopped working together they went to a hotel room together and just cried for an hour. It a shame this days we have Michael Cole and his clone Tom Phillips. At least Corey is a plus. I can't wait until Kevin Owens hangs up the boots and gets in the booth.
  9. Beyond The Tracks

    I didn't go to this, but I had my eye on it, but other things got in the way. Regarding Sunday, they booked Peter Hook way too low IMO, if he had been 3rd down it looked much more appealing. If they run this again they need to do it outside of the football season IMO. I think it would have sold better, September kids are back at school, football is on, people go on holiday because its cheaper, theres a lot going on in September. Plus the weather has been crappy which didn't help I imagine. Birmingham has needed a festival like this since Soundstation never took off, that was a great festival I dunno why it never came back, it sold well and was a joy to be at.
  10. Victorious Festival 2018

    When you look at the amount of teenagers there this past year, they would be absolutely STUPID to not change the price of teenagers tickets, I would have done the same. These aren't here as families travelling to the festival, these are all the local teenagers all going in huge groups getting pissed up. You think this target group will be put off if the price is £8 or £25, they will still go, this is the iphone generation, they don't care about cost, if its local and theres ONE act they like they'll go and it will all be about my mates are going so I HAVE to go. Clever move by Global and its not to curb the unruly teenagers, its to milk them dry. I just hope that they don't plan to target the teenagers as their main target audience, for me, I would have Common Stage as older acts and the Castle Stage as the stage for the teens, seperate them and let it be, you can't turn away the teenager customer, they will be there wanting to spend but you can't let it takeover the festival, so seperating the core audience up is the best way to go for me, after all they get rid of the adults and their goes their bar sales, there needs to be more of a security presence within the festival next year, but I highly doubt there will be.
  11. WWE

    Scratch that it seems its misinformation and it will be in Canada instead
  12. WWE

    GFW are doing Bound For Glory in London! Announcement is Monday, which leaves 1 and half months until the PPV and its already fully booked up at work so I can't go. Great Stuff. I imagine they are switching to UK last minute due to the hurricane situation.
  13. Victorious Festival 2018

    Man look at the size of that Elbow tour just announced. Didn't think they were anywhere near still that big, Victorious got a coup this year, makes me optimistic about the size of act they can pull in next year.
  14. Victorious Festival 2018

    Id love Placebo, not sure if they would get booked at Victorious anymore however, the way it seems to be headed.
  15. Victorious Festival 2018

    Can't believe he hasn't been mentioned but Paul Weller is defo the right size for headliner as has been said in the past. Victorious is at that point now however where the festival has grown in terms of capacity, surely they can attract bigger artists. Can they get the likes of The Killers or Kings of Leon in now though. I personally wouldn't want either cus would just bring the mainstream dickheads. Id love Morrissey. I also hope we see some returns next year, Primal Scream, Johnny Marr, Peter Hook and the Light, The Cribs, all would be awesome undercard. Are Primal Scream big enough still to headline Friday night? with Happy Mondays subbing. Surely that pairing would sell the Friday as its the Castle stage. EDIT - now their stock has well fallen and its not the original line up, id love them to get Bloc Party booked