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  1. YNOT Festival 2018

    Ha im not a fan either, but seems like Ynot crowd would be? Just looks like they're not at Download, they said probably not Reading, but said they're doing fests, theres not a lot else suitable, I think they might have done a deal with Global, they could also headline Victorious second stage possibly, which is 28k capacity [for the second stage] same weekend as Reading which is why they said probs not Reading, but around same size as YNot. Just me thinking aloud. What other UK fests could they do?
  2. Prime/Netflix me

    Prime has every single episode of Seinfeld and X Files. Im sure you might have caught X Files, but I enjoyed watching them through again. Seinfeld not everyone has and if you haven't I recommend trying it.
  3. YNOT Festival 2018

    Think they will have to give out a strong line up. I reckon they've got Enter Shikari. [Personal opinion not knowledge].
  4. Victorious Festival 2018

    They aren't run by Global, I thought Libs had played more fests for Global in 2017 but was just Truck. I thought they had played YNot, but they haven't might end up headlining it in 2018 though. Talking of Global, they run Snowbombing and I see they have Pendulum playing next year, so, for me anyway, I hope they've got them at a few of their fests, they had them at SW4 already this year too.
  5. WWE

    So Impact have hired Don Callis to come in and run the company alongside Scott D'amore and Ed. Makes sense as will be run out of Canada, I'd expect many of the guys coming through Lance Storm's academy to get a chance alongside D'amore academy. Hopefully Callis and D'amore will try a run a product that does the basics well, simple storytelling, great wrestling. Seems like Impact will be working with ROH moving forward, id love to see Kaz and Daniels get involved on Impact again.
  6. WWE

    A lot of the old stuff was actually Jimmy Hart. Certainly the 80s stuff.
  7. Victorious Festival 2018

    I hadn't seen that about early birds sales changing this year and they are doing it by quantity not date going forward, I assume if they haven't met quantity before announcement however they will still go up. Fair do's next year it is again then. Boooo.
  8. Victorious Festival 2018

    Did they? I never saw that, they haven't put up the ticket prices for Saturday as of yet anyway, wonder if IOW announcing has derailed them.
  9. Victorious Festival 2018

    Just seems weird they would raise Saturday and not Sunday, usually they only raise prices prior to an announcement, unless theres been a lot of people just buying Saturday off the back of Friday. Its possible. Just doesn't follow the trend of what they normally do. They did say next announcement very soon after the Friday announcement. Maybe trying to get xmas present sales, especially as teens tickets went up to adult prices. Then they leave Sunday to next year? Edit, in fact it might just be Saturday castle stage headliner announced, to hit the teen audience.
  10. Victorious Festival 2018

    Saturday tickets going up to next tier after today. Think we have another announcement coming perhaps. Nothing said about Sunday but they have mentioned Friday sales been strong so they may go up tomorrow too.
  11. Victorious Festival 2018

    Think Chemical Brothers would be Common Stage headliner only I reckon.
  12. Victorious Festival 2018

    He was headlining reading and leeds this yr same weekend, we didnt really get a dance act this year headlining apart from shy fx. Id love pendulum or orbital to get booked, I dont know what pendulum's plans are, but I see orbital are doing festivals again. Wouldn't surprise me if rudimental turn up on castle stage at victorious next year.
  13. Victorious Festival 2018

    Its confirmed its the common stage dude. Thats a really strong undercard, exactly the audience victorious was targeting, im glad theyre sticking with it. Seen all the undercard before, kaisers are very average, but shed seven and lightning seeds are great. £20 for that. Bargain.
  14. Victorious Festival 2018

    Yeah it seemed pretty obvious, especially as Libs played a few of Globals dates this year and they were praising his set loads afterwards. I've never seen Libertines, when they hit the scene I just never really got into them all that much, it seemed more about what they did off stage and their image rather than the music what people liked. I saw Pete at Victorious and was ok in places, but was so off his face it ruined it, it was fucking early too, god knows the state he will be in at headliner time! The other thing, if they are headlining Friday, it leaves no option but to watch them really, unless they run butserfest stage on Friday too this year. Hoping for a decent undercard for Libs anyway.
  15. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    They headlined Victorious festival this year, 65k, they're an arena band with a big back catalogue and are very popular, its just that they have never had a period in the past 20 years that they've gone away, they tour all the time, they play festivals all the time, I think if they were a US band and came over here less, they would be seen as a better option, are they any worse any less commercial than the Killers? Nope. But they're deemed fine cus they're from the US. Seriously they deserve to be headliner status, festivals in this country seem to think if you're a UK band you can't be booked as a headliner. Its a poor situation to be honest. Unless you're a UK act like Radiohead and Coldplay who only tour every once in a while and do London and Manchester only you can't be a UK festival headliner. Its BS. I will say though, the undercard is horrible. Although I can see some Script/Phonics crossover fans perhaps. I also understand the negativity is from where the festival looked like it was positioning itself identity wise to where it seems to be heading. BTW im a huge Radiohead and not a huge Stereophonics fan, but I still think they deserve to be classed as a headliner. So do the Manics [who headlined Victorious the previous year alongside Noel]