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  1. WWE

    Miz has been quite possibly the best thing in WWE for a while now, AJ's promo work is getting better too. Those two were the best thing about Smackdown this week. I actually watched both shows live and RAW was bloody awful seen as its 2 weeks from Mania but I really enjoyed Smackdown. Wonder how I'll feel if AJ gets moved to Raw as is rumoured. Couple of other things. Really sad that JR's wife got killed in a car accident. Can't imagine what he's going through. ITV have commissioned World of Sport for 10 episodes, Jeff Jarrett is running it, I think its going to be done as a cross promotion of Impact, maybe some talent being used on it, they're filming in May in Preston. There's a press conference on Monday at 2pm.
  2. Doesn't interest me in the slightest. If they do a decent undercard i'll still pop up and head back early cus was gunna take the kids this year. I may do the Sunday if Darkness have a good sub.
  3. That newspaper link above, christ there's some right miserable bastards local moaning about the festival, its one weekend in a whole year. Tolerance is non existent for them it seems. BTW i've been to the past two and never seen the slightest bit of bad behaviour or people even leaving the place loudly. Anyway, someone in the comments said they've applied for a 5 day license. I can't see how they're going to achieve this as camping is offsite and limited to 7k I think it was, certainly no more than 10k. They say that the plan is to have it as big as Reading is. Well good luck to them but if they do get that big I doubt it will be the festival for me anymore, if they continue to go down the Olly Murs and Rita Ora route and not the Classic Indie and Rock I'll be moving on.
  4. That's a shame. Thought they were going to grow it themselves. Will be same old shit now
  5. WWE

    Ha ha very true!
  6. WWE

    The belt thing is the issue here, plus Paige has been off tv for a while now, she's very replaceable, its becoming she has more negative around her than positives. WWE have a LOT of female talent in NXT and they're only getting more. They just got UK's best female talent EVER IMO in Nixon. She is going to be an absolute MEGASTAR in WWE. She's 10x the worker Paige is.
  7. Id argue that Victorious has done a fantastic job as a completely independent festival, just 3 guys started it and continue to run it. I worry about its future now that LN have IOW, Victorious is clearly its biggest competition in terms of location and the target audience. I expect LN will try and kill it the way they killed Soni off so Download had no big competition, or they could work alongside it the way Download does with Bloodstock. Depends how they view it I guess?
  8. WWE

    Its all from 2014, you can clearly see she defo had her boobs done since. Should she get fired for it, no. Will she? Probably. The question is, did she leak it to get sacked? Thats a theory going around.
  9. WWE

    Pink, I tell ya, Vince would LOVE every fan to be you. You're like a dream to him! WJA as usual you know the score, bang on with everything.
  10. Bradders has been part of the team for a while now, it was him who got NXT last year, its him who has turned the 3rd stage into the avalanche stage, they're moving the festival forward. its no surprise that once John lost power Andy lost his biggest backer. Andy hasn't had the stroke he once had for quite some time. In regards to NXT, it was fun, but myself I prefered Progress, better set up, easier to actually see the show and was at night so was an extra thing in entertainment, whereas this runs alongside the bands so something has to give, I see why Download did it mind. However as an actual wrestling fan not just a WWE mark, I prefered Progress, in an ideal world they would run both, I can't see why they wouldn't but I think WWE have said no to that.
  11. I reckon those are the stage splits myself. Milk Teeth, if you've never seen them I recommend you seeing. Excellent band, they tore up Download last year.
  12. WWE

    The new Network show Bring it to the Table, just watched it, have to say, pretty excellent. Its almost a modern day Prime Time Wrestling, for those of you old enough to remember that, will think wow awesome! Just without any actual wrestling action. The host some guy I can't remember from ESPN, the one who works WWE PPVS was good, Corey Graves was excellent, JBL is a great contrast but he's a little too still in WWE selling mode. What it seems to me is this show is targetting the smart marks, and they are in effect trying to fool the smart marks into thinking a certain way, theres a bit about Reigns in there that had me feeling this way. JBL makes a few ridiculous comments which are so sucking Vinces dick, but otherwise its enjoyable. Corey going off on one about AJ Styles v Shane at Mania I enjoyed, saying that AJ is wasted in a match with Shane and he has no interest seeing that match whatsoever, to which the host tries to say is that because shane isn't on AJ's level and then JBL butts in who is, only 2 guys in the world one of which was John Cena, had me rolling my eyes. Anyway give it a try, sadly however, it doesn't look like its a weekly show this aired the 13th and im sure they said the next one is the 30th. This deserves to get a weekly slot on the network.
  13. WWE

    Reby is a dick, yeah Anthem gain nothing in keeping the Broken gimmick at their camp and no-one using it but its clearly a fear of ROH gaining ground on Impact rather than a fuck you move to the Hardys, Impact tried to get Bully back and he chose to try something new in ROH, the Hardys however way its painted up chose ROH over Impact, I don't blame them, Hardys have been stale for ages, the broken thing was good, but its time is over already, Hardys aren't losing any name value over this broken thing, Jeff is losing any, the only person that might is Matt solo, cus he absolutely SUCKED before the broken gimmick. The thing is though Reby spoke about how the Hardys have stood by TNA over the years and this is how they repay them, fuck off Reby, TNA stood by Jeff more than ANY other company would, Drug addiction, we will still pay you, can't go overseas, we will drop the title off you and put it back on you after the tour and in the meantime whilst you can't do any of our biggest dates of the year, we will still pay you, fuck up the main event of one of our biggest PPVs to date and storyline, we will still pay you, break your fucking leg pissing around on a motorbike and be out for an entire year when we need you and your name value more than ever, we will still pay you. Let you promote your shitty band, your artwork and everything else on our television product. Everything over the years, Jeff Hardy has got a awesome deal from TNA, Matt on the other hand, completely out of shape, fat, stale as fuck and they still stood by him and paid him and put him in a prominent role. WWE stopped the Dudleys being the fucking Dudleys when they were before they even came to WWE. That is worse. This broken thing is just a flash in the pan and if Matt really needs a 2 year old gimmick to try and stay relevant then he may as well give up now. She has been totally unprofessional, shes an absolute colossal twat. Fancy publicly shaming Jeff Jarrett being drunk after all the public shame Jeff Hardy has brought on the family. The Hardys have always been a spot monkey tag team, Dudleys were always the by far better team, Jeff has done very well as a solo wrestler, Matt has always been plain damn average in the ring. Dire in fact. Reby is just scared her meal ticket is flying out the window. She needs to shut her mouth and start acting like a grown up, just because there's a platform of social media doesn't mean you air all the dirty laundry out on it, I wouldn't be surprised if her big mouth has cost Hardys getting a gig back at WWE.
  14. bastards!
  15. WWE

    Come on you know better than apparently. People LOVE to hate TNA. Most people moaning about it won't have seen it, they never do, they just love to shit on TNA, Over the years TNA is shit their wrestlers are shit, nowadays OMG I love Joe and AJ and Aries and EY and all these new guys TNA would never have such talent, OMG Daniels is ROH champ TNA OMG Kaz is TV number contender etc, everyone getting pushed in other companies were all hated in TNA now theyre elsewhere everyone is w*nking over them. So bored with it all, if you like it, enjoy it, thats it simple. BTW going back to Mania the card is very lackluster, the poster says it all, I tell you what, soon Goldberg, Taker, Lesnar, Shane, Cena etc aren't going to be around, sadly Reigns is gunna be around a while but when theyre all gone, AJ, Owens, Nakamura, Joe, Rollins, we could start to have great wrestling cards again, instead of just living off name value. Just want to get this Mania out to way and hopefully by next years Mania things will be very different.