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  1. Tell you what im having some of that Slow Readers Club! I'd heard the name but never listened to them, bloody great stuff! very 80's vibe
  2. Looks like seaside stage might be getting the dancey headliners then. Happy with Turin Brakes added to main sunday
  3. WWE

    Anyone watch Impact on Spike over the weekend? Really enjoyed it, whilst its not on the level it was 10 years ago, its defo taking a step in the right direction and boy are they bringing in fresh talent and old names back. Crazy. I've seen the spoilers for the tapings and since Anthem have took over they've brought in so many names, I dont know how to do spoiler text on here anymore so I wont name anyone. I think its repeated tonight on My5 so give it a go.
  4. WWE

    So is Kevin Owens the new main heel on Smackdown and AJ the main face? Orton is I guess meant to be the main face but hes not is he. Hope Rusev gets pushed but I reckon he will always be behind Owens in the pecking order. So Raw has what now Miz, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Strowman and Lesnar that the main guys there or am I missing anyone?
  5. Malory Knox announced for Friday night
  6. WWE

    Having watched AJ the entire TNA run, AJ can promo, his promo work recently has been great, hell AJ could promo back in TNA though, when he was with Kurt and Karen, as Prince of Phenomenal he was awesome but yeah it hasn't been consistent but that was due to character booking in TNA. But AJ has been a constant top level guy in work rate in the ring for over a decade. So no, Charlotte isn't better. What she is is the highlight of Raw every single week and has been since the split. She needs no Ric with her to get her over she needs nothing, she's at the top of her game and only going to get better, Bayley looks like complete garbage next to her, they really should put Bayley onto Smackdown because shit looks shit in comparison and Sasha because there's nowhere for her to go with Charlotte being there. Bring over Becky to Raw and Bliss, Bliss can stay heel and turn Jax face which I see happening, shes doing all this social media pride in herself and how she looks, would be daft to keep her as heel right now.
  7. Yeah did hotel last two years, both Ibis, tried two different ones and staying in ibis again this year. My mate and his mrs are coming for the first time this year and they are planning to do the camping, but they haven't bought tickets yet so that could all change... As the camping is offsite and a separate charge, I reckon ill probably continue to do hotel. No difference really still got to move from one place to the other.
  8. Cheers for replies on the hunna. Rhythm of the 90s could they be on castle stage on the friday afternoon? As its the main stage that day
  9. Maximo was my wish glad it came true! Dandy warhols have loads of great tunes, cant wait to see them! Shame band of skulls are subbing second, also seems really weak sub. Second stage budget totally gone on headliners this yr, main stage will be mobbed Ive not heard of the hunna? Anyone?
  10. In recent years they have changed the festival and ive been going to this a long time and everyone (who I speak to) think the changes are bad. They make a HELL of a lot of their money at this festival at the bar yet they keep changing the festival to be geared towards teenagers who turn up act like total twats spend no money onsite whatsoever (as you can bring in as much food and drink as you like just no alcohol) and leave a mess. It has always been old school indie acts who always pulled a great crowd, yet they seem, it seems to me, to run this festival into the ground so they dont have to do it anymore. Its just my opinion, im never ungrateful, just if it aint broke, dont try to fix it.
  11. WWE

    Mania, I thought was alright, I personally thought Shane v AJ was pants. AJ had to keep stopping for Shane to do the next sequence, it wasn't great at all, it was a bunch of spots and it was one of Shanes worst performances let alone AJ's, Ive watched a SHIT load of AJ matches and this didn't come close. Put him in the ring with Rollins and that will be amazing. Speaking of Rollins, I thought he had a great match with HHH, was my match of the night, they told a story, it was a old school HHH match, Rollins worked it very well, a different type of match for him, it took him to the next level IMO showing how well rounded he is. Hated the Steph bump finish though, was weak. Orton/wyatt I didn't hate, I quite enjoyed it, oh yeah it was forgettable, but I didn't dislike it, I hated that Orton won the strap though. In 4 months we have had 4 different holders, AJ, Cena, Wyatt now Orton, why the hot potato? Theres no point in having Orton go over Wyatt at Mania, i hope Wyatt stays at main event level. AJ is moving to Raw soon, Miz and Wyatt need to be top Smackdown heels. I don't know who at top level id move from Raw to Smackdown.
  12. Dunno where you got that Franz info, as I said earlier in the thread every other festival Franz are playing this year they are headlining. Only Victorious they are subbing. Kendell Calling, Belladrum and Truck, headlining all of them. But yeah second stage headliners are way stronger. Noel budget last year took the whole sunday main budget! It would seem we still have at least one big name for Sunday coming in the special guest for this year. I had a look on FB and nearly every comment was people saying they were going to go Saturday with some saying Friday, so I think they will beef up Sunday a bit.
  13. Going to the effort of making that new poster now, makes it look like an announcement isn't coming. It also looks like they feel the big acts are done. Hope they don't feel they've sold the amount of tickets they wanted to and they're just gunna use filler for the rest of the bill. The headliners this year seems to me that they would have cost a fair whack of cash and they're just selling the tickets as cheaper than going to see the artist on tour plus this undercard. Im sure Olly Murs alone is probably more than £40 so they're probably pulling people in on that plus the names they already have. Ah well, still enough there for me for the money spent, really was hoping for Maximo Park though too.
  14. WWE

  15. WWE

    They've added a ladder to it as they seem to think they always need a ladder match at Mania, it used to be the MITB match, then intercontinental cluster fuck and now tag titles. So pre show 1st hr, which is network only and youtube i think is Aries v Neville and Smackdown Womans Title whatever kind of match? Like a Gaunlet or all in the ring and first pin is champ I dunno? Second hour is on USA in the US and has the Andre the Giant battle royal, thats it? Guess a lot of entrances, Strowman has to win though doesn't he? Or Harper or Rowans. Have to say, im interested in all the undercard matches. The raw womans title being elimination should be better for telling a story. All in all, Mania should be solid but not outstanding, a lot of Mania cards have been like this in the past. Really hope Hogan shows up as he's in town, hope they do something with Angle too. Uso's and Alpha still haven't been announced, lot of people expecting them v Hardys. But I can't see it myself.