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  1. As it has numerous direct quotes Id say theres a lot in this. Growing a festival is all well and good but when you are reaching for the bigger numbers, you change what you are about, I can see this becoming the clusterfuck of what V become when it lost its identity and its target audience and then had to go for an all new one. The great thing about Victorious was it wasn't aimed at the teen market V, Reading, TITP etc all go for. Yes they have acts on that would attract that age range, but it wasn't dependant on it. Id say YNot is utterly dependant on it and a lot of people try to compare victorious with that. There is definite room for a third day of acts on a lesser scale, id be fine with that, but talk of wanting 200k worries me. Ah well lets just enjoy this years.
  2. Awful news, is this why they pulled out this year? They're a fantastic band, saw them at Slam Dunk 2015. Such a shame.
  3. Just logged on for the first time in a while, haven't been reading this thread either, but was notified of this post as I logged in So yeah, that website is bollocks and GNR are, as things stand right now, not playing Download next year. I very much doubt this will change. Despite Copping wishing it would. But never say never, look at Rammstein this year.
  4. TNA, whats going on there, so Dixie is no longer in charge but still owns it? Erm.... what?

  5. Map is up
  6. WWE

    TNA have signed Sandow. Debuts Thursday night.
  7. I'll be fine watching Wolfmother with Ash before them.
  8. Who the fuck is walter zenga Oh dear theyve had a mare there!

  9. WWE

    Watched Smackdown last night live, was a bit of a sluglish show, but I never imagined who would win the main event. Summerslam's two title matches, I don't think anyone would have guessed them a couple months ago. I'll talk more on it when people have caught up.
  10. WWE

    Enjoyed Battleground, Raw was good in that we had Steph and Foley at the start laying out the show and that was that, no continuous backstage promos with them and not dragging out a tournament for weeks. I have to say though, Balor being in that position at Summer Slam for the title, leaves a sour taste for me, Owens and Cesaro deserve it more, they wouldn't do Rollins v Owens as both are heels, but Cesaro would have been awesome. Elsewhere, so they've split the roster so we can now have jobbers on Raw losing squash matches eh? back to 1993 Raw again we go.
  11. WWE

    Think it will be two men, two females and two teams. Men - Finn and hmmm maybe Joe. Females yeah I agree with your picks Teams - Alpha and Revival. Don't agree on AJ AT ALL. Ahead of him will be Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose and Lesnar. I think first two picks will be Reigns and Rollins with both Commissioners banking Ambrose will lose the title on Sunday to each of their picks.
  12. WWE

    Draft rules up then Raw gets 3 picks everytime Smackdown gets 2 Tag Teams will remain together unless GM decides otherwise. 6 NXT call ups.
  13. @MatKendrick have you put a villa one up?

  14. WWE

    Wow this thread is deader than dead So Steph 'owning' Raw and Shane Smackdown. With them both having GMs HHH surely will be Raw and Daniel Bryan is gunna be Smackdowns.
  15. WWE