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  1. WWE

    Just saw Elimination Chamber confirmed for Feb 12th PPV next year, Raw event. Really love this PPV so lets hope its not a bust. Wouldn't mind seeing a Male and Female chamber matches
  2. WWE

    That was THE worst booked WWE show in memory. Absolute garbage booking from start to finish If you haven't watched it yet then dont read on The pulling of Nikki Bella right at start, the backstage segment was awful, if done to further a Smackdown storyline then why was Carmella so easily eliminated straight away. Post match beating of Bayley by Charlotte was the ONLY thing this match did and that was nothing new either. IC title was decent affair, no complaints. Tag Surviors, what the HELL was the point in the New Day getting eliminated immediately, nothing but shitting on the fans who came to see them IMO. Rest of the match did nothing, built no one up, the only thing it did was leave a title shot for Sheamus and Cesaro, these are already over and stars, should have been to push newer teams like American Alpha. Uso's came over kinda strong even though they lost however. The Raw survivors match was a complete CLUSTERFUCK, it was awful. Kevin Owens gets DQ'd for using a CLIPBOARD! Even though the ref didn't even call a DQ the announcers just announced it, then afterwards interference, tables used etc but no one else gets DQ'd. Whole thing was disjointed, Rollins looked off the pace completely. Wyatts dominance is done to death, they push them, then they job next month, I don't buy into Wyatts as a force anymore, and the guy who was made to look the most over was Shane McMahon, also where the hell was Daniel Bryan in the midst of all this, Smackdown is turning on each other but hes nowhere. Awful. And the the 1 minute 30 seconds match with a push then 3 moves main event. Absolute GARBAGE. Goldberg will be gone and the guy who went through the whole WWE roster jobs and makes everyone look weak. Goldberg should have paid WWE for putting him over so strong. THE worst show in memory. It was the absolute pits.
  3. Oh so no one has leaked it ahead of this week, interesting. Pretty surprised about that.
  4. I haven't read the thread and i'm not about to either!, haven't been on the board in a while, just posted in Download thread i've missed 23 pages of convo that i'm not reading back on. I will tell you, it's not Twenty One Pilots.
  5. Just came on forums for first time in ages and it took me to page 11, so anything between there and here, I haven't read. Wanna catch me up folks?
  6. BIG headliner next year, im not saying who though.
  7. WWE

    So tomorrow could be TNA's final day in business, lets hope not but seems Dixie is being an absolute c**t, she would rather it die and she get more money than it survive and do a deal. I really hope WWE don't end up buying it to close it down and just take the tape library.
  8. WWE

    Haskins made his long overdue FCP return to replace Galloway. Man FCP was such an amazing show on Friday night, Pete Dunne beat Sami Callihan for the FCP World Title in the first match of the night and neither were even advertised for the show and jesus it was a classic. If you get a chance to watch Project Mayhem V then do not pass it up. Absolute awesome show.
  9. WWE

    So tomorrow I was going to my first Fight Club Pro show for a long while [because of other commiments not cus the show sucked], booked the night off work managed to get tickets before it sold out, ready for our boy Trent Seven taking on Drew Galloway in Drews FCP Debut aaaaaannnnnndddd Drew tweets tonight at 9pm he's injured and is pulling out all his dates for next couple weeks. GUTTED. FCP say a replacement will be found. BTW FCP is expanding an doing a show in Manchester next month if anyone is around there, I know a couple of people on here have always been interested in going to a FCP show, they've announced Trent v Mikey Whiplash for the Manc show
  10. Loved it!

  11. Has the Midlands venue been nailed down for next year yet? Really hope its back in Wolves not Birmingham and not a bloody Sunday.
  12. WWE

    TNA and ROH have worked a deal so they can both use Cody Rhodes. Great news. Cody is a fantastic talent.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to see Victorious go for Weller to headline Sunday night. If I was them id get Fatboy Slim in on the Friday he would work perfectly after Rhythm of the 90s and I don't think he would be too hard to book. But the only thing with that is, I think the Friday night is going to be more aimed at teenagers so I don't think they would be too happy with either act. Think Rhythm of the 90s will headline whatever is the next biggest stage after the castle stage on the Friday night and then they'll probably do another daytime slot over the weekend too. So I reckon it will probably be someone like Example headlining the Friday. Other headliner Id go for on Saturday would be Stereophonics if they could get them. Phonics and Weller would be a strong pairing.
  14. Agree with what rseamer wrote above. Saturday we went all day, Sunday we didn't go til the evening as there wasn't really anything that interested us too much and the weather was a bit overcast. Sunday defo seemed a crowd more up for it than Saturday, Saturday night seemed absolutely no atmosphere for Manics. Travis were pretty decent although not the best i've seen them, managed to catch a bit of Editors who could have fit much more songs into their setlist if they didn't keep doing mega extended versions of their songs, they sounded bloody awesome though. I caught Rat Boy who was really fun, then went to Coral who were pretty dull. If they're gunna expand bands like Coral and Travis needed to be on in the afternoon, they just don't whack an impact as the day goes on and you're getting tired, these are the bands you want to lay on the grass in the sun listening to. Not standing up in the dusk, they should've put Editors on main between Travis and Manics. On Sunday I saw Ash and Wolfmother, Ash was absolutely rammed, they should have been on main stage. They sounded good and should have had a longer set, the crowd was really into them. A lot of people emptied out before Wolfmother although it was still very busy for them, jesus they were good, completely smashed their set and the sound quality was excellent. Noel was such a successful headliner, although the crowd only really came alive for the Oasis tracks. First time i'd seen him solo and didn't really know his stuff too well, but I really enjoyed him moreso than Manics even though I knew all the Manics stuff, Manics suffer from IMO being better with their first 3 albums of which I think they only played Motorcycle Emptiness, so its harder for me to enjoy them. We have our hotel booked for next year already. So reckon we will be back. Although the traffic getting there and home was pretty bad this year, its the only problem in truth. Regarding food and drink prices btw, I have no problem with the cost as the festival is so cheap, everything can't be cheap!
  15. Joe bennett has come across as a bitter, spoilt little shit tonight. #avfc