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  1. WWE

    WWE UK tourney tonight was done brilliantly even Cole was good! Can't wait for night 2! Really hope it gets a weekly show. What pissed me off was WWE did a poll afterwards saying thumbs up or thumbs down and it was 60/40 when I looked, I know the 40% would be yanks not even watched it voting down just cus they didn't know anyone in it, I saw it loads on wrestling websites in comments yanks saying they're not watching it cus it will be shit because they don't know the wrestlers. What an awful attitude. Its this reason TNA struggled during its GOOD years so they filled the roster with WWE has beens and still people wouldn't give it a try, them when AJ, Joe, Roode etc all leave and go WWE, they love them, fuck wrestling fans can be closed minded. On the bright side, I did see on twitter some US fans seeing these guys for the first time and really praising the work, which was great to see. It was far, FAR superior to any Raw in memory.
  2. Haven't read through this but why are Nintendo filling their pads with gimmick shite again. The gimmick is the switch, I don't care about anything else, motion controls, NFC, all that could be fucked off if they could sell at a lower price point. They don't need to really on all these control gimmicks, people don't care. They care about games. Says it all though, they don't have the 3rd party support again, they don't have the standard FIFA offering, kids want the annual FIFA and Call of Duty and then GTA. Kids are going to be in classrooms excited about Splatoon 2 today. Price is too high and support is too few.
  3. Phonics is a really good shout, id forgot about them. Didn't they only just headline IOW last year tho?
  4. WWE

    I only just saw TNA was officially sold yesterday. No more Dixie Carter. Lets see what happens here on in. I won't be paying £4.99 a month for the TNA Network tho! Fuck that. EDIT- Anthem just announced Jarrett is back!
  5. WWE

    Surprised no one has mentioned WOS on ITV, or the UK championship next week.
  6. Ashcroft could play but I can't see him headlining, sub maybe. Elbow have drifted into obscurity and were never that popular anyway. But they wouldn't shift tickets the way Flaming Lips did the other year. I hope they don't think James are big enough based on their last tour, I wouldn't be too happy with that, find them quite dull apart from Laid, which will always be an anthem.
  7. This is true, they need to drop some of the filler crap at the bottom of the main stage and give the top acts a longer time from this year.
  8. Just been looking at the pricing for next year. If you had bought your ticket at earliest time for the 3 days it would have been £75.60 If you buy at the latest time your 3 days will be £125.72 If you buy now its £90.72 The newly added Camping is £50 So if you buy your tickets at the last pricing tier [the most expensive] and buy camping its gunna be £175+ Its suddenly not such a cheap festival anymore guys.... Can only see this getting more expensive and more commercial and just becoming another same old festival. I really hope that doesn't happen. The other thing of note is Victorious has now become a more expensive festival than Y Not and the like that it was always compared with. So I expect bigger things this year.
  9. It was never going to be Rhythm of the 90s! They're trying to grow the festival it was always going to be a name, Im VERY happy with Madness as I was worried they would target a younger audience but it looks like they're sticking with their same target audience of previous years. I actually thought they would go for Fatboy Slim but hey, this is better. Will try and get there for Friday but can't get tickets yet as we are waiting on holidays being cleared at work. The Libertines I can see being a draw but I've never liked them. I still reckon Weller is in with a chance of being there. Can't see Catfish being a headliner here, too new. Maybe Courteeners who have been around longer. Although I don't think they're big enough at the mo for where the fest wants to go. Kasabian could be in with a shout if they have nothing else on. It looks like we are only getting arena sized acts these days as headliners. Prodigy could be in the running too perhaps.
  10. They should have done David Guetta on the Friday, whacked an old school Indie headliner on Big Top against him, Put Bastille on Saturday headliner and Arcade Fire on Sunday and downsized and lowered ticket prices and this would have done ok still I reckon, but its bloody horrible as it stands, I can't even see ANY crossover in fans between Guetta and RunDMC let alone the other days. I just don't understand the logic behind any of it at all.
  11. Isle of Wight is a lesson on how not to book a festival, every year they've relied on one or two big headline acts and skimped on the undercard, it has a reputation for being the biggest festival with the crapest undercard going. Now their headliners are crap this year, don't get me wrong I love Arcade Fire, but they aren't going to shift tickets, the other two are a joke. The fact that people are wary because of having to get a ferry across, the festival is limited already, the fact theres no day tickets mean even the locals won't take a punt and people who are close to a ferry don't go IOW anymore because Victorious is so strong a festival for a quarter of the price. Took the piss for too long and they're gunna go under.
  12. WWE

    Just saw Elimination Chamber confirmed for Feb 12th PPV next year, Raw event. Really love this PPV so lets hope its not a bust. Wouldn't mind seeing a Male and Female chamber matches
  13. WWE

    That was THE worst booked WWE show in memory. Absolute garbage booking from start to finish If you haven't watched it yet then dont read on The pulling of Nikki Bella right at start, the backstage segment was awful, if done to further a Smackdown storyline then why was Carmella so easily eliminated straight away. Post match beating of Bayley by Charlotte was the ONLY thing this match did and that was nothing new either. IC title was decent affair, no complaints. Tag Surviors, what the HELL was the point in the New Day getting eliminated immediately, nothing but shitting on the fans who came to see them IMO. Rest of the match did nothing, built no one up, the only thing it did was leave a title shot for Sheamus and Cesaro, these are already over and stars, should have been to push newer teams like American Alpha. Uso's came over kinda strong even though they lost however. The Raw survivors match was a complete CLUSTERFUCK, it was awful. Kevin Owens gets DQ'd for using a CLIPBOARD! Even though the ref didn't even call a DQ the announcers just announced it, then afterwards interference, tables used etc but no one else gets DQ'd. Whole thing was disjointed, Rollins looked off the pace completely. Wyatts dominance is done to death, they push them, then they job next month, I don't buy into Wyatts as a force anymore, and the guy who was made to look the most over was Shane McMahon, also where the hell was Daniel Bryan in the midst of all this, Smackdown is turning on each other but hes nowhere. Awful. And the the 1 minute 30 seconds match with a push then 3 moves main event. Absolute GARBAGE. Goldberg will be gone and the guy who went through the whole WWE roster jobs and makes everyone look weak. Goldberg should have paid WWE for putting him over so strong. THE worst show in memory. It was the absolute pits.
  14. Oh so no one has leaked it ahead of this week, interesting. Pretty surprised about that.
  15. I haven't read the thread and i'm not about to either!, haven't been on the board in a while, just posted in Download thread i've missed 23 pages of convo that i'm not reading back on. I will tell you, it's not Twenty One Pilots.