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  1. WWE

    Because its WWE. Theyre fucking morons. They just released Kimber Lee as well, she's far better than most of their female roster. I just despair with this company sometimes, she'll go Impact become a star and then they'll sign her back and all the fanboys will wet themselves.
  2. WWE

    Yes they do. They never used to.
  3. Victorious Festival 2018

    I've not seen them, they played by me 2 yrs back but I was working sadly.
  4. Victorious Festival 2018

    I tell you who would be an awesome early act on the Sunday, 10cc! They're playing a festival in Switzerland on the Friday. That would get them in early!
  5. Victorious Festival 2018

    Hope not. They're pants. Hope we get Milk Teeth on the Saturday however.
  6. Victorious Festival 2018

    From a quick look at that YNOT announcement I hope we get BRMC
  7. Victorious Festival 2018

    I doubt there's many Weller fans who like Paloma, I certainly don't. Bet he don't like her either ha ha.
  8. Victorious Festival 2018

    Im thinking Weds morning. Last announcement was YNot the Tuesday evening, Victorious the Weds morning.
  9. RIZE Festival (Hylands Park, Chelmsford)

    For me the Prodigy day has them, Friendly Fires, Embrace, Gomez, Bluetones, Rev & Makers and I caught them promote Genghar on their twitter they played a bit of their song so I went onto youtube and im really enjoying their tracks, so thats another I'd watch. I haven't checked out everyone yet. But already thats a lot for the £33 I paid for that day. I paid £44 to see Prodigy with no support in December. Going back to the above I've actually never caught Bluetones live before, quite unbelievably, so that is a big draw for me too, IF was a track I absolutely adored back in the day. Anyway, im going offtrack, I hope you enjoy whatever fest you end up at this year dude.
  10. Victorious Festival 2018

    It will be at some point next week, Monday-Weds. Y Not I believe is doing their second announcement also. Reckon we will get most of the bigger names. Then we will get another in April of the lower stages I guess. Who do we reckon will be the Early doors act for Sunday. 2017 Frank Turner & Dandy Warhols 2016 Boomtown Rats & Will Young 2015 Laura Mvula & Texas So got Happy Mondays on the Saturday, I imagine it will be someone who would appeal to the Prodigy audience, I have a feeling it could be Dizzee Rascal. They were hyping him up on social media a while back when he played in 2014. I can't imagine they will get another big dance act, Dizzee is the right size these days and he's supported them on an arena tour in the past. But would he get the older audience in for the beers, im not so sure. Tough one.
  11. RIZE Festival (Hylands Park, Chelmsford)

    I disagree 100%. But that will be because I guess Victorious is targeted towards people like me and you like Craig David. Every year you go on the Victorious threads and say the line up is weak, poor whatever, obviously its not for you. For me its as far from very weak as possible. Gomez is a particular highlight. They hardly ever play anywhere anymore. last time I saw them was when they headlined SSW in 2006 and they were outstanding. Victorious is, as the promoters themselves have said targeted towards the people who used to go to V festival in the first years of its existence. Which its line up do extremely well at that. This festival is targeted towards exactly the same crowd who when to the previous few years V festivals, the simple fact is they lost their sponsor so they could no longer call it V really, so they had to rename it, plus it allows for a new sponsor, I presume that was a hold up and they haven't been able to attract one, they've also lowered prices because they don't have big international headliners, otherwise I'd imagine it would be higher. So they've had to price it more competitive. Both have their place in the marketplace, this will do well because LN are the money behind it. They can book acts who they have at other fests and they wont care. Exclusivity in festival is getting less and less and its better also the bigger names at the top of the bill isn't as important anymore, people want value and depth and an experience. Not just big acts at the top, this is why IOW failed in recent years and so did V. They've learned from this.
  12. WWE

    Andre your mania card is great stuff. Also here to share this, this will be damn fine
  13. RIZE Festival (Hylands Park, Chelmsford)

    I got my victorious tickets for this year without camping for £88 for the 3 days. That's including all the fees. If they're trying to compete with that it's still vastly overpriced. Yes I know victorious has gone up now but if you know about it you get in early. Hard to compare so far however as we have to see how this new fest pads out but if they try to give bare minimum for max cash like V did, this will fail, there's just too much choice these days.
  14. WWE

    Chamber. Lets go at it then shall I? Womens Chamber. Absolution were made to look like jobbers once Sasha got in the ring. Bayley was her best match in forever, the crowd could actually get behind her and she was a babyface people wanted to cheer for. Mickie came in strong hit some good moves and a nice spot and then got pinned after one move, awful booking. Sasha is fucking DREADFUL, STILL. Her timing is woeful, why she's got so much a fanbase I'll never know. Alexa was great although didn't do too much, her running away was entertaining. Sasha turn was stupid timing and it was one kick and that was it.... Stupid. So we getting Sasha v Bayley at Mania. Sasha will go over id imagine turning full heel in the process. Bar v Titus Worldwide. Filler feud cus no tag teams. No one really cares. Tag division is awful, Cesaro and Sheamus are solid as fuck as always. Asuka v Nia Jax, Asuka was NEVER going to lose this match. pointless match. Post match beatdown kinda makes me think Nia will get worked into the match at Mania still, or they will have another match on Raw just to pass the time and keep Asuka and Bliss apart until Mania. Matt Hardy v Bray Wyatt. Absolutely boring as fuck feud. After one minute of the crowd chanting Hardy stuff they lost interest, the match was the pits. WWE have completely ruined Wyatt one year on from him winning the WWE Title at this event. He is a jobber in midcard. Fans are losing interest in Hardy already. Special mention to the crowd being so bored with the match they start chanting Rusev, a guy who is over yet WWE has consistently wasted since he lost to Cena at Mania years back and the commentary team saying the craziness of Hardy and Wyatt gimmicks have effected the crowd thats why they're chanting Rusev, beyond idiocy. Ronda. The segment was so forced, it was uncomfortable, it made no sense. All this did was build to the inevitable Mania match of Ronda/Kurt v Steph/HHH. Which im fine with. But the time at Mania could be better used. Lets see how they build up the HHH - Angle part cus it was stupid as fuck last night. Mens chamber. Miz had the great spot of kicking everyone in, but was first out which was a shame. Finn did absolutely nothing that stood out, Reigns was his standard w*nky self, the bit where Rollins did the big spot on him in the corner and Reigns just bounced straight out and superman punched him made me want to smash my TV, this kind of BS is why people HATE Reigns. Rollins was booked ok... although after Strowman took everyone's finishers and then Rollins did a curbstomp it looked awful on Strowman, it made Rollins look weak. Elias and Cena were also like Finn complete passengers in the match. Strowman booking was fine, but for him to go down to Reigns it kinda undone everything in the match. Fans were totally behind Strowman and only little girls were cheering for Reigns when he won, it left everyone feeling flat, no one cares about Reigns v Lesnar. Post Chamber, I see Dana posted a pic of him and Lesnar so I guess he's going back to UFC. Its time, Lesnar has done everything he can on Raw and he's not over as much as Strowman who would be much more cost effective. I would have liked to have seen Lesnar v Angle once more though at Mania this year and booked Strowman to win title at Rumble and had Strowman defending against Reigns at Mania, but alas I don't run WWE. Cena is defo doing something at Mania, the post show, Raw talk he came on and did a decent interview and said he would have to do something uncharacteristic and when pushed on it he said I'll figure it out and left. He might worm his way into the title match still somehow. I can't see it being left as Reigns v Lesnar for some reason, I just don't think the interest is there. For Mania I care about what Rollins, Miz and Strowman are doing. Raw side. Everyone else im not interested. I guess they might do Rollins v Strowman with the winner being number one contender at next PPV. Miz will no doubt defend the IC title against Finn maybe? Or have 3 v 3 with their respective lackeys.
  15. RIZE Festival (Hylands Park, Chelmsford)

    Looks like they've looked at victorious and thought yup we can do that

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