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  1. The only thing that has me questioning this is just how early the Frank Turner/Dandy Warhols set would be!
  2. Right, quick question, have Victorious ever added acts to the Common and Castle stages this late on before, I don't recall it happening. I think we are getting 1 less act this year on both stages and longer sets IMO. Still says site opens at 10am so doubt they won't have artists playing the main stages as normal.
  3. Dude if you're not going I don't think anyone expects you to bother! Enjoy Glasto mate
  4. Ah its Matt's I thought you had started one from scratch. Not sure if @MattDavies__ is going this year, its not been touched in months by him. I haven't used clashfinder in years so am very rusty. But someone needs to do a complete one. 10 weeks this weekend
  5. wheres this clashfinder dude?
  6. I reckon they will keep the stage and drop the drinking thing. Now its owned by same people as YNot, they always have these type of acts playing on a dedicated stage so reckon will be similar. Probably all 3 days next year too.
  7. Says in that link above I posted that the stage runs til 10.30pm
  8. Also from that piece says theyve increased capacity this year and have a license from council for next 10 years!
  9. Yeah Interesting it will be alcohol free stage still. Lets see how long that lasts...
  10. They really are going for something for everyone, I wonder if this stage would have been added if it wasn't for the Global buyout, I reckon not, so at least thats something position, bad thing is, gunna clash with all the high end acts. I wonder how big this stage will be, but Victorious is so worth the money, it really is turning into the mini glasto they wanted [stage wise, in terms of choice] Just looked Victorious now has 15 stages! Damn.
  11. Added yet ANOTHER new stage, a rock stage
  12. WWE

    What a load of shit pink. If you're indie and you are a heel you can easily get over, Kevin Owens is has done fantastic as a heel and he was over as fuck as Kevin Steen on the indies. Its what WWE allows them to do to be a heel and WWE just doesn't allow people to be themselves. They what them recreated in their vision, the only one who HAS broken this mould is Owens because they have no idea what else to do with him apart from allow him to be himself and when he won the title, they booked him like a pussy and he bombed because at that point, when he was the focal point Vince had to stick his face in and try and mould a character he knows nothing about. WWE will be absolutely fine with all the talent they have as soon as Vince fucks off, NXT shows that. HHH knows how to book talent, mainly because he lets them play to their strengths, Vince is still living in the past, he thinks its 1980s still. You say ring of honor/japan can't get over in WWE as a heel, hell NXT guys cant get over in WWE because as soon as they get there Vince fucks around with them and they bomb, he is a cancer to the company and the viewing figures show it, hes 71 years old he needs to let go and let HHH just run it. Then and only then will things change.
  13. I echo above, you have to watch the original or there's really no point in watching this. You will then get to experience the excellent original and then enjoy this season more, its a win win!
  14. Only just saw that they've padded out the line up. Very happy with how main stage is looking, will be heading in early both days, I wonder if thats main stage full, maybe bit extra time for set times this year
  15. Done the first 4 episodes. GIVE ME MORE!!!