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  1. WWE

    I'd imagine for one Reigns will be Raw and Cena Smackdown. However does that mean two world title belts again or Reigns dropping it? Don't think Cena will be back in the world title picture again. Two tag belts? Womens title is such a big deal moving away from the diva's title, surely they wouldn't bring that back again. Only other thing would be IC on one show and US on another. I think with RAW having an extra hour they could add an extra title belt to that show, bring back European, Hardcore or Cruiserweight [but that would mean many more cruiserweights on the roster being signed] Maybe the all the champs work both brands?
  2. WWE

    Smackdown moving to Tuesdays LIVE every week starting 19th July Brand split will occur and a draft will take place to split the roster in two prior to this. No word on titles being shared or split across the brands yet. Word is going forward will be seperate PPV's for each brand also, I assume other than Royal Rumble, Mania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series.
  3. Download 2016

    Yup the whole longer set times, staggering stages completely out the window, NOFX were meant to finish prior to BS, completely clash with them. Oh well, you learn, don't believe it til you see it, remember these times were coming in April, its now May 25th.
  4. Download 2016

    Times are up guys
  5. WWE

    The real THE MAN is back! So glad Rollins is back!!
  6. Download 2016

    Difference is last year sales were lower, so saying there's some secret acts leads to interest. This year, sales are way up, have you not noticed that they haven't really given a shit promoting for months, because sales were already that high. there's no need for cheap promotion and teasing and hinting at something that won't come to pass this year. The only thing has been the Motorhead slot and even then, months in advance they've said no replacement and its a 20 min video. Other years they would have said undecided right up until the event and then said no replacement OR there would have been a replacement. If there's going to be a secret act its cus they've reached out to Download and asked to do it, otherwise why bother. Sales are that strong this year.
  7. Game of Thrones discussion thread

    I saw the Hodor stuff on twitter around 7pm Sunday night! It leaked early, people were like look at me I've seen it whoopsie do!!!
  8. Camping

    Main will be Blue or Red. Those are the party camps although tbh some parts can be totally quiet still at night, all depends who you get as your neighbours I guess! I usually always camp in blue and sometimes it can be a mad party around you all night, last year though it was totally quiet. As this year is a big seller, id expect wild nights though.
  9. Football 2015/16

    Ah Moyes has pulled out of the running for the villa job, sounds like he bottled it. Thing is what other jobs are out there David? Going abroad again?
  10. WWE

    His statement maybe hints at future acting but its so clear his passion to be a wrestler, his statement really made me feel for him, clearly legit, he really cares about the business. If TNA wasn't being booked as garbage he could come in how Christian did a decade ago and get to that main event level. Just a shame no-one has any idea what they're doing there. Maybe he will wrestler over in Japan. Be weird with his wife still in WWE however. It's a shame he felt so strongly he had to leave.
  11. @JamieTNumber1 The whole Miracle segment tonight was garbage.

  12. Game of Thrones discussion thread

    I just watched it, was a fantastic episode which covered a lot of stories but still remained interesting and exciting! The way the episode started I was like, hang on, have i missed an episode? Its really moving along quickly now it doesn't have the shackles of the books around it. I'll talk more when people have watched
  13. Download 2016

    They also announced the comedy line up pretty much all the village entertainment and hinted that NXT Takeover will be shown live on the Wednesday in the village and announced new Download exclusive beer.
  14. Football 2015/16

    Christ Walsall have imploded over these playoffs
  15. Download 2016

    I felt they were trying to hard to be like Muse. I REALLY hated it.