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  1. I've stopped watching, AMC are ruining the show, why oh why they are dragging everything out so much I just don't know. It's just simply for me not watchable as a comic reader. It's meant to take from the comics, but now its like a completely different entity and not one that I enjoy. From the off, I've never liked Daryl, he's an absolutely SHIT character who was created for TV as a bit of a sex symbol and they're too scared to get rid. Everytime they try to give him some plot in the show it just sucks, the first half of this season was the whole Daryl taken prisoner etc, its all new, its boring shite, christ I won't go back to possibly the worst episode of TWD when it was Daryl and Beth [another extended tv character] only and it was dogshite. Carol. Fuck me will someone kill Carol. She is AWFUL. Seriously if I was part of that group i'd fucking kill her. She's never been anything like Carol in comics, who is long gone, why she is here still I've no idea. Get rid. Morgan, another character they have tried to expand on, they've ruined him, theres still time to turn him around though. Rosita, completely ruined the storyline will Abraham from the comics, turned her into a little c**t on tv now. Sasha another TV made character, I can't stand her, she fucking sucks and all because they fucked up on Andrea, so now Michonne as had to turn into Andrea and they're trying to make Sasha become Michonne, they're failing with both. The only two Characters they've done alright with is Rick and Carl. Maggie is alright, they still can move forward with Maggie, heres hoping. Negan, well its too early, as with Dwight. Jesus, same, too early. I wish, HBO had gotten TWD and not AMC, boy how things would be different. They've fucked up so much now though im not sure AMC can get it back on track. Too many filler episodes, too many created for TV characters and storylines, all of which are shite, seriously if you watch an episode and think that was crap, its cus its nothing to do with the source material. Thing is, theres still so much of that source material to take from, so why on earth do they feel the need to do this? In the comics, moving forward there's a massive gap, a 18-24 months time gap, where the story just jumps forward, I think it was done so that it gave the show some breathing room, but it was essential for moving storylines forward without the slow plod feeling of the show. It worked. But that gave the show a opportunity to write new stuff in that gap, they don't need to do it now. Everything is diluted, its a shame its become so severe, I can't even watch. I will say however, the comics are still as strong as ever. Even though it does kinda feels at times, in past couple years, they've dragged their feet there too. But things are moving along nicely now.
  2. WOAH this doesn't come from me, I just was saying numerous website are reporting on this, and they had the full size picture, not just a screen grab from twitter.
  3. While she sleeps are bigger than Moose Blood.
  4. V are just covering their tracks because they have an agreement that it will be announced at 8.15am Its all over the internet its legit. Heres a proper press version of it
  5. Dunno if you guys saw this get posted this week but they announced the Beats and Swing stage What was interesting was that while Sat and Sun have 10 acts Friday has 6, which kinda gives me hope we are gunna get more than I expected on the Castle stage for Friday. I thought we might just get 3-4 acts but hopefully we might get 5-6 acts now instead. EDIT - looking at past times, most we will get is 5, surely 4-5 acts on Castle on Friday. I forgot they said it was 6pm-11pm I was thinking it might have started 4 or 5pm.
  6. Streetcar was a great tune but Juneau was the track that made me stand up and notice FFAF
  7. Friday headliner announced 3pm today
  8. Anytime A7X approach Download and say we are available to headline next summer, Download will book them, they pushed them to headliner, they will be retained in that spot, they need younger bands in headline slots who they can say are established headliners, A7X are there now, they're established at Download in the punters eyes as headliners. They're cheaper, much cheaper than a GNR, they are viewed at by Download on a par with Slipknot now and I tell ya, Slipknot won't be around as long as the Metallicas, Black Sabbaths, Iron Maidens etc were. Because you think Corey is going to be screaming those songs for 40 years. No chance. Download NEED A7X, there's more in it for them growing and establishing A7X than booking Linkin Park again. They've peaked [LP], they aren't going to grow, Download did wonderful things in the UK growing Slipknot and making them a bonafide huge act. they aim to do it with A7X and keep those ties so every album cycle they have a big headliner to book for years to come, A7X are going to be a band who are in it for the long term. They are a band who there's massive room for growth with. The same as they see in ADTR, momentum is there at the moment. FFDP they've been trying to ride that wave too, but they just don't seem to be able to grow as strong in UK as in US. Don't forget this is LIVE NATION, a worldwide company, its not just Download festival, its a worldwide business strategy. Without music artists Live Nation have nothing to sell, they're all about growing relationships with bands as they grow its just good business sense. Think of it as a farmer, growing crops, you have to reseed or come next summer theres nothing, if you only book the big acts without growing the next lot, sooner or later the big acts are gone and you have nothing. Of course this being said Metallica would be booked next summer because its been 6 years and they do incredible sales. GNR would be a massive ticket seller BUT it would have to be decided if Download needed it, because if they had Metallica, A7X and someone else instead of GNR who would give them 90k ticket sales would the outlay fee on GNR be worth it against the potential increased income they would bring. Download doesn't need GNR to survive, but they need to grow the next batch of headliners and establish them or they won't survive.
  9. I don't really come in here that much anymore as im not going Download this year and don't tend to bother to read or comment on fests im not going to but thought id just stick my head in here today as I saw it from menu. Anyway, I quoted this post because I've been saying it for years and its true, Copping is going for the younger market, he's slowly changing the fest, the older crowd they are targeting less, the fest will become more like Reading WAS, Reading will become more like V WAS, and V is just a pop dance fest. The fact that they are all under the same company now compared to years ago, the fact there's less competition of major festivals, the fact that they have monopolised the market completely, they are giving each festival its own identity and the classic rock identity is out. Copping doesn't have the be all and say all that you may think he does anymore, Live Nation have a plan and he has to abide by that, they have a booking committee, they have a team, its not a one man Copping show anymore. Weezer might not have been high up on the list past as Copping didn't value them the way Reading valued them, the way Soni valued them as a sub at the time, Weezer would easily get a top spot at Download these days but it would be down to touring schedules and which festival would benefit the most from having them on the bill. Not because Download doesn't want them, sometimes things just don't fall into place. Paramore would 100% be booked as headliner. 100%. I know this for a fact. Just because they haven't appeared at the festival for a long time doesn't mean they weren't ever going to, sometimes things change, Paramore are totally into appearing at Download and Download want them. Just because you haven't seen it yet. It should have happened, but it didn't and thats all im saying on that. The Biffy aren't a Download headliner is the biggest load of shit i've ever seen on here, they've played Download numerous times, they were ALWAYS lined up to headline ever since Soni gave them the chance, Reading have had them twice, and he got people used to the fact they would be headliner next appearance when they subbed Metallica in 2012. Download is a rock festival, Biffy fall under that bracket. Download is not a metal festival, they HATE being pidgeon holed into that. The thing is, in the past Download may have looked a Metal festival, but its not and its not wanted to be that a long time, hence the Muse booking a few years ago too. This is a festival who wants Royal Blood as a headliner down the road too, they want Foo Fighters. They want it to be as accessible to as many people as possible.
  10. WWE

    Means Wow means Big Show has been in WWE 18 years!
  11. WWE

    I thought that match wasn't great, was really disjointed in places and didn't flow great, the crowd chanting this is awesome, I was thinking christ I know you're enjoying being there and all but how many matches have you guys watched before? That chant is used way too often and if I have to hear JBL say the great ones make it look easy about Orton again im gunna scream.
  12. WWE

    Agree with the above, although some of the momentum has defo been lost on Wyatt, not sure why they've never let him have a midcard strap before.
  13. Pretty big that Elbow got to number 1 in the charts with their new album, saw Victorious tweet it earlier. I didn't realise they were still so 'current'. Are they exclusive at Victorious as well? They haven't been announced as headliner at any other of these mid sized festivals, so I reckon they must be. [I know they might end up at Glasto, but doesn't really matter as they aren't competition]
  14. I'd also doubt James if they're playing a outdoor gig in Manchester the day before for £50!
  15. WWE

    I know no one sees TNA anymore but did you guys see the twitter row between JB and Josh Matthews, AMAZING. Matthews is THE biggest waste of space in the industry. I truly hope his days are numbered. Matthews and Pope is the worst commentating team in the history of wrestling.