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  1. WWE

    Think it will be two men, two females and two teams. Men - Finn and hmmm maybe Joe. Females yeah I agree with your picks Teams - Alpha and Revival. Don't agree on AJ AT ALL. Ahead of him will be Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose and Lesnar. I think first two picks will be Reigns and Rollins with both Commissioners banking Ambrose will lose the title on Sunday to each of their picks.
  2. WWE

    Draft rules up then Raw gets 3 picks everytime Smackdown gets 2 Tag Teams will remain together unless GM decides otherwise. 6 NXT call ups.
  3. @MatKendrick have you put a villa one up?

  4. WWE

    Wow this thread is deader than dead So Steph 'owning' Raw and Shane Smackdown. With them both having GMs HHH surely will be Raw and Daniel Bryan is gunna be Smackdowns.
  5. WWE

  6. Hmmm, im not even sure they're adding another act to the bill at all now, tickets gone up to full price and nothing.
  7. @Pysco_jonny awesome!

  8. Awesome season finale. Next season seems to be be ready to rock already!
  9. Those pictures look no worse than Download, in fact they look miles better, I can see green in most of them! Problem with Glasto in comparison to Download is its fucking massive. Whereas Download have certain areas which are bottleneck places where everyone has to pass through [not you posh campervan lot] and they could have just sorted those areas easily and they did nothing. Feel for people at Glasto though, if rain continues it'll only get worse. Bloody weather!
  10. WWE

    AJ didn't need the clean win? Are you fucking mad? He's looking INCREDIBLY weak so far in his WWE career, he's lost multiple times to Reigns, who just lost clean to Rollins, in Rollins first match back so, whats it being Cena's first match back in LESS time got to do with it? The thing is before Cena was injured, he'd moved to midcard, he was US champ, he was no longer in the world title picture, he's held it 14 times and it looks like he's not going to be the guy to move to equal or move past Flair, im not sure if now HHH is pretty much running WWE anyone will ever do that, Cena doesn't need that title anymore anyway. But AJ needed a clean win, of course this like anything else is all opinion and we don't have to share the same view but AJ has lost to Jericho he's lost to Reigns and now he needs a tag team who lost earlier in the night to do one move and then get the pin. WWE AJ is just a completely different beast to TNA AJ anyway and his best days are behind him, I said this when he came in. He's never going to have a match in WWE as good as matches he had in TNA. So really my arguement is invalid, they may as well let him work a ploding match v Cena. I have to say I really dislike Cena's matches, I've always found them awful, from day one. He can have good matches, his fued with Owens was great. WWE is changing and to say Reigns and Cena losing clean on the same night is silly, why? Why protect Cena but not Reigns? Reigns needs protecting more, Cena has be here for 14 years, im sick of him being protected, his win over Lesnar when Lesnar smashed him to bits for 30 minutes was silly, protecting Cena in 2016 is silly. Sooner or later AJ will be made to look so weak he'll be a midcard wrestler and I don't think any of us want that to happen, look at Ziggler, is there ever a way back for him? 2 time world champion stuck in midcard hell. Anyway yeah, Reigns suspended. It won't stop his push, look at Orton, never stopped him.
  11. WWE

    Rollins v Reigns, Reigns struggled to keep to Rolllins workrate I thought, was a good long match however but was nowhere near the quality of Rollins v Ambrose last year, Reigns is by FAR the weakest member of the shield. Ambrose quick cash in is a shame I think, I like the tease of the cash in, and now we don't get that for a whole year again, but I guess it was done quick because the split is coming. Cena v AJ. What to say about this, Cena was so far behind AJ in the ring it was laughable, the action was disjointed, almost stopping all the time so Cena could set up his next spot, the thing about AJ is he's at his best when he can chain wrestle with a guy and the action free flows, continuous, this was anything but that. I suppose it was the best we could hope for, but these two don't work well together and Cena only losing via interference, AJ just can't get a big win, tell you what tho, AJ v Rollins down the line will be a great match. The MITB was disappointing too, the end sequence especially seemed to drag on forever with the ladder bridges and nothing really happened there. Was ok, but nowhere near a great MITB ladder match. The tag titles was a complete clusterfuck. Rusev v Titus was completely forgettable, although Rusev has got himself in some shape! Defo a future world champ IMO, considering he's a big man, I hope they put Rusev and Owens on separate rosters so they can both do that role effectively. All in all I thought it was a very average show, but I was entertained and thats what matters, but no classics were on here. Best part was probably Owens promo with Jericho and ADR, Owens was golden there. He is a bonafide future multi time world champ superstar. If Rollins turns face down the line, Rollins v Owens is the best possible feud I could wish for.
  12. Great episode. Unlike other people however I think this whole season has been brilliant start to [almost] finish. Seems like from the next episodes trailer, they are going to try and cram a fair bit in the finale.
  13. WWE

    Rollins winning the title tonight then? Sky bet have put him as the clear favourite over reigns. They clearly know the winners in advance after zack ryder at mania.
  14. Shouldn't have winked Ronaldo

  15. Going up an extra £5