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  1. Victorious Festival 2018

    Dude you know Shed Seven/Embrace are nowhere near the size to headline this right? Blondie just got off doing an 8 date tour of the UK which included multiple arena dates and 2 nights at Brixton. Shed Seven/Embrace couldn't even do that at their prime! Im all for both bands lower down the bill, but I was just trying to brainstorm headliners. Blondie are around the same size Madness are IMO. All the headliners will be arena acts and the second stage headliners will be around that too I imagine. I wouldn't be surprised with a triple of Blondie - Snow Patrol - Paul Weller, its gunna be something quite Middle of the road, Heart FM/Absolute Radio friendly. Although those 3 together is a bit overkill, I wonder if Snow Patrol are still big enough to headline this or would they sub now, been away a long time but new album coming out, probably a sub like Travis was 2 years back. Then the second stage a bit more current. I'd love them to get Faithless or Chemical Brothers however, I don't think either are out of reach for this.
  2. Victorious Festival 2018

    I see Blondie's tour just finished. Could be in with a shout, Blondie with Human League subbing on the Friday?
  3. Victorious Festival 2018

    They keep saying friday early birds about to go up so think im gonna buy, but shall I get whole weekend now or just couple friday tickets. I think its more about theyre about to announce the friday act rather than ticket sales. Anyone heard anything yet?
  4. WWE

    I agree, it really was superb, sadly that Iron Man match is forgotten as it was only on SD.
  5. Download 2018

  6. WWE

    Brock had AMAZING matches with Kurt Angle too Pink, at least three of them. Including the best iron man match wwe ever did.
  7. Slam Dunk 2018

    See they've swapped the days around and Midlands is back to being Monday! Shame its staying in Birmingham however... See South has a new venue also.
  8. Download 2018

    Ha a man from a podcast, its Beez and yeah he would most certainly know when it is and who it is also, his mrs was high up at LN and his best mate is Metal Hammers editor. EDIT - Ill add, i've met all of them and they're all really nice people btw ha ha
  9. Download 2018

    That is a weird choice.
  10. WWE

    AJ v Jinder was a damn quality match!!!
  11. Download 2018

    You may as well change A7X to TBC Neil.
  12. Sad times

    Confirmed both sites http://www.nme.com/news/music/v-festival-rebrand-new-name-2018-2154681?utm_content=manual&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=nme
  13. Sad times

    Sounds like both sites still. Forum needs changing to the festival formally know as V Or symbol
  14. Victorious Festival 2018

    They're doing Europe the entire April next year so I doubt they will be back to do summer festivals again. But yeah they're far bigger than Noel anyway.
  15. British Summer Time 2018

    Hope you saw my edit, 100% doing the tour, not 100% doing BST.