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  1. Slam Dunk 2016

    Midlands has swapped from Wolves to Birmingham then as expected due to the Civic being shut next year. What I didn't expect was that Midlands would swap to being the Sunday.  Happy with initial line up tho. 
  2. Slam Dunk 2016

    Panic is a decent headliner tbh, they're a bigger name IMO than All American Rejects who headlined 2014.  This year was the 10th anniversary. Dunno why they're trying to say its 10th anniversary next year, its the 11th. Its a standard year, they're a good fit. Its always worth the money when you see the full line up anyway.
  3. The Walking Dead

    From where that end this week, this next episode being the mid season finale and all if it stays true to the comic then we are in for a banger! Think its gunna shock a lot of people who watch the show, not really meaning people in here, but damn. I re-read this part at the start of the season and I was like oh wow I forgot just how BAD this next part is.... Enjoy people! BTW Is it a 90 minute ep? 
  4. WWE

    Oh and Cesaro needs surgery and is out for 6 months. Great.
  5. WWE

    Owens v Ambrose was alright.  Rest was pants
  6. WWE

    Ambrose is such a talent but they've left him floundering for so long that if he did win it tonight, im not sure if it would go over so well, it could be more damaging in the long run, unless, he wins it clean, then Reigns sells out tomorrow on Raw to HHH and turns heel and wins the title.  There is still of course too the fact that Sheamus is lurking with the MITB briefcase.
  7. WWE

    This is true been in the dressing room since 90, but in the last how long how much? You could argue Kane would have more to tell, hes been there since 95 [as Issac, then fake Diesel] and as a constant, pretty much 20 years of a full schedule. When you think about it thats more impressive than Undertaker. I do know what you mean though, Taker was Vinces boy in the locker room, the times in the 90's with Bret and Shawn he made sure they did business right. I remember him gunna beat the fuck out of Vince when he did the Bret Screw job, but also Shawn said he wasn't dropping the title to Austin in 98 and Taker told him if he didn't he would make him pay. These things have come out of others mouths though [the shawn story was from shawn himself, so it was true]. Its weird no one has ever came out and spoken bad about Taker, or Kane for that matter.  I hope Taker does a sit down with JBL or Austin, on the network, did you see Lesnars, he wasn't holding anything back but was still trying to be respectful and wouldn't disclose certain things like who told him to the SSP at Mania 19 [word is it was Big Johnny] Need to watch the JBL legends with Austin, HHH and Shawn actually. Im gunna do that now
  8. WWE

    So, TNA announced its moving channels in the US. Going from Discovery owned Destination America which was available in 57m homes to CBS owned POP which is available in 85m homes.  Yet the fanboys on wrestling websites are saying TNA is dead, ROH is in a better position [despite ROH moving to a worse network and moving to a midnight timeslot whereas TNA is remaining primetime at 9pm]  Im not putting a positive spin on things but jesus christ people are so quick to slag off TNA and wish for its demise, the end of TNA would be sad, I wished WCW never went under! Why as a wrestling fan would you want promotions to go under, its the same as football fans wishing for teams to go into administration. People full of hatred, not needed.   What I will say IS, TNA have the opportunity here, to ACTUALLY rebrand, this year has been the absolute WORSE year of TNA ever. They need to get back to where they were in 2006 to prior Hogan era, they produced such a entertaining fun wrestling programme back then, I hate to say it but they should get Russo back if they can. At least the guy understood the wrestlers needed characters and the product had to have a direction, TNA should be this year called TNV Total Nonstop Vanilla, cus its bland as fuck, every wrestler is, every fued is, everything. Apart from EY. EY is still golden.  TNA doesn't need to do much, freshen up the roster a bit, add a couple of tag teams and x division wrestlers, change the KOTM title back to the TV Title, establish each persons role on the roster, main event, mid card, x and tag and make the titles mean something. and defend the TV and X every week, the World Title every month at least and the Tag Titles every other week or whatever and most of all clearly establish peoples characters. I think the knockouts could be used MUCH better also. Put some of them with the guys on the roster. Jesse needs a female valet, give him a Flair robe and push that heel character, like they did with the Roode character post Team Canada, Let EY be the crazied loner, let Robbie E be the party animal, define Spuds character cus he's kind of lost what he is doing, have Mandrews be the pop punk kid, maybe give him a hot geeky chick, Tigre Uno, mysterious gimmick, Manik let him be TJ Perkins, Roode needs to get a huge push and push him as top babyface, he can be TNA's Orton [in a good way], Abyss, whack him in a tag team with someone on indies whos a big guy push them as a monster team, Wolves need teams to fued with bad, bring in Hunters Bros from UK, EC3, just let him keeping growing this character, Lashley is fine as he was but has gotten lost again, Galloway, I just don't buy him as a face, heel him.  Probably missed some guys but was just off top of my head
  9. WWE

    Christ this had me in stitches  
  10. WWE

    Melissa Joan Hart is always tweeting about WWE, how she hasn't appeared on the show I don't know. She seems a MASSIVE fan.... and shes hot.
  11. The Walking Dead

    Plenty of time for the face to happen dude.  They might show it, but I reckon next time we see him it will have already happened. As he [the actor] has said he's not back on the show now until season finale [not mid season, but season]
  12. WWE

    Goldberg done an interview saying WWE haven't got in touch with him and its theIr loss and TNA have contacted him a couple days ago about coming in to work with Bram as they have done a film together and it would promote the film and he's considering it. Says he wants to promote the film, but actually wrestling thats something else altogether [IE HUGE PAYDAY]
  13. Slam Dunk 2016

    Architects headlined this year dude. On the second stage.
  14. The Walking Dead

    So this weeks saw the debut of Dwight then huh? Im not sure he fit the role, the actor.  The girl with him the one who died, jesus how nicely done was her hair? Fuck off, as if.  And yeah Norman Redus said it was defo NOT Glenn
  15. Slam Dunk 2016

    Wolves is the Bank Holiday Monday,  Usually is seven stages, 3 inside the civic hall being the civic, the wulfrun and the civic bar Then 4 open air stages outside although the 6th and 7th stage are barely stages.    Thing is the Civic Bar is being destroyed and the Civic extended into it and this is happening next year, the civic closes next month. It will then be bigger than any venue in Birmingham at club level, they are adding more seating in balcony as well, and they adding a balcony to the Wulfrun also.  I wonder if they will use the civic building [the council building] grounds to stage bands outdoor as that is all closed and used as part of the festival anyway but only for queuing to enter the site, they could use the old little civic I guess, its owned by Yates now however, the civic has the Slade Rooms but its quite far from the rest of the site. I saw Crossfaith got announced for Slade Rooms today, weird as its only 550-600 venue.