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  1. WWE

    Hmm this was posted only Sunday. Also interesting Bryan says retiring from WWE. 
  2. 2016

    Big 21st birthday is nothing but bollocks hype to try and make punters think theyre getting something special. Pay no attention to it.
  3. WWE

    Theres a fair few people thinking this is just a way to get out of WWE, he will lay low a bit and then wrestle somewhere else, maybe TNA, maybe New Japan. But he clearly LOVES to wrestle.  I saw Angle say only the other day that if Bryan gets out his WWE contract he would wrestle him either in TNA or indie somewhere before they both retire.  I honestly wonder if Bryan does leave WWE and TNA put on an actual PPV with Angle and Bryan headlining it, what it would actually draw, like do people actually give that much of a fuck, cus people bummed Angle, Jeff Hardy etc but they didn't follow them to TNA. Sometimes these obsessive fans are just twats. Anyway. I hope he's alright, he's clearly been very frustrated for the past year and more in fact. But i'd rather he stays healthy than risk it.
  4. Download 2016

    Guys, don't stress out worrying about clashfinders being right and everything, just wait until the line ups complete and see then, its fucking months away anyway so nothing you can do about it until then.  Im just waiting until 20,000 people on twitter ask Copping if they are showing England v Russia on the Saturday night. To be fair would be nice if they showed it on main stage before Sabbath started. They could get the whole first half in. 
  5. Download 2016

    Have to say IMO no replacement for Motorhead is a cop out, you could do a tribute for Lemmy on the video screen before the headliners, sometimes its a hours wait, but that would cut into advertising time, so lets cut a replacement act, save us some money and do it then, when people will be walking around doing something else more likely.  I wonder if they are still going to pay Motorhead their fee out of respect?  More people would see the tribute if it was before the headline act and they know it, Im all for honouring Lemmy but there's ways of doing it. If they do have some kind of onstage musical tribute with a musicians then its a different story but if they just show a video then its bollocks.
  6. Download 2016

  7. Download 2016

    All 3 are headliners that day. 
  8. Download 2016

    NOFX and Janes
  9. Download 2016

    Multi quote isn't an option anymore so. Janes and AA are Sun, Gremlin Fri AAF are main stage. Friday.
  10. Download 2016

    Pretty Strong is what I think people will see the download line up on a whole as Great is MY personal opinion. Jesus you're hard work.
  11. Download 2016

    Of course they did!  As I said though I think the line up is great. All about taste and also not being unrealistic.
  12. Download 2016

    Andy might clear this up tonight I imagine.
  13. Download 2016

    2 Second Stage headliners tonight, Sat and Sundays. And none of the three you suggested Andre. The announcement I think tonight seems weak, but when you see the line up on a whole afterwards I think it evens out as pretty strong. Of course everyone wont be happy. Friday on a whole is still pretty weak however in my eyes, across the stages. Needs beefing up for sure.
  14. Victorious 2016

    Oh you mean because they were booked under him last year at Lattitude you're surprised hes agreed to headline a fest they are also headlining. Maybe because he respects them and understands they're worthy of that slot?  
  15. Victorious 2016

    I don't get this at all dude. MSP under him?