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  1. Weather

    Whatever you get up to in your back garden is your business I suppose. Fnar Fnar.
  2. Weather

    It'll be fine.
  3. Weather

    The mud on site is more likely to be caused by all the knicker wetters on this site rather than the rain tbh.
  4. DRINK!

    You can still get it in Scotland, saw it in the shop when I was picking up my 20/20 today. Not quite as strong but I much prefer Dragon Soup.
  5. Weather

    Not a gif sadly.
  6. Weather

    Don't know what's worse in this thread, Nal's trolling or the fact some people seem to have fell for it. Anyway, badgers.
  7. The express your feelings by GIF thread.

    Saturday 1am Saturday 3am Saturday 5am
  8. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    Last year was a bit of a shambles (not that it was anybodies fault mind you) seems a lot of people couldn't find others or were too scared to approach random people to ask them if they were off that internet. This year sonds a lot better, nice flag and a decent area. The Cider Bus was good but I think it is time for a change so well done to everyone who is getting this organised. See you on Wednesday.
  9. Weather

    It's all going to be fine.
  10. DRINK!

    20 Cans of Tennent's 1 Litre of Pear Drop Vodka 2 Cans of Hooch 1 Can of Dragon Soup I'll also be picking up a couple of boxes of Red Wine before we get there.
  11. Despacio!

    Think I'll pop along for an hour but I can't see me spending a long time listening to it.
  12. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    Who's bringing the clipboard?
  13. Despacio!

    Really looking forward to this!
  14. Weather