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  1. Really gutted they didn't get Pusha in for this. Danny will be great but seen him loads of times, De La were nailed on for me so wasn't much of a surprise. Noel is a good shout for SG but my first thought was Grace Jones.
  2. Really hope they're playing. Lost count the amount of times I've seen them but that new live show is insane! The perfect mixture of old and new tracks. If they are playing, chances are 2manydjs will be playing too (hopefully Arcadia again).
  3. Jeff Lynne/ELO would be just delightful, although I don't think they'd pull the same size crowd as some of the past few legends.
  4. Big booking for me this year, Friday afternoon on the park would be nice but I feel like they'd be a better atmosphere in JP. Either way they'll be a highlight for me.
  5. http://media.tumblr.com/8efcfccc87560a21ac340b8eef252626/tumblr_inline_mmssn4vDUi1qhxw8u.gif