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  1. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    We’re doing Latitude for the 2nd time, and Carfest plus loads of other gigs, pretty busy and not sure I’ve left any annual leave for a proper holiday - think I was trying to fill that empty feeling.
  2. Glastonbury Research

    I am sorry, I got halfway and ran out of steam for this survey. I read and re-read questions 4 and 5 several times, do they read the same or are my eyes too tired? Im normally more than happy to help with surveys, but not this time.
  3. Efestivals Gold Member renewal time

    I've only been a back seat lurker since August as incredibly busy at the moment, but cannot recommend paying to be a gold member enough. No adverts etc. Paid my renewal by automatic update, far simpler. Thanks Neil for the last twelve months, and look forward to the next twelve.
  4. Latitude Festival 2017

    That's a real shame, hope its more positive this morning. We're in Green camping and all is calm and friendly here.
  5. Latitude Festival 2017

    Not sure about the line up, never been before ..... but hoping we have an amazing time. Car loaded up, so just about to set off.
  6. Money

    We spent less this year, about £200 between two of us - pretty much spent on food (lunch and a snack each), healing fields massage and replaced leather strap on bracelet for him, new hat anfd Glasto vest top for me, and a celebratory last night Brothers pint on Sunday at midnight before bed. We took our own beer and cider, and aren't super heavy drinkers.
  7. Best cover version of the weekend

    Toss up between this and Foos covering Under Pressure. The whole Scouting for Girls set was a brilliant end to an amazing Glastonbury for me.
  8. Flaming lips

    I've never seen them live before Friday night, has to be one of the best sets of the week for me. Amazingly crazy, creative cool dude! Loved it from start to finish.
  9. Distance walked

    Same, 70 miles. Slightly achey ankles/heels but apart from that still feeling fit enough to have carried on for another day. 6 months of Pilates paying off, I think.
  10. West Car Parks - updates...

    We did this last year, on the way in and out. Beat the queues both times on the Tuesday night, and out on the Monday morning. This year in purple parking. Left at 7.50am today, home in Bedfordshire by 11.30.
  11. Which stage are you

    The Park

    Wahoo, all paid, raring to go now!
  13. Car Parking

    Yes, it's expensive but as said above the break down per day and per car occupant makes it more acceptable. We come by car (2 of us), but bring my daughter and son in laws heavy stuff while they come by public transport. I wonder if the many people commenting on the cost will be more likely to travel by public transport next time they get a golden ticket?
  14. Thankyou

    If anyone deserved to get a wristband, it was you. Thank you for the lead up, fact finding and making my Glasto excitement find its libido for 2017 it was feeling a little flat (apart from the Radiohead announcement).
  15. Foo Fighters

    As many have said, a raffle is fairest but doesn't make money for efestivals unless you have to be a paid up gold member to be entered.... or have I got that wrong?

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