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  1. Cineramageddon, opinions and photos?

    Joe Rush has been uploading photos of the cars on his Instagram in the past few days
  2. Suicide Tuesday

    Felt good on Monday night and yesterday as I had a lovely shiny new nephew to come home to. On my way to work today and the blues have struck me down. Also my ankles feel like they may snap
  3. The National

    Not a soul out there who is better looking than Matty B
  4. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Emily Eavis on at BBC Introducing at 2:30pm for five minutes. Is this a usual slot like Michael's stint in the speakers forum?
  5. New security measures in place

    This is all a bit rubbish but is there a possibility they have a quota to hit so are doing it early doors maybe?
  6. TBAs

    Oh god, I really need the secret sets text notifications set up
  7. what happen if you miss your coach?

    I really don't think they would even with all of this
  8. what happen if you miss your coach?

    Ped gate A
  9. Countryfile Day 2017!

  10. what happen if you miss your coach?

    Last year I didn't make my coach as I was ill. Got my friends who were on the coach to ask the coach driver to put it at the box office and he said they have to do that regardless. Got the train on the Thursday and collected it with some ID. Should be fine.
  11. This time in one week I'll be...

    My favourite day of the year is in one little week!
  12. confirmed food vendors 2017

    Cool ta
  13. confirmed food vendors 2017

    P.s. Does anyone know specifically where Pizza Tabun is? I couldn't find it last year
  14. confirmed food vendors 2017

    Just went through every page on here to finalise my food list. NOW I AM READY TO GO.
  15. Benefit Cosmetik Driv-Thru

    As a woman who quite likes make up etc. I have no idea how anyone could be arsed with this.