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  1. I think they once said sun when everyone said rain so we liked them. As soon as it's the opposite they go on the other list
  2. Not everyone goes back out, and those that do, do so at varying times. If you are in fairly early the re entry will be straight through with increased checking over usual checks
  3. Defo take loads of socks, changing them for the late night stuff stops those sweat ridden feet becoming really cold sweat ridden feet
  4. Guy I know always takes a flare or two. He's not said if he is this year or not. I fear he may which would be mad given everything.
  5. I take a smallish of those misting bottles for plants and stick it in the day bag. Nice spray on face now and again helps. Got to watch sun cream doesn't come off though
  6. Even more so when it is sunny, didn't hear of as much theft last year as the conditions prob stopped the thieving shits a bit. Stay safe all
  7. I'll take rain on the sat / sun or both if we really have to have some. Being in trainers from wed until then makes a huge difference to energy levels etc instead of trudging about through mud with boots or wellies and not getting as much chance to sit down.
  8. Hope they drum into people more than usual about pissing on the land. When it's hot the levels in the stream always end up high causing warnings from environmental guys. Plus folk drink more, causing more pissing on the land. Don't think the green police still go around do they? public service message over
  9. The madness of the weather thread is as much of a ritual as having that last dump in a real toilet before leaving for the festival or saying you will take it easy on the first day then getting Gillespied. I embrace it's madness
  10. Guy with us has got in for nothing last 4 years. He has a ticket this year which he finds strange. Last 2 years he just walked straight through the gates at opening, not questioned at all. I reckon this will be harder is year so he is prob lucky. Confidence is the key though
  11. Yes that and stuberts unrollercoastery are bonefide weather words now. In the book with Azores finger, anti cyclone etc etc
  12. I don't feel this year has been too rollercoastery. I think after last year we are all waiting on that horrible turn and are in the opposite state of denial we were this time last year 2016 ground was awful 2017 ground is awesome 2016 most seemed to have rain right up to opening then some over the weekend 2017 all have none up to festival and negligible amounts if any over the weekend Shake and bake baby, shake and bake
  13. Like a doctor enquiring about your diahrrea what are are the latest runs looking like?????
  14. A question I've always had in my head is the number of further education places now compared to say 20 or 30 years ago. My instinct would be there are way more and this is part of the problem as the cost is much more than it was of old to cover.
  15. No Azores finger RELEASE THE FINGER!