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  1. My maths is fantastic
  2. So that means fir Friday 7.30 we need to know by 7.30 tonight ?!?
  3. Weird I didn't get the notification through IFTTT this morning ??
  4. i wont to be in the pit though. So basically i want my cake and to eat it too.
  5. oh god... please be JP sunday. i cant stand the preassure of having to rush down to RH on friday night and find out im stuck with the talkers.... please god no.
  6. well said, i dont even think about the queues last year when thinking about the festival. I remember being infront of a lovely group who i bumped into randomly at the festival 3 days later. Lovely people
  7. Not putting a dampener on this but.. Surely the biggest risk to safety at the festival this year is a someone with bad intentions offering bucket loads of money for a ticket and getting in?? So i cant see it being possible this year. All these security checks and they let ppl in who dont even look like the person on the ticket?? seems unlikely! but good luck
  8. i actually think they might do more than 25. its 2hr15 but they will play till 12. so that gives them 2 more songs... #27songs
  9. ok so i just got one telling me to go to blue reception but no actually info on the area i will be in? The email says if you are travelling by coach you can get a shuttle bus to worthy view which takes 45mins with NO traffic??!?!?! That can not be right can it?
  10. same mate
  11. me too listening to worthy fm with a big smile on my face. safe journey all. Look for the really happy BFG 6ft4 asian guy smiling
  12. nope nothing
  13. i havent got anything ...
  14. Do they scan the worthy view barcode on entry to the site or on entry to worthy view ?? Our group is split in two so was just going to give them their barcodes when they get on site
  15. Will they be opening my multipack of wotsits???!!!