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  1. Oh right School used to do us frozen orange juice cartons at break time. So good.
  2. Fourth down on the Pyramid on Friday so her album goes to number one while she's on stage would be cute. Probs third on Ed Sheeran day though.
  3. Still good to have something though innit
  4. Two days in a row I've woken up seeing a tweet from the official Glastonbury account that starts "We've just announced the first 120 acts" on my twitter timeline and had my heart skip a beat, only to realise it was just someone retweeting that Emerging Talent longlist thing again. Stop.
  5. Having it face the wall doesn't make any sense. Literally what's the point. It's cold and univiting.
  6. Away from it. What's the point in setting yourself up to have to reach all the way around and fiddle about grabbing an end you can't see when you could just have it facing you in the first place. It's not like the end of the toilet roll has eyes, it doesn't need to be prevented from watching you shit. Ridiculous.
  7. Well we have a 'cancel' button if you can be bothered fiddling around to that extent. Or you can just switch it off at the wall and it pops back up automatically. But be arsed with any of that when it could've just never been frozen in the first place.
  8. But if the loaf isn't sliced that's just throwing a rock onto some wood just ban unsliced bread basically.
  9. This also doesn't take into account when you want sandwiches rather than toast. I prefer cheerios and frozen milk for breakfast anyway.
  10. It's better than us having the bun debate. Again.
  11. Not when it's a whole loaf that is too frozen to even begin to cut
  12. Pointless, unnecessary self-inflicted pain, almost on a level with people who eat ice cream in winter.
  13. Cannot be dealing with frozen bread at all. Because what do you with it? Either you have to let it defrost naturally, which takes until like five hours after you wanted to eat to finish, or you put it in the microwave and it goes all hot and floppy like a rubber chocolate bar. Frozen bread and refrigerated 'real butter' when you're in a rush, the nightmare to end all nightmares.
  14. Yeah I get that but not literally instead of being in the fridge when there's room. At the same time neither of them will touch a cider unless it's been refrigerated for at least 24 hours first. We had to go all the way to Sainsburys once just to buy some that had been in the fridge in Sainsburys, despite there being a whole bunch in the cellar, because nobody had put any of said bunch in the fridge. So annoying.
  15. Also keeps it longer, like when it's been in the freezer, but without the piss take of having to defrost it. Perfect.