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  1. mmm. Seasons six and seven are a bit of a slog, the whole John Barrowman storyline went straight over my head.. but season eight is right up there with seasons one and five, enthralling stuff Kay kay. Will hunt it down
  2. Pity. The 'McBusted' album was much more in line with Busted's old stuff, they'd be better off playing songs from that if they are to insist on not being a pure nostalgia fest
  3. Heh. It went on for long enough that I could reasonably have been expected to see the last few series, but I was only six when it started. true we binge-watched all of Desperate Housewives recently, and that more or less ran concurrently. Sure I'll get around to it one day
  4. more new London Grammar honestly didn't have high expectations for this comeback album but I love every song they've put out from it so far
  5. I'm too young for 24 but I love him in Designated Survivor his music is just your bland country stuff but it's nice enough
  6. Busted will be a hoot if they stick to the hits, most of that last album was rubbish
  7. Given Craig David subbing this year, it's not difficult to understand why ! The timing of that announcement coupled with the fact they just did a whole day of ticket giveaways on Capital FM doesn't suggest it's selling great, but that was entirely predictable. They seem to have totally done away with the tiny music tent, which is a shame - but again, if it's selling badly that is an obvious cost-cutting measure. Likewise they have majorly toned down the Comedy Tent this year, those headliners look very miserly compared to the years of splashing out on Alan Carr etc
  8. We were, even my Mum had a laugh Wish he'd done Blood On The Leaves properly though. At Wireless a year earlier he spent a whole 20 minute encore repeatedly playing the drop in that. Having already played the whole song in the main set too. Madness.
  9. be interested to see how they work the setlist for this tour to squeeze in new stuff tbh. the setlists from their last UK shows three years ago were already stacked with undroppables and they didn't even play crushcrushcrush
  10. yeah the whole album was a soundtrack to one of his films. always thought his main priority these days was the 'Plan B' film studio which has produced 12 Years A Slave and stuff, but apparently that's nothing to do with him whatsoever and he's actually been doing community work for the last few years. fair play.
  11. I thought Ill Manors did pretty well? Got to #1 and was nominated for the Mercury Prize. I might be biased though given I was obsessed with the title track for about a year
  12. played the Other Stage straight after The Cribs last time they hit up the Farm
  13. yeah just hit up some Metronomy on Spotify and I was definitely thinking of someone else, sorreh bout dah
  14. Don't really see Christine and the Queens playing again, haven't really kicked on or done anything since being a 'hype' band last summer Not sure about LDR, if her album is coming out very soon - as it's supposed to be - she'll probably cross the Atlantic several times in May and June, in which case her playing R1BW would mean nothing at all in terms of Glastonbury
  15. oh right, fair enough. Guess that correlates with the fact he only officially rejoined a few weeks ago, now you say it