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  1. He did, yes. The IRA stuff is a millstone, and he still tends to waffle where one sentence would suffice, but he fared a lot better than May in hers.
  2. I understand why he's making a speech about terrorism, obviously, my issue is him doing so in a way which gives the press ammo to start talking up his lack of patriotism again. Just when it felt like they'd begun to run out of dirt to throw at him. He had an opportunity handed him on a plate to talk up how a Labour government would tackle the social divisions which led to Salman Abedi feeling so disconnected from British society, but no Corbyn has chosen to bang on about Iraq again. A ridiculously stupid own goal even by his standards.
  3. There've been leaks in previous years, but yeah set times are only ever officially announced in lanyards given out on each day. Probably because if people realised how short each set was they'd not bother turning up
  4. awful idea. Would feel contrived and cringeworthy while it was happening, and even worse when Liam inevitably went straight back to slagging off Noel the second they left the stage. Same as City fans gamely cheering on United last night, only for videos to emerge of the United squad singing anti-City songs in the dressing room.
  5. Exactly right. This polling is showing remarkable similarities to the 2015 debacle - from how far behind he is in the leaders' personal approval ratings, to the lack of analysis of which seats Labour is actually polling well in, to the overstatement of the importance of his popularity with the youthful demographics who don't vote. I'd dearly love a Labour government for so many different reasons, but it's not gonna happen.
  6. Don't get me wrong, May is infuriatingly bland. But she's at least fairly easy to listen to. Haven't witnessed my Mum march across the room to turn off the radio out of sheer anguish because an extended clip of her's come on.
  7. The Tory press are already framing it as anti-British bollocks. As well as attacking the obvious black holes like 'Belgium weren't involved in Iraq yet have been attacked multiple times' etc. Whether you personally agree with his sentiments or not, this is an own goal at the worst possible time.
  8. Wasn't sold on this at first, but having given it some time it's a massive banger now. Same with Bon Appetit. OTOH I've gone off Chained a bit, although the social commentary stuff is still welcome. Hoping Bon Appetit and Swish are red herrings and most of the album is about things more interesting than oral sex and Taylor Swift.
  9. The Torys' biggest stick they beat Corbyn with is that he's anti-Western to the point of lacking in sufficient patriotism to be PM. I personally have a fair bit of time for his anti-Western stuff, but why on earth is he making a speech banging on about it two weeks before the election? FFS.
  10. Just shouty rambling, with all the nuanced cadence of a first-time amateur. Soz.
  11. he's a lot worse than both May and Brown. May and Brown have both made well-known modern-classic speeches - the latter's largely credited with saving the Union. Corbyn couldn't dream of that. Miliband wasn't much nicer than Corbyn to listen to overall, but he at least had something resembling a grasp of the art of cadence. Corbyn's approach to prosody is among the worst I've witnessed from any politician, ever.
  12. Yeah because god forbid anyone actually has independent opinions not moulded by the media. My main issue with him is that he's a god-awful public speaker. A) I've thought this since first hearing him speak at a hustings which took place before the press started lynching him, and b ) his god-awful public speaking style is barely ever mentioned by the press.
  13. The thing about this, though - Corbyn's already manoeuvring to make a pitch to keep his job based on the vote share he achieves. I have no desire to strengthen that card for him. I'm not even 100% sure it'd be different if I lived in a swing seat. I just can't bear the useless, self-absorbed gimp.
  14. An Alt-J set wouldn't be a "really big surprise" anyway. They're literally on the poster.
  15. I'd go