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  1. Keep clicking this thread hoping for an update on the album
  2. nah course not, but if they were planning to use his attendance as a handy bit of PR then his nomination would at least make a bit of sense even if in a crap way maybe Marcus Mumford just really likes Galway Girl.
  3. The Big Moon were just on 6 Music saying they found out about being nominated two weeks ago? So before the cut-off date? What a farce.
  4. Ed Sheeran will be halfway through the American leg of his tour in September, so probably won't even turn up to the ceremony. Literally what is the point.
  5. don't honestly see much benefit from it still being restricted to British artists, either
  6. only a week later than Alt-J's latest nominated snooze
  7. What the hell is Ed Sheeran doing there? Wasn't even a good album by his standards. Blossoms can do one too, jesus christ. Sick of London Grammar being underappreciated. Stormzy or Glass Animals or Sampha to win but for the first time in a while I don't care this year
  8. Even as someone who likes both Beck and Coldplay I would never in a million years pick Beck as a warm-up act to get me in the mood for Coldplay. I do hope that crowd didn't put off Mr Hansen too much and he comes back one day to play in a suitable slot.
  9. The policy of allowing relatively tiny subs to sit inbetween huge acts third down and headlining is not only stupid in itself, but every time brilliant acts who'd get rapturous receptions elsewhere on site are wasted on Coldplay/Mumford and Sons/Foo Fighters fans who've never heard of them it makes the festival look stupid too, and presumably puts off similar acts from wanting to play in the future. And it doesn't help that said tiny acts they keep sacrificing to the Coldplay/Mumford and Sons/Foo Fighters fans are too quirky and niche for your average Coldplay/Mumford and Sons/Foo Fighters fan to be able to appreciate an hour of from a standing start. I don't know why they persist with it. I presume there must be a reason we don't know about because there's no noticeable crowd churn benefit.
  10. Really though, isn't that what The Proms are for? Implication seems to be that Radio 1's weekender, Radio 2's Hyde Park thing and the 6 Music Festival will all be condensed into one event, so I dunno how they'll justify keeping The Proms as a separate thing if they're including Radio 3 in this as well. We shall see. I do hope this isn't just a ploy to persuade Ed Sheeran to play after discovering he deems himself 'above' Radio 1's Big Weekend.
  11. Ayyyyy that was my first festival. Luckily left before Ian Watkins appeared. Natasha Bedingfield was brilliant though, got a crowd response Radiohead could only dream of.
  12. On the one hand I wish they'd gamble on booking him before he goes super-commercial because I know he'd nail it, on the other hand I cba putting up with months of his booking being scorned at to the point it's almost socially unacceptable to call yourself a fan. But then again, going by the reactions to every recent time a POC has been booked to headline, the latter would probably happen whether he had gallons of hits or not.. idk.
  13. Let's not go overboard now. Until yesterday they were scorned at by most on these boards as past it and fairly naff. There was a place for for them at the G but it was at most Other Stage headliners, to a respectable but not massive crowd.
  14. any lineup with Kasabian at the top of it is automatically struggling to be anything other than shit but the NME Stage is eye-catching, Justice topping it whereas within three years tops R&L had changed their strategy to the extent they'd never consider booking a band like that at all. Also highlights how bloody long the Courteeners have been stagnating in similar positions at UK fests, and the same story for good old Two Door Cinema Club, subbing the NME in front of a huge crowd as 'the next big thing' back then only to still be playing basically the same slots five years later.
  15. Not a fan of LP to any great extent but that mash-up of Numb they did with Jay-Z was one of the first songs I ever had an obsession with.. shocking and awful news, hope he can rest easy now