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  1. Field Day 2018

    Looks like it is Finsbury Park - and back to two days: http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/finsbury-park-music-events-summer-2018?commentId=844301%3AComment%3A1025649 Shame, I was hoping for Brockwell. Ah well.
  2. Ride

    They must have chopped it then. I don't remember seeing Charm Assault in the iplayer playback, which would seem a bit off - mind you I just looked at setlist.fm and it isn't listed on there either. They must have cut some of it though (maybe Weather Diaries was one - think it goes straight from Seagull to Like a Daydream) Was a little sad to miss them, but have seen them loads so it was a fairly easy decision. Cutting short the iplayer sets is a total mystery to me though. They must have recorded it all, why not show it all?
  3. Ride

    Did anyone see their JP set? We had a clash with Kate Tempest and opted for her (which was wonderful) but just watched it back on iplayer and they only had a 36 minute recording. Did they chop a load out or were Ride on for a very short time? I remember them chopping the Beck set on iplayer last year and being cheesed off about that then - is this the same deal? Annoying if so - what's the point of that?
  4. Campervans! When did you arrive and where were you put?

    Got that Stevie Nicks tune in my head now We arrived about 8pm on the Wednesday and were in the bottom end of E14, so not too bad in terms of the walk in and back every day. Nice and quite and we timed it one morning as 20 minutes from van to WG. We were a bit far from the water taps though.
  5. Random bursting into tears

    I went for my lunchtime stroll and was humming Do You Realize?? to myself when suddenly my eyes started welling up with tears - not a great look on Tottenham Court Road. The post glasto blues are indeed mighty strong this year.
  6. The 'I'm struggling at work' thread

    Booked today off as an extra recovery buffer. I remember how awful I felt on Tuesday at work last year - my sympathies to all those struggling through. Drink lots of tea.
  7. Top 5 Acts

    They aren't really in any order because my favourite set keeps changing in my brain, but these are the five that keep bringing me waves of joy - and probably will for some time to come: Flaming Lips Justice Kate Tempest Barry Gibb Goldfrapp
  8. Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    Two of our group were in that Arcadia crush and one of them ended up getting pissed on by a bloke who couldn't hold it anymore. So that was a particularly unpleasant end to her night.
  9. Random hookups

    Ha! Oops, does a bit doesn't it? I was just so delighted to spot someone from here, albeit someone instantly recognisable thanks to their outfit - next time I'll make my way across the crush of folk and say hi

    That was incredible. I'm going to be boring everyone about how incredible it was for a very long time. Incredible.
  11. Random hookups

    I saw you at the Orb! We were across the sound desk on the other side - I was in my silver light up hoody and I think we exchanged a smile
  12. So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    Last day for me too - decided yesterday to book an extra half day of leave, so I'm off at lunchtime. Got here at 8am so less than 4 hours to go!
  13. Brian Cant

    Ah this is so sad - the face and voice of my childhood. Play Away!
  14. New security measures in place

    They just say it's going to be quicker on Thursday or Friday due to fewer people arriving - they aren't advising at as such (I don't think), unless you really don't want to queue.
  15. LCD Soundsystem....

    I'm Honor Oak Park - room for one more?